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OFF- Course// What Correction

The title seems to be inetersting after the one below!
Its an instersting Irony..

I usually complaint about not liking people who are too negative! But here , Today I find my OWN self in a complete negative spiral...
and No.. Its not like the usual excuse, that i dunno why
I do..
But that is where the interesting challenge comes in!!
Yeah the Simple Bold fails to Highlight the importance of the Pain and pleasure that Knowing can bring!!

Knowledge can be power, but hey.. dont forget.. the same when viewed in light of " Ignorance is bliss"..its pretty different

I am still trying to locate innovative ways to Re-boot my self...
well am at a little loss!!

"every decision is taken at the moment , with the knowledge in THAT moment...

and the apprehension of the uncertain future combined with the current knowledge of the In-ability to completely Un-do past decisions is is way too much to bear at times"


Course Correction

I Just downloaded, a copy of this Blog as a PDF.
Something I wanted to do!
Not that it is already a big book, But just wanted to, after its Year was completed.

Today Some course correction was initiated. I started with a report on Mutual Funds, something whcih was being postponed for a long time.
I started it!
( yes, as a good friend of mine MJ also says, " Initiation of something , anything, is a BIG task, Not to Unmnetion the next bigger is towards the end)

Even though I was not exactly motivated by the Anon quote in Times of India today," I you want to feel richer, count all that you h ave, which money cannot Buy"....
I was going thru an old diary and this blog of mine...
I realised, How much change has actually caught on in my own life.

All thru' when I kep thinking that lifes not moving.. It was zipping by.

Like "N" says.."time aurPaisa nikalna padta hai "( you have to take out money and time for anything with a special effort)

So I sat late, Initiatin…


Life's Meanings keep changing for all.. with time..
What It is ... has inspred,and made to perspire Plenty!!

currently, I think its like a whole wide fertile universe.. for us to go out do anything..
just about anything...
Strangely...we meet people, with VIEWS.. formed by seeing thier own ways and routes in the HUGE POTENT Universe..
and get biased maybe..
Some poeple get together at one place, in terms of their views and form civililazitons anywhere and everywhere in this Universe...

they settle with thoughts and opnions...!!

Till someone who is unahppy with a few things, tries walking out ..

Ususally they discover another such civilisation... and go there and stay there for good or for some time....

Some .. when they move out, find that more than one such civilizations.. exist..and become confused... where to go!!

and weigh and usually end up in one of the few they see..
and settle...

Some Rare ones, have a little more energy, and climb up a huge mountain.. to try and SEE from the TOP..


138th "The Vagina Monologues"

20The November 2006, 7PM; Dadar, Mumbai India

Cast: Dolly Thakore, Avantika Akerkar, Jayati Bhatia, Sonali Sachdev, Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal

Yes; Some of the people passing this entry may feel strange ( a Simple Strage) to see and entry about this Play from a guy!

( For the Un-initiated about it, please look up the title or click on it)

The Supposed "BOLD" was a very interestig One hour spent!
Specially, I feel its definately a must wacth for all the mortals having one ( yeah I am talking about the Vagina.. )

With a lot of Panache the subject of The VAGINA , which...........................



Well one of the meanings says :(Rejuvenate)
"Return to life; get or give new life or energy"
I have been dormant on this CHANGE Blog for long!

Now i am not trying to prove wrong "Change is permanent theory"!!
and now that i recall the snapshot of mind while publishing my last post I see SEA Change!
its diffucult to put in words and a single post.. but so much has changed in my life!
my mind
and perception..

So returning to rejuvenation, after returning from home.
On the way back from Home to Mumbai ( home2 ??) I was absorbing and understanding the BASIC need.... of Drastic change is so important for rejunivating of Everything ( starting from self)
It was such a tingling experiance for my senses to see and experiance MY WORLD as it used to be a few ( Read 8-9) years ago!

It tells you so well from where and By HOW MUCH have you moved.
It is an experiance to be felt! and no words can explain.

(Its like a mid project review, when the team suddenly realises.. after rea…

Who rules

This culmines from a lots of things and happenings!
Pushed by Neha and her post
Dont know how her post will affect this one.. lets see!!
So.. Who rules??

Not the county or the country or state or jazz..
no not even you company or in your famili..
WHO rules YOU!!!???

Yeah its easy to say.. I rule myself!!
But DO you??

What Changes you?
Your Beliefs?
Your Thoughts?
Your desires?
Your LIkes???
Your Di-likes??

All of them ? Sure?

No I am not.
its your Surrounding??
The people..??
The Media that influences your thoughts??

This POst talked about why we cannot change!!
Where as here I am questioning.. the BASICs!!

your thoughts, Views and Perceptions are so dependent on Others?
and Then they BUILD on themselves
( AS in what you agree to now, because of something or someone.. changes.. how you view the next thing..SO..>!)

But the core issue is..You Really CAn control yorself..
But you need to be aware!!.. a little more..
More percept…

What is happening

So much has happened, but you think of it, in to-to, it seems just about nothing! The Mumbai blasts from a mumbaikar’s point are quite a shake! But from a marco world view, where huge strikes in Lebanon, Iraq and more or less just about everywhere in the world, you feel it has become a commonplace!
People think!
But really a very few selected whom have read, experienced and lived through a lot of CHANGE, or study… the culture of change can even Comprehend it.
People talk about the “Lull before the storm”

But I believe there is something called the slow movement, causing the HUGE change, which usually goes un-noticed by narrow-versioned!

The slow and steady movements of the tectonic (earth) plates has re-structured earth looks today.

Darwin’s Evolution if studied is a KLASS case!

From a point of view of an anthropologist (Desmond Morris), it is amazing to comprehend how and why we are the way we are!

Reading about the change in our Socio-Industrial-Political str…


Some things you learn good by experiance!

I am sure we all say and have heard a lot of time
"try try till u succeed"
Well today i was up against some interestingly tough people!
people who have a reputation of being oh! unhandleable!

But I now believe...
try try try till you hit a big wall!
buy dont stop
hit it again and again
if u have no luck
then wait
try to slowly push it!
try slooooowly
ok the look here and there at the edges!!
look for some secret handles.. ( a lot of people have those special buttons...)
try some permutations and combinations
but try
..and still if there no success at all!!
at all!!
take a few steps back....
and check

you may have some more intersting routes in life!!


The Suitable Mate ( have deviated initially)

For a long time this Change blog has been throwing the Social topic to the backburner!
After reading Sanjay'sentry and his reference enteries so put as (1,2), and with the ongoing flux in my life, it seems my thoughts will spill on this blog too.

Supressing my desires to start from Desmond Morris' View of The Naked Ape Trioligy and likes I will come straight to Drastic changes which are very visible all around. Not to leave the fact how Indian Socio-View is bursting at its seams and coming out.
No its not just about DPS RKpuram delhi cock sucking MMS( or the zillions of its equivalents available on demand), or mildly outrageous T-shirts(Must see link) being printed( ya i read about in a BT's article last fortnight, the article showing a bikini and George Bush, with pointers saying Good Bush Bad Bush)...
Its a Big Change at very basic levels which is happening (has already gone a long way).

The Change in the basic thought patterns.
The Change in the percetion of everything.



The ultimate agency that predetermines the course of events (often personified as a woman)

An event (or a course of events) that will inevitably happen in the future

Your overall circumstances or condition in life (including everything that happens to you)

Decree or designate beforehand

Yes I know its perpetual chicken and egg!
You make your fate Vs. It’s all predestined

But question to you all...
Can you?
Can you completely Change your future?

You decide one day... what the hell, I want to do that... any bizarre desire...
Leave everything... travel far and wide experience the un-experienced.
Break the monotony of LIFE... of Society...

Current question troubling me.... CAN I??

Brain works

ethan's tag -2

Ethan's TAG!!


I know it is a very controversial!



Ledge= A projecting ridge on a mountain or submerged under water/ Some thing Visible!

Ion= A particle that is electrically charged (positive or negative); an atom or molecule or group that has lost or gained one or more electrons/ Something NOT visible


NO, I am not a Athiest, I am A firm believer of MY RELIGION..( ...dont ask me what)

My thoughts were triggered in a party when some mentioned something about religion and My though thread went in a tangent:

If you take up IDEALISM approach to social structure, Implying our belief systems are goverened by what we see and hear and are told.

My belief about what is religion:
Some ONE ( gOD? human ) intiated pseudo-facts about GOD(like)s!

Who had Abilities out of the nornal human scope!

in all domains.. physical, emotional, meta-anything!

All these were made / told / re-told for various purposes.

- to explain the then un-explianed

- to create abstract nouns.. Fath.. and allied.

.. the list c…

KNOWN Theori

.Murphy's Original Law

If there are two or more ways to do something, and one of those ways can result in a catastrophe, then someone will do it.

Murphy's Law
If anything can go wrong -- it will.

Murphy's First Corollary
Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse.

Murphy's Second
CorollaryIt is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.

Quantized Revision of Murphy's Law
Everything goes wrong all at once.

Murphy's ConstantMatter will be damaged in direct proportion to its value.

The Murphy PhilosophySmile... tomorrow will be worse.


Dr. Madan Kataria

It is a matter of practice and belief. There is a link between mind and body. If you are depressed in the mind, your body is depressed and if you move your body your mind moves: you feel good. This is called motion creates emotions.

Be careful what you ask for, it will(not may) come true

(back from hi-burrr-nation)
Ok here goes another one of my understanding of ... wel..

Most of us have said this

"Be careful what you ask for it might just come true"

But fact is , whatever you ask for...wish for..(think or even say) is sent out in the universe as a energy a sound wave.

The universe is like fertile land, with lots of energy waiting to be used/ comsumed / re-created/ change/ take forms...
Whatever you give out to this system, it starts manifesting to try and create !( YA YA it does have a parallel with the KARMA theory)

BUT wait... ( if you thought it was that simple)
Its not that simple... that you say i wan $ 100K and Poof.. there you have it... no ( its fertile i said.. not a genie)

There are other contraints..
Your intention needs to be Firm and FocusedAny deviations gives out confusing signals... can put you in troubleif you wish desire for contradisting things... tehe universe will start manifesting something ELSE.. And AGAIN.. you need to be careful…

( C H A N G E )

( after so many different posts which came and went away , I am writing a little about change)
Do you know how much we change everyday!! And how much we potentially can.. Just a few fates

Our body PHYSICALLY changes completely within a span of 10 days.( how, You may Ask?) The Atoms quantitative each and every cell of our body ranging from our blood cells, skin cells..Even our Bones CHANGE completely in a month. Which means , not only do they die and regeneraqte in their respective cycles, the material quantitative them is exchanged / changed with the outside world.( Can you absorb the above line, its pretty awe striking)WHO are you?.. You have completely changed in a span of a month time.. ( Your hand.. Wash part of something/ someone else last onto)My belief about The Flux of our thoughts has been published here and here!( Though this may have come in another entry, but related)a SINGLE though in our mind.. POTENTAILLY ( and does so physically everyday) Creates a chemical.. physically …


Physically, more than 60 % of the inputs to the human brain are not processed. Implying that we have the inputs coming (inputs of voices/ any sound, visions/ everything that can be seen, may or may not be noticed, touch/ any thing that can be felt hands, feet, anywhere)from all our senses!

This is because if our brain does not filter, we will go mad trying to process all the inputs and would not be able to concentrate.

- Have you ever remembered you surrounding voices /details during an exam / high concentration time/experience
- People with hearing aids have problems in listening as the device amplifies everything
- And so on

Continuation of the 3D view
Now the same happens on a mental level too. We categorize everything /( and unluckily everyone also)
- That type of person
- Good food
- Most of the generic / non generic adjectives
- Sweet orange.

In order to avoid having to categorize things/people every time, we put them in predefined boxes.

Experience it

Instead of being concerned with fitting every new experience into a preconceived category, put your energy into living the experience itself. Instead of using your thoughts to place a judgment on each thing that comes your way, put your energy into being more fully aware of it all.

How many things do you miss completely because you think you already know what you're looking at? How many new concepts do you fail to grasp because you're trying to fit them into concepts you already have?

If your life seems to be stuck in one place, the most likely reason is that your thoughts are preventing anything new from coming into your awareness. Relax your need to judge and to analyze, and you'll glimpse the abundant richness that is always available to you.

Let go of the need to know it all, and you'll begin to experience more and more. Move beyond the desire to always prove that you're right, and your eyes will open to profound truths.

What has it ever gained anyone to be cynical…

Holistic View (three dimensional Holographic life theory)

(I am sure some of who know me were looking forward for this post)

I view my life as this Holographic Three Dimensional Puzzle
In fact now that I put my mind to it, it can be considered as a Multi-Dimensional Holographic puzzle,

Let me detail

From the time when we are born, we have a certain view of things:

We have our niche, our parents, and siblings, Family!
We have our own set of opinions, But these Initially (the first) set of opinions are Empirical/ Tenets.
These come from views of our near and dear ones, whom we consider as the only source of thoughts. What is right or wrong?

Not just that,but what is what.

ON the BASIS of these Views / opinions. We form our OWN set of opinions.
(Now carefully understand)

Each of these VIEWS, forms the basis of how we VIEW/ PERCEIVE everything that comes our way.
THESE views are HOLOGRAPHIC in nature...Because as and when we change our position, we understand and get a new meaning to the same views.

As and example. You must have heard." by the time the…


The word has various implications..
But what happens when u are de-clothed, in public....
You blush!
You are afraid of being seen as you are!
You try to hide..
But feel...
Others too maybe like you... on the inside.. but they hush
and you blush

Its a very helpless situation.
(though can be a great learning curve)

If you imagine yourself being Naked
all you facades being foced down
You discover who you really are from within.
Not just in the physical sense
( Though if you view yourself complete naked infront of a mirror for long enough, i am definate you would discover a loyt about how you really look..stuff which you never knew , maybe. )

It is a difficult situation to be in ..though,
to be completely discovered...
with all your uniformities and deformities being looked at and disected!

God help!
Shame is a psychological condition and a form of religious, political, judicial, and social control consisting of ideas, emotional states, physiological states and a set of beh…

Like a prayer

Are our lives pre-destined or does free will exist? Astrologer Harsh Khiraiya explores
Many a times we hear of miracles. People escape from accidents. There are sole survivors in plane wrecks. Some patients survive complicated and tedious operations. Were they fated to survive? Or was there any other force that saved them? We still debate as to whether there is free will or is everything pre - destined? Is our life completely pre-planned or can we do something about it? Astrology is a divine craft that predicts the life patterns of individuals with uncanny precision. It draws up your fate, destiny and success. But is there something beyond astrology that can change your fate ?

The Supernatural

A serious student of astrology is always taught that there is 80 per cent fate and 20 per cent free will. Now let us concentrate upon this 20 per cent free will. In this context it means the power of curses, blessings and prayers. The three mentioned factors can and do change our lives.


Lets Go

Narcee Monjee here I come

"Enough is Enough"- Says MON
Well thats is!
Goal is:
9 apapers to clear for previous Sem
3 For backlog last year
and one MAJOR project( Mostly on M&A)

I know i know
BUt i had some reasons


My un-vented angst is troubling me
It’s like a punishment
A third grade fail is punished
Every time there is spelling mistake
Write again
You have failed in Hindi
Whack ! Whack!
Repeat the paper!
Now its life
U have failed AGAIN
Repeat this class
But there is no-one to teach you
You keep failing
Keep failing and burning inside
U know u are repeating the class
But you just don’t know how to pass
You try and you fail
Try and fail
Try and fail

Lonely Lady #17

- written by Neil Diamond, Vince Charles, and King Erisson
- Sung By Neil Diamond!!

Lonely lady one, she run away.
And number two, she do the same.
Lady number three walk out on me
like number four.
Who's keeping score?
Lady five, oh how she lied.
She made me pay some dues.
Six and seven, eight, nine, ten,
they really were bad news.
Oh no, they'd only break my heart.
That's how it seems.
And then I finally came upon
a lady seventeen.
Lonely lady number seventeen,
she stayed a while.
She had the style.
Lonely lady number seventeen,
she got to be with lonely me.
Lonely, lonely lady number seventeen, yeah.
Lonely lady!
Ladies eleven, twelve and thirteen,
they came and went.
"Baby," I still can hear them sayin'
"It's time to repent."
I turned around,
and there she was
with such a sweet surprise:
a lovin' face,
lovin' smile,
and love lights in her eyes.
Lonely lady number seventeen,
you stayed a while.
You had the style.
Lonely lady number seventeen,
come on and be
with lonely m…

To move freely you must be deeply rooted

Cul De Sac

A cul-de-sac (originally in anatomy: French, literally "bottom of a sack" or "bottom of bag") or dead-end street is a street with only one inlet/outlet. A cul-de-sac is usually differentiated by having a turnaround area at its closed end. Both cul-de-sac and dead end are also used metaphoricallyto mean a line of thought or action which leads nowhere.

Whats the oldest thing you remember?

Age: 3-4 Yrs Old
Location: Eatery of some school for very small kids
Situation: Post lunch of LKG ( Lower Kindergarten )

The windows in a distance showing cloudy sky
Not so well lit room
I open the paper wrapper of this candy ( Toffee ) and
A huge blue colored dustbin is in sight
I throw the Candy and am left with the wrapper in my hand!
Oh No!
I am found staring on the inside the deep duct-bin trying to locate the candy!
Goes the bell and the rest is washed away in the loud shrieks of children running out……

Among my oldest memories

What’s love got to do with it?

Feb 14 Isn’t Just Valentine’s Day, It’s Historic In Many Other Ways
ITS ABOUT STOLEN ARTICLES...(oops .. ok read on)

Reshmi R Dasgupta NEW DELHI 13 FEBRUARY

WHY think only of Cupid or Kamadev today? Plenty other events are linked to February 14. When you ring up your sweetheart or SMS, spare a thought for Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray. Both invented the telephone at the same time, but independently.
On February 14, 1876, Gray applied to the patent office but Bell had done the needful two hours earlier. After much litigation (Bell’s device named in the patent did not work), Gray was awarded rights to the invention but most think Bell’s the one.
Valentine Day lesson 1: Timing is everything. If she brings out the animal in you on Valentine’s Day (before you check the credit card update on the computer, of course), shout, “Me Tarzan, you Jane”, as a salute to the movie Tarzan of the Apes, released on this day in 1918. And talking of laptops, here’s another factoid:IBM came into t…

Walnut Chocolate Brownie ( to be eaten with Vanilla Ice Cream & More Chocolate sauce)

- 230gm sugar(one cup)- Eggs -2-Butter 100gm - Sifted flour 85gmSalt one fourth tspVanilla essence half tea-spoon- Chopped walnut one third cup- Cocoa 6tbsp- Baking powder 1/2tsp
Sift flour,salt and bp together.Preheat oven to 350 fareghnite.Beat eggs and sugar untill lemon colouredMelt cooca and butter in a double boiler until it becomes pasteTake off heat .Cool slightly.Add egg mixture & gradually fold in the sifted ingredient and add vanilla essenceMix in the walnuts.Grease a 20 cm square pan and dust with flourPour the cooca batter into it and bake for 30 minutes.Cut into squares about 5cm when cool.ENJOY

Excerpts ( DONT SLEEP, Write)

There is nothing called Job Satisfaction, You have to satisfy the Job
Stephen R Covey says there are three Constants Change | Choice | Principle
R3=R1+R2( R1=Resources, R2=Relationships, R3= Results) With R1 Fixed, only way to increase R3 is to increase R2
Focus on the A’s in the “Report Card”. The F’s can be supported. Maxi-Utilise the A’s.
Get Rid of “Makhi (fly) Mentality” Don’t make a beeline for dirt.
You are as good as RIGHT NOW, Not as good as yesterday.
“An American(Huge Burly Guy)  and a Japanese( Short athletic) were among the attendees of a training program at a resort in Africa. While preparing for a early Jog , they suddenly notice a large Tiger running towards them.With both Scared to the core, The Japanese quickly starts to prepare for a sprint. The American in panic, queries the Japanese what will you achieve by running, the tiger will get you anyway, the Japanese replies Who is running from the tiger, what is important is that who can run faster among us” Be very clear of w…


That was a new word I learnt when we were studying history lessons,
The war
The blitzkrieg
The train journey I took to delhi, gave me a lot of time to myslef. I love train journeys( journeys in general).
While reading TOM PETER's , the way he was describing the way the world the businesses are moving and the environment around its changing so so fast, I was reminded of the word.Dizzying speed of life !!!
My week was pretty interesting motley of events
- An amazing expo
- A superb Metro Jounery in the Delhi metro( Its actually better than Singapore MRT, I fact its the worlds only four which is making a profit)
- I really feel proud to be and Indian
- Removing the social happenings..
- The week ended with The Great " RANG DE BASANTI"

Be a rebel!!
real good movie!!!!

Cloud Burst

Krich Krich being eroded by a cloudbusrt
everything happens at the same time
Three training programs in succesion
Soft skills
COMP-Lex-ITI ( not to mention ITI means start, so complexty leads to a new start)
Bad throat
Bad cold
and travel
Oh Man
OK Delhi.. I am coming


Yes, That is a sound! KRICH KRICH!
It is an unpleasant sound, indefinable unpleasant sound.
Irritating!Sometimes the days are like that.
Not that there is sadness
Happiness exists.
But there is hotchpotch
Everything happening simultaneously
The Good, The Bad and the Sad!

IN-(the) Pend Dance Day

Be a Rebel

The Mark of Jagan-Nath , Puri

As I walked towards the so Famous temple, I found myself staring in awe at the throngs of people, mostly older, following blindly the Pundas ( Pundits/ self procliamed..messengers of the almighty).
As I was being pushed in the queue to enter the temple, I noticed

I kept looking at that for quite some time!

The next 45 odd minutes passed pretty quickly, while I was absorbing the magnanimity of the temple.
Ancient Rock
with sculptures of sexually explicit positions
The pantheon of Hindu Gods
The blind ritualistic behaviour of people
Offerings of Ghee and stuff to purify the sins
It went on..

I moved out.. took a local bus to rush to Bhuvaneshwar / airport to cath my 2 'oclock flite!
Surrounding by Oridya speaking local population, I was quite n amazement of being part of a country which is so so very diverse, not only in the surrounding but also in Language and cultures, and i am so lucky to be able to experiance so much in so less times.


Never Settle

Now seeeing the pic I am sure, that you are sure.. that I have not changed my job again.
The long awaited entry about my amazing, eventful and comprehensive trip to Chandipur came to end
In two days, I covered Bhubaneswar, Balasore, Chandipur, and Jaganath Temple at Puri!!!

The capital of Orissa, not exactly a very happening town yet, but high potential Due to the POSCo deal being finalized! Good place and right time i\to invest in real estate!!

Chandipur: the most amazing part of my Journey:
At this part of India, lies a beautiful beach, mostly protected by the govt...a beach wheer the water recedes to 5 Km's and you can wath on the sea

I was there for an hour walking nearly alone, with the cool breeze on my face and my 20$ MP3 player serving its best, playing santor by Rahul Sharma to roobaroo from Rang De Basanti..
(ya folk i was alone coz i was here for official work.)

Puri: The place puri, owning the famous Jagan-nath temple.. one of the Four Dhams of country. This was…

Miles before I goto Shleep Eh!

BTDT.. No not yet

- Played in bylanes of Meerut
- Climbed Houses in the neighbourhood in delhi
- Driven Delhi-chandigarh and back
- The Ganga in Varanasi
- The Ganga at Haridwar
- RamJhula at Haridwar
- The Pooja at Rishikesh
- Sukhna lake at chandigarh for hours, huglocked
- Walked to Mohali from Chandigarh
- "The geri route of Chnadigarh" Of course
- Tutions @ 4 Am in Chandigarh on bikes!!
- Gurdaspur
- Chandigarh-Jaladhar-Batala-Gurdaspur( Pleanty of times)
- Local Bus in Jalandhar City.. roamed
- Movies in small time Batala
- Movies @ Gurdaspur HAHAHAH
- Amritsar ( Golden temple, Kesar ka dhaba, GNU, Short walks ,long talks in GNU)
- Pathankot ( Movies, hitch to and fro from gurdaspur)
- Sarna lake...
- Jammu
-Katra- Vaishno devi
- Mcleodganj
- Dalhousiee
- Delhi/Noida/Gurgaon
- Jaipur ( all day in ac cab to local bus)
- Kota( With Tiawanese/ Singaporeans)
- Bangalore ( Local bus in blore too)
- Hyderbad/ Secundrabad/ Hussain Sagar lake
- Chennai/ Sea side/ Local bus At 9 PM, no language support
- Mu…

Daman, no dew and VAPI(s)

It was quite an impromptu program!
Akash was going to Vapi for work, and Daman is closeby and is famous for being a calm place to relax, not to miss out the fact that booze is cheaper!

Though considerd, but made my mind just @ 4Pm and via home to andheri stn and bang 830 pm i was @ Vapi.

It was a nice pre and post dinner party at the daman beach and we were back to the hotel, all expensives paid by Prominent ( Akash'z co.)
Real day started today, when I started to go around on my own..

Solitude @ its best

@ The pundit jee:
As I was waiting for the last "sawari" for the shared cab from Vapi to Daman, there walks in the panditjee. The (quite) old man dresses in his white "dhoti" and kurta. White hair, along with a long "white Bodi" and small white stubble. Two long yellow teeth bulging out over his face. Quite a site !

Within minutes after sitting in the cab, the woderfull cell fone rings!!--&&
And out from the pandit's Jhola comes out this neat NOK…


Yes, someone mentioned smitten, And i went into this swirl of thoughs .."When was it that I was smitten last?", Was that being smitten??
Or were all those so called crushes were even crushes? Or were they simply the a result od the deep-seated (animal Like) Human desire to bond/ to find a pairing partner?

Those desires triggered by the clocked hormones pumped, mixed with ( what is rhetorically called) Peer pressure!!??

Love?? The four letter word used to disguise anything and everything?!

The four letter word covering everything from motherly love, to fucking around !

If we see from the eyes of the Anthropologist ( Desmond Morris, see link on the caption ) the famous autjor of the Naked Ape Triology:

Where he wonderfully disects the human species like any other !! Not just on the physical front, no! But on the Physio-Social front.
He goes on amazingly to tell how and why "the naked ape" desires to bond, fulfills his sexual …

BaanGanga Festival / Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia

A lifetime experiance!!
It was an amazing lifetime experiance, with the maestro with his flute and the beautiful water with lights shimmering, and white ducks wading through the water and trying to do the "Jugalbandi " with the Pandit

Two days of rhythm and raga at Banganga festival

Mumbai: Brass bells in the 23 temples surrounding the 12th century Banganga tank had begun to chime for the evening aarti, the conch shells soon joined in, the white ducks swum to one dark corner and waited. The stage was set for the 14th edition of the Banganga Festival in Walkeshwar, jointly organised by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) and the Indian Heritage Society-Mumbai (IHS). Inaugurated by state governor S M Krishna and tourism minister Vijaysingh Mohite-Patil, the festival has lined up performances by artistes Padmavibhusan Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia (flute) and Veena Sahasrabuddhe (vocals) over two days of rhythm and music. The crowd was still trickling in whe…

The Mask


Behind every personality, behind every mask, is a character that is your God-given uniqueness, says Barry Long Along, long time ago, when human beings were not so fixed in their physical bodies as they are today, there lived a man who made for himself a marvellous mask that could pull many faces. The man used to put on the mask and entertain himself by accosting people and watching their reactions. Sometimes the mask would be laughing, sometimes crying, sometimes grimacing and scowling. His victims were always shocked at the sight of such an extraordinary, unnatural, unfamiliar face — even when it was smiling. Whether they laughed or cried made no difference to him. All he wanted was the excitement of their reactions. He knew he was himself behind the mask. He knew he was the joker and that the joke was on them. At first, he’d pop out with the mask on a couple of times a day. Then, as he got used to the excitement and wanted more, he began wearing the mask the whole da…

The Goal

Eliyahu M Goldratt.

I got this wonderful training program of Theory of Constraints.
A very interesting concept of how to achieve any Goal , using the tehory of Constarints

Though there was beautiful movie about how a production problem is suceesfully overcome, and most of the discussion was around using Concerto ( Critical Chain Project management),

We beautifully discussed the three laws which we consider during project management

Murphy's law ( )
"Anything That Can Possibly Go Wrong, Does"

Student Syndrome
refers to the phenomenon that many people will start to fully apply themselves to a task just in the wake of a deadline. This leads to wasting any buffers built into individual taskdurationestimates.
It was noted by Eliyahu M. Goldratt in his book, Critical Chain.
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It was the first one that really got me pretty interested!!

The Secret Of Happy Singh

This is more about the un-usual Sinusodical wave pattern of human mind.
Usually people do feel low and at times very HAPPY.

Rahul , mentioned over chat last week, "Why do I feel that you feel more sad?" The same opinion has been seconded by Ethan, quite a few times.
And while I was having a loong talk with My sis Richa Chhabra, trying find out what was challenging her so much that she was stressed out.

I was explaining her a wodersful technique from "Awaken the giant within, by Anthony Robbins" and realised the sooner i apply the same the better it would be

So here goes

You would have noticed that some people are happier than others, where as others crip and cry more, so to say they are more SAD

The very simple solution being that the HAPPIE People have LONGER HAPPY lists and SAD People HAve LONGER SAD lists


Enlist on a peice of paper:- what all things/ events/ situations/ environments make you happy

SAD list
Do the same as above and replace happy with sad

NOW its …