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The word has various implications..
But what happens when u are de-clothed, in public....
You blush!
You are afraid of being seen as you are!
You try to hide..
But feel...
Others too maybe like you... on the inside.. but they hush
and you blush

Its a very helpless situation.
(though can be a great learning curve)

If you imagine yourself being Naked
all you facades being foced down
You discover who you really are from within.
Not just in the physical sense
( Though if you view yourself complete naked infront of a mirror for long enough, i am definate you would discover a loyt about how you really look..stuff which you never knew , maybe. )

It is a difficult situation to be in ..though,
to be completely discovered...
with all your uniformities and deformities being looked at and disected!

God help!
Shame is a psychological condition and a form of religious, political, judicial, and social control consisting of ideas, emotional states, physiological states and a set of behaviors, induced by the consciousness or awareness of dishonor, disgrace, or condemnation. Genuine shame is associated with genuine dishonor, disgrace, or condemnation. False shame is associated with false condemnation as in the double-bind form of false shaming; "he brought what we did to him upon himself". Therapist John Bradshaw calls shame the "emotion that lets us know we are finite


scout finch said…
the complete wikipedia entry is quite interesting, though i have been conditioned into a distrust of wikipedia..

Just a related thought -
a blog with extremely personal entries has this same element of 'embarassment'/'shame' associated in my mind - or just the need to closely guard my privacy.. As Rich n I discuss often. The personal v/s Public divide - n how fluid these can actually get on the net, with a whole world of anonymity - comfortable or dicomforting.
Speaking for myself, i find myself mostly unable/unwilling to talk abt stuff too close to me on my blogposts - can manage to make personal posts only once in a while..

Again Rich says, that what we reveal about our choices, our opinions, also does say a lot about us..

Rambling, whatever..

Sunny said…
Hmmm... pretty intriguing... but wonder what made u think up such a thing!
Ash said…
well well well well well well
now if u ask me it is pretty narcistic to think in that way ...............

now why such a sudden flash ??!!!!

well everything is introduced by the society ...and we go abide with it lot of thought went into the setting up of the cloth industry i should say ....if u were to ask me clothe humans .....otherwise we would have been adam and eve


Charul said…
Its Quite different imagination !!

Well i agree with scoutfinch,what we reveal about our choices, our opinions, also does say a lot about us..

BTW Thankx 4 landing on my blog world!!

i believ nudity is beauty, it is you... every uniformity, deformity...
Mon said…
@ Scout: See sup, ur thot's on a pretty inetersting tangent..
its funnie though how we desire u keep and use our masks..( as in ur view of public private..who u really are and for who all ..who are you//)
well frankly i can really go on on and on on sujects of socio-/meta socio and ...likes
@ sunny
its tuff for even slef at times to understand what really triggers what in them..
i guess if if really start to talk about everything.. i will be some like i mention in the
@ Ash:
hey..its not quite narcsit though..
ya the klothes industry yes..
but they way they are going nowadays..'tseems.. they just wanna remove everyones klothes .. no??
@ Charul.. well. i feel on the contary.. at quite some time what we revael about our choices.. is not what we really are inside
what we areally are.. can/maybe pretty different
@ rich:
ya? nudity..?ok ur on a different tangent..:)
ok clothes back please.. u all are staring at me....
hey mon..."zara samajh nahi aaya aapne kya kahan??"
Mon said…
...its all in mind... state of mind... what real, whats not, who knows!

now, I dnt knw wht i'm saying...
Neha said…
hmm.. v interesting.. no wonder you immediately came to the conclusion tht i don't share too much of msyelf with others.. true to a certain extent.. i;nm v conscious abt certain things..

v interesting post here though.. noone likes to be completely known, or discovered.. do they..
Nudity is the utmost form of self-awareness and self-realisation. Thats when you really know where you stand, stripped of all security, just your skin to cover up the REAL you...
Fingers said…
The mind and body are two different things. I don't think the act of being naked in public makes you bare in the real sense. Unless you're talking only about the surface, skin.

Though I agree they are different, but they are linked a very complex way too!
Ifn fact i am not talking about superficial nudity....
probabaly what i need to convey does not get conveyed that strongly!

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