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Decided to take an Auto/ rick to the airport.Took out music and plugged in There was the usual trrrrrr; the traffic.. the 'mucch-mucch' of the city. I increased the volume. It was on random number as usual and clicked till I reached 'noise' of the music to numb the 'noise' of the road.
It was quite a feeling. I used to be on these roads more often than now. I used to drive around here for work... through the 'mucch-mucch'! I just dimmed the clutter by increasing the 'noise' and experienced the city.. in its true essence. the patterns...and I could not help myself flow into the spiral of life and work.
I was shaken out by the sudden swerve we took; as if brought one layer up; the layers on 'Inception'
But I was still few layers in; but the jerks in life dont stop...So they? No.. 'no pattern continues in the continuum'
and Then I pulled myself out completely, by increasing the 'noise' and seeing everything around me as the patter…