Monday, March 17, 2014

Where am i

It has already been quite a while that i have been trying to answer a key question... Who am i and what am i doing here.   So i decided to change the approach. Let me try to answer... Where am I?   So i am in a driverless metro heading to what can be called east. Towards a metro station close to my apartment.   Digging deeper. East is word to describe a direction on an otherwise sphere (circular) earth. The Earth is a large sphere shaped mass consisting of many elements. It gives company to many such small and big masses which revolve around  a really one at the centre..called sun. This really large one is extremely hot and gives energy to most of these sphere shaped ones ... Revolving around it. So relative to where this sun is visible from where u are.. East or west is decided. Towards it is east. Explaining this i have gained clarity that this large locomotive which i called metro is going in the opposite direction referred as west. Lets focus away from definations of relative positions.Directions etc.   So i am somewhere on this very large sphere surrounded by extremely large number of organisms. Majority like me. There are many other organisms on this sphere... But i like stay among similar types.   Many new words. This large sphere called earth is named by organisms like me. The other such spheres have other names and i  general are called planets. Again a name given by organisms like mine.   Who or what are organisms... They are 'considered' as those who are called living agian  by themselves only. By living they mean they are active networks of elements moving in and out of them and they have the capability to know and understand this.