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Yeah even when u think all fits, you notice quite a few things dont. The latest curveball my boss threw during the appraisal, threw me in a spin. Why am I feeling again that I am not supposed to be in this job? And If I am not then,...what? Should I also move out of the city!!.. what to do..!! shoudl not spend a lot of time in putting the puzzle pieces, Maybe life is more of living the puzzle than making all the sense, maybe its someone else's job!!

चल बन जा मुर्गा (cmon now become the hen/cock)

Time 0850 hrs

"Welcome to Bangalore international Airport, outside temperature is 23 degrees Celsius....."

Time 2050 Hrs
"Welcome to mumbai chhatrapati Shivaji terminal, outside temperature is 31 degrees Celcius...."


That was the day, and throughout the day, all I noticed was the similarities and dissimilarities between the cities!!

One thing that irked me( and has been irking for a long time ) is BUFFOONS!!
Yes , I see them just about every-where.
from Delhi, to mumbai, to bangalore, to calcutta, Chennai, hyderabad... just about everywhere

These are the class of "DUMB" nitwits who just fail to understand the immidiate ( let alone farway) impact of their actions.

Some examples actions of this Over-Smart Class

- on the road, jump all lanes and clog the exit route. AS in I want to reach first , and (Think) will be able to go ahead, If i blow a loud pressure horn( Or simply silently) and get into( read barge into ) the tiniest possible visible place and block …

Mum's the word!

..HE said
".. Can yo do me a favour..? Thank you mom on behalf of me... for without herI wouldn't have had a nice friend like you..Happy mothers dad to your mom " Mother's Day in various languages(wikipedia)
(af): Moedersdag
(al): Dita e Nënës (8 Marsi)
(ar) : يوم الأمّ (Eid Al-Omm)
(hy) : Մայրության օր (Mayrutyan or)
(ber) : tameγra n tyemmat
(bg) : Ден на майката
(bs) : dan majki
(ca) : Dia de la Mare
(ch) : 母亲节 or 母親節 (mǔ qīn jié)
(hr) : Majčin dan
(cz) : Den Matek
(da) : Mors dag
(Dh):މަންމައިންގް ދުވަސް
(nl) : Moederdag
(de) : Muttertag
(el) : Γιορτή της Μητέρας
(et) : Emadepäev
(dar) : روز مادر (Ruz-e Madar)
(fi) : Äitienpäivä
(fo) : Mammudagur
(fr) : (La) Fête des mères
(he) : (he) יום האם (Yom ha-em)
(hi) : (hi) Matru din
(hr) : Majčin dan
(hu) : anyák napja
(ga) : Lá na Mháithair
(is) : Mæðradagur
(id) : Hari Ibu
(ie):lá an mháthair
(it) : (La) Festa della mamma
(ja) : 母の日 (Haha no Hi)
(ka) : ತಾಯಂದಿರ ದಿನ(thayandira dina)
(kor) : 어머님 날 (Uh-muh-neem nal)
(lv) : Mātes diena
(lt) : Motinos diena

Zoom( and yeah the Blogathon)

The Month simply Zhoomed by!

I had this very short trip to my lovely city beautidul planned for the want of doing a हवन ( Haven) at home for my birthday!. Something that I had been wanting to do for quite a few years!

Our "shastri-jee"( Panditji conducting the havan) gave some intersting insights to life, all packaged with modern day quips..

later आशीर्वाद was " बेटा तुम्हे अछा अच्चा PACKAGE मिले "


" आजकल के modern बच्चों को जिस से ख़ुशी मिलती है वाही देना चाहियें "

Super cool.

and yeah the record player that needs to come to Mumai from Chandigarh has yet not arrived coz, the audio amp wires could not be repaired yet.. so it has reached Delhi....

Learnt Some Golf( errr.. at least how to hold he CLUB!!) and went to the driving Range !!

Fir kya .. ash over.. Back to the (lovely ) Fish smelling city of Mumbai!!

and the pre-emptive reminder set in my phone beeped..... Paper .. Financial Management!!!

For the first time in my LIFE, I had Flunked an exam...!

It was a…