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It is clearly a long time now that I wrote
Sitting in a train with the music playing I look back and try to remember when I would have dreamt or creating such a moment in my life
Maybe it was a movie I saw or an ad where the tech savvy hero is seen playing with his phone/ gizmo.
What is interesting to note is that my belief that making dreams a reality is strengthed year on year.
All we need is infinite bank of positively, time and perseverance. And its all possible
But all so often I am against the wall, trying to be certain of what I really want in my life?
It is elusive? Or is it like a puzzle that I need to solve?
It drives me to strange places in my head often.
I am often in awe when I see swarms of people all around running to meet their goals dreams and desires. But question is all of those things have happened, maybe not always. Most of the things they are trying to run behind are not new or different! That much Money, that car, that house, that promotion, that pat on the back from th…