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The Plunge?

Are you ready for the next level in Life?

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I lay on the bed with clothes strewn.Crumpled and pushed in a bundle at the edge of the bed. The pilow over it
Inteha- Jagjit's latest album playing on the winamp - which had been captured lately by newly received Spanish and Italian numbers.
I was magically transported to my college hostel room. Manish would play his Marasim with the Yellow bulb glowing in his corner of the room and he would be there. Just there.
As if... inside the title track.... Haath Choote hai toh rishtey nahin choota karta...
It flashed back so vividly. The campus roads The hangouts.... The guys and the girls with whom we played what now seem like games only! The rides on tractor-backs loaded with wheat or sugarcane. Hot summers and "Tandoori Aloo Parathas with Lassi" at Bhola's Dhaba! The the drowsy lectures that entailed where would be busy playing BULL-COW on paper to keep us awake. The sights of fights during the exams and what followed....
My thoughts just flowed into the time that seemed like soothi…

New Patterns, Blending to Next Level

I travel a lot, for work.

I have met a very large number of Interesting people during my journeys.
On 2nd September 2007, I took a flight to Delhi. 3rd Septmeber was the day of my joining. My fourth Job.
It was uncommon that I would have an attractive girl sit beside me and more uncommon that we do not talk.
So, with me on the window seat and the middle seat empty, and after half the journey was over, I spoke. And then She.
We talked till we landed and she passed me her Business Card while we collected our luggage.
All through the months that passed, we would chat just about everyday.
The patterns were changing....
It took us over an year to realise 
One fine day, the day posted as Suddenly Something, I tried to introduce a new blend to the existing pattern in my life.
The disturbance got accepted
I will move to the next level on 22nd August 2009.
Its awaited now.
PS: The picture is Stolen from the Net. All due respect to its producers

Junji Sez

"This what I tell you often, just keep riding …. And enjoy the change. You have the steering, you have brakes, accelerator, and clutch not to be under estimated. Still if you think like a 19 year guy who can win everything as if he can do everything with his youthful energy and he is the only one in this rat race, so he is bound to win, doesn’t happen with everyone. I am sure you would have mellowed down of late and hence will know the very much importance of clutches , if not brakes in life. Clutches help you ride smooth and safe. Doesn’t mean you are riding slow, just that you are not trying to drive ahead of time, because YOU Can’t. "

Free Will // GOD

During my discussion witha collegue about some complicated situtaion, he went off into a tangent asking me, "Which God do you Believe in?"
Some situtaions, he said, are amazing tackled by God!  Being incharge of Production, earlier, he went on to talk about a certain past event:
"I knew those were inferior samples, but the needed to be tested, and just when the HV test would begin, I would close my eyes and say, OM SAI BABA! and as if my Magic the test would pass"
I smiled.
Much later, I was thinking on why and how we complicate our lives with so many possible outcomes of the future, and utilize our minds in thinking about them. Even trying to solve those possible complications.
Often these extra thoughts (Read Energies) manifest into possible realities. ( also read here ) Dont all of do this once in a while? If then , Then? 
And when we leave things to Free Will, we dont think of possibilities. Negative, positive, desirable or undesirable! We just let it be. We LET the best…