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Well one of the meanings says :(Rejuvenate)
"Return to life; get or give new life or energy"
I have been dormant on this CHANGE Blog for long!

Now i am not trying to prove wrong "Change is permanent theory"!!
and now that i recall the snapshot of mind while publishing my last post I see SEA Change!
its diffucult to put in words and a single post.. but so much has changed in my life!
my mind
and perception..

So returning to rejuvenation, after returning from home.
On the way back from Home to Mumbai ( home2 ??) I was absorbing and understanding the BASIC need.... of Drastic change is so important for rejunivating of Everything ( starting from self)
It was such a tingling experiance for my senses to see and experiance MY WORLD as it used to be a few ( Read 8-9) years ago!

It tells you so well from where and By HOW MUCH have you moved.
It is an experiance to be felt! and no words can explain.

(Its like a mid project review, when the team suddenly realises.. after rea…