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I know it is a very controversial!



Ledge= A projecting ridge on a mountain or submerged under water/ Some thing Visible!

Ion= A particle that is electrically charged (positive or negative); an atom or molecule or group that has lost or gained one or more electrons/ Something NOT visible


NO, I am not a Athiest, I am A firm believer of MY RELIGION..( ...dont ask me what)

My thoughts were triggered in a party when some mentioned something about religion and My though thread went in a tangent:

If you take up IDEALISM approach to social structure, Implying our belief systems are goverened by what we see and hear and are told.

My belief about what is religion:
Some ONE ( gOD? human ) intiated pseudo-facts about GOD(like)s!

Who had Abilities out of the nornal human scope!

in all domains.. physical, emotional, meta-anything!

All these were made / told / re-told for various purposes.

- to explain the then un-explianed

- to create abstract nouns.. Fath.. and allied.

.. the list can on on...

But the main FOCUS of what i believe relision wanted to address, got lost..
the main focus being to

- CONTAIN HUMAN BEINGS MIND( from flowing in to tengents which were then not considered correct)


.. and list goes on..

All these got lost..
got lost coz

THEY( here they is GOD(LIKE) beings or their harbingers)

all forgot
- that THEY too were humans!!
- THAT power currupts!

Many tried..

every try got a different name/ a different religion..

Minute flways of one caused futher complications due to potential and later evident CONFLICTS

and LO!!
here we are a huge huge bunch.. Just like the MONKEY story I told earlier!!

so what is religion to you?? tell me..


Shitrint said…
well, that was a very commendable breakup of the word religion!!
u did it urself?

and well, im not a firm beliver in any religion. i mean, even tho i am a hindu i dont really get involved in the rituals and stuff, coz i just see no logical thread and i dont wanna believe in superstitions!
but i do respect all religions and i greatly believe that there is a god, but my actions are wat me make responsible for the way my life is shaping and is not the doing of any god!
sup said…
for a while ive been extremely unhappy with the institutionalised aspect of religion..
i mean, yeah, many ppl speak of the comfort that rituals give them.. and i can see their point. Only i dont find comfort in them, maybe coz of the associations my mind goes on to perceive with rituals etc..

but i think that's not what ure talking abt at all, right?
yeah Srint.. I did it myself!!
my belief is slightly heretic!!

@SUp: well kind off.. hough not exactly
no more religion.........

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