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Decided to take an Auto/ rick to the airport.Took out music and plugged in There was the usual trrrrrr; the traffic.. the 'mucch-mucch' of the city. I increased the volume. It was on random number as usual and clicked till I reached 'noise' of the music to numb the 'noise' of the road.
It was quite a feeling. I used to be on these roads more often than now. I used to drive around here for work... through the 'mucch-mucch'! I just dimmed the clutter by increasing the 'noise' and experienced the city.. in its true essence. the patterns...and I could not help myself flow into the spiral of life and work.
I was shaken out by the sudden swerve we took; as if brought one layer up; the layers on 'Inception'
But I was still few layers in; but the jerks in life dont stop...So they? No.. 'no pattern continues in the continuum'
and Then I pulled myself out completely, by increasing the 'noise' and seeing everything around me as the patter…


22 years have passed when I first met him. It was very strange, we were introduced to each other very formally. Initially it was fun to be together. We were good company to each other. We helped each other. We took care of each other. Everyone would say we look great together. Then we started having fights. Small ones, big ones. There was a time when i left his hand and he fell very badly, breaking a few bones. He was hospitalized. I then realised how badly we needed each other and promised not to leave each other. I was a kid then.Life continued. We both grew older. We changed our looks. But we stayed together, through thick and thin. We were close. Very close. But then, there were rules. We could not be together late in the night. Though we had started feeling the need, but we were never allowed. It was supposed to be like that, we were told. So we agreed and compromised.I completed my studies and started working, but my friend stayed with me.It was only after i got married when my …

A New Beginning

And now....
What do you see?