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What is happening

So much has happened, but you think of it, in to-to, it seems just about nothing! The Mumbai blasts from a mumbaikar’s point are quite a shake! But from a marco world view, where huge strikes in Lebanon, Iraq and more or less just about everywhere in the world, you feel it has become a commonplace!
People think!
But really a very few selected whom have read, experienced and lived through a lot of CHANGE, or study… the culture of change can even Comprehend it.
People talk about the “Lull before the storm”

But I believe there is something called the slow movement, causing the HUGE change, which usually goes un-noticed by narrow-versioned!

The slow and steady movements of the tectonic (earth) plates has re-structured earth looks today.

Darwin’s Evolution if studied is a KLASS case!

From a point of view of an anthropologist (Desmond Morris), it is amazing to comprehend how and why we are the way we are!

Reading about the change in our Socio-Industrial-Political structure from eyes of futurist Alvin and Heidi Toffler, you can come to realize about what is change.

But all that is not the point of this post!
I am trying to understand about this huge change on the anvil and slowly happening under our feet in this world!

I suppose the newly found POWER/ freedom and energy of being connected / being online will bring about a new breed of human beings , not just culture and polity and psyche


कचरागहर में आने के लिये धन्यावाद अभिषेक जी, हिंदी लिखना आसान है,
यहां देखिये आईये हमें यहां मिलिये
Maya Cassis said…
well,there is a lot going on and sometimes we do not have time or the need to think about it.Most important is being able to adjust and adapt to the changes,for better or for worse.
well its all about changing
but you need to know in advance what are the changes
starry nights said…
Change is inevitable.we have to accept it and move on.
Keshi said…
Change is a must or we will stagnate.

Anand said…
Interesting piece
But I guess most of us realise change only on a reactive basis when its actually happened!....We are often unable to see the little signs leading to the change!
Yeah so true...
its the perception ..
we need to be more sensitised
Neha said…
u really think this will hv so much impact?
anjan said…
change evolved before evolution.... im sitting and punching here because there are changes in me and hte world... however abstract we may see it, its been rapid. It would change beyond death; of the living and the non-living!
@ Neha: Hey, Lawyer sahiban.. u dunno the impact that ppl can create...
Di you hear about this petetion that certain youth in idnia and pak has given to their respective prez after meeting up in mum here last week..
ya i agree, its puny .. but itis an effort..
cheerz you ..
the power of power is more than you can imagine..
Hey.. wow, you definately have amazing thots..and what you have comented is sp spread between various dimensions and levels of ideaologies...
Neha said…
hey y havent u been updatin..

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