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Why are we here

We were in a cab moving from Pune to Ranjangaon, when I fist heard about this fact and it has settled in my head like "inception", like a restless housefly.

"Tipu Sultan: The great warrior in India died around 1799, fighting wars in India"

" Circa 1780's in Europe Steam engines were being put to different usages"

What is the point? you may ask.

Well, point is a 'question' that i have not got an answer to ( like a zillion others).

Why are we Indians like this?
We have been way too far away to 'developments' as compared to the world, though we claim to be the most knowledgeable races. With the 'zero' and all the gyan in our 'vedas'

Why are we always unorganized and unruly mob like.

But all this is only the background clutter. Though the bigger question is "why are we here( on earth)".. the current question is why are some people in India though they can be in a "developed country" which is better in infrastruc…