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Drivers and Tangents

I imagine a not so small ball speeding towards a direction.

It keeps speeding till it meets another something which either diverts its direction, slows it or stops it!

It could also be hit by another 'Thingy' which could enforce its speed or direction or both.

Whichever way (if you were also to imagine) you would agree that the first 'not so small ball' has either been pushed or has some internal Driver mechanism!

I think we as humans are also a bit similar.

We usually start off in a direction with a certain speed. Now if you notice in our case this starting speed and direction is usually not really decided by us.( usually)

It is governed by the initial knowledge ( read perception) pumped in by the immediate surroundings and the push by our near and dear ones and (OR) people who we have trust on.

Then with time come the tangents!
These are new sources of information ( direction) and force or impacts or pushes. Our new modified drivers.

Without even going into directions of rela…