Friday, January 26, 2007

What do you Want!!

This is a culmination of interesting electric pulses in my neurons[:))]
Well you in life, right from roght now to to anytime in your life from Right now +/- anyother time/
Everything we perceive depends on What We Want.

Every emotion is dependednt on what we want?
What you want ....?
Right now?
Much Later?
Before you die?

You dependent on how clear you mind is to the answers to these quiestions..
and weather you have them or not!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

In continuation of the paradigm shift

Week in Review
Why Are There So Many Single Americans?
Published: January 21, 2007
It’s worth repeating: the “marriage gap” isn’t about men and women. It’s about class and education.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Paradigm Shift

Just saw the The Shawshank Redemption, (137 Min) !!
The last scene where Tim Robbins, is washing his boat and meets Morgan remided me again of the Paradigm shift That i think is happening.

I remembered(Also), about one of my uncles who is currently staying in Haridwar, after:~ A good career in US, ~returning to India,~ Having gone through a not so successfule Marriage, ~A divorce and Now..
Yes Now.. ( as I percieve him to be a happy MAN) is having his own apartment by the Ganga, His own car, a Plasma TV, A laptop, a sexy PDA-Cell Phone, His Car and Not to Unmention his good (girl)Friends [:P] and HEY... lemme tell you , I haven seen him work in the last 15 years...!!

I Again recalled talking to some of my friends earlier last week, About How the society has been Morphing in a very fast way and the institution Called Marriage!! seems to have lagged behind.. way behind !!

It has not evolved, the Humans around and changed like Blitzkrieg!!

( just recalled the Paradigm Shift ... on 22/12/2005)

I was chatting with Viewer, and some other friends also agree.. that probabaly men and women are not made for each other..

I now Think that the Mars and the Venus and evolved..
evolved so much now that their Paths have veered....

They need to steer back( Decrease Entropy.. Impossible per science)
Or something Un-Imaginable is Lined up..
what say!!