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Its your decisions and not your conditions that chnage your destinyThe secret of success is using PAIN and PLEASURE instead of pain and pleasure using you! If you do that you are in control , otherwise life is!!NOTHING IN LIFE HAS ANY MEANING EXCEPT THAT MEANIING YOU GIVE ITThings do not change, we changeIts not actual pain that drives us but our fear that something will lead to painIts not pleasure that dirves us, but our belief-our sense of certainity that somehow taking a certain action willITS NOT THE EVENTS OF OUR LIFES THAT SHAPE US , BUT OUR BELIEFS AS TO WHAT THOSE EVENTS MEAN!BELIEFS ARE POWER TO CREATE AND POWER TO DESTROY!WE ARE WHAT WE ARE BECAUSE WE FIRST IMAGINED ITAchieveing our goals will never make us happy in the long run; It s who we become as we overcome the obstacles necessary to achieve your goals, that can give us the deepest and most long lasting sense of fulfillment!A TRUE DECISION IS THE ONE YOU CAN ACT UPON, AND ACT UPON NOW!!Knowing what to do is not enou…

The Importance of History

The 100th Post of "this" blog comes back to the Theme that runs here: Change

Every Change is intertwined and held back by history,traditions(Read the Monkey Experiament blogged by me here, to give an insight into Paradigms/Traditions)

In the last few years one the major attributes learnt by me is Patience to absorb and assimilate and delay reaction.

Who we are today?
Why we bahave, react and even interact the way we do?
Why our opinions are, the way they are?

Questions like these and many many more , all have their answers in History. History here does not mean the history than we have studied in schools or colleges. No. This History , is not HIS-STORY, it is "your story"!

You, me and all of us are made up of instances of our pasts. These instances are valid reasons to make our opinions and establish bias for or against people, organisations,social constructs and even situations .

Its basic COGNITIVE learning.

If 20 out of 20 times, whenever I have eaten orange ICE candy,…

Inflection Point

There are these times, sometimes, which we call the Lull before the Storm!. Its the feeling that something is going to happen.

Such a feeling seemed to be hovering for some weeks now( months maybe)

But if i come to think about it seriously, it was not the premonition.. It was self created. I had been driving and energising the internal agitation of dissatisfaction.

I was unhappy

Unhappy of my current immediate (working/job) environment.
My current relationship status.

This unhappiness, this positively percieved unhappiness is the catalyst of life.
Its this perception of the "Change pain", that drives us all !!
That brings about so much in our lives

SO much Change!!! ( in fact i believe most of the change is triggered by pain/dissatisfaction)

--> Milestone achieved: being that I quit the Engineering Monolith of India which has tried to keep me busy since the last 1 year 9 odd months .

Dont know what the new job, where I join next month, After suffering my notice period here entails f…