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Who rules

This culmines from a lots of things and happenings!
Pushed by Neha and her post
Dont know how her post will affect this one.. lets see!!
So.. Who rules??

Not the county or the country or state or jazz..
no not even you company or in your famili..
WHO rules YOU!!!???

Yeah its easy to say.. I rule myself!!
But DO you??

Changes you?
Your Beliefs?
Your Thoughts?
Your desires?
Your LIkes???
Your Di-likes??

All of them ?

No I am not.
its your Surrounding??
The people..??
The Media that influences your thoughts??

This POst talked about why we cannot change!!
Where as here I am questioning.. the

your thoughts, Views and Perceptions are so dependent on Others?
and Then they BUILD on themselves
( AS in what you agree to now, because of something or someone.. changes.. how you view the next thing..SO..>!)

But the core issue is..You Really CAn control yorself..
But you need to be aware!!.. a little more..
More perceptual about what your surroudning and your own mind!

There are times when we actually loose track...
and flow effortlessly in a direction.. which after some times is not quite happy..
es.. this post is just to make you re-THINK
of your real dreams and desires and why are they really there...
are they because of you, yourself..
or because of thing you think you want to achieve.. that you think will give you ahppineess ( or something)

Or you think you will become like someone.... when you behave like that.. because you... you think that is what everyones likes..
Question yourself..!!
re-confgure your own self!!


if you ask yourself, n get an answer, how do you knw if its you, as You, n not the opinions speaking up...
if you ask yourself n you get several answers, how do you knw which one is You...
it is only YOU Who knows and no one else can tell
Sindhu said…
Many times this "YOU" is a result of worldly conditioning, which makes all of us think in a certain way.

Kher, this is not related to the topic. I still believe one can chage anything or resist any change by putting the mind on it...

And one more thing... I think you are back to your usual self. Good to see that...
@ Sindhu:

Gee tks buddy!!
finally you have a profile on blogger!!
Female!!! oye!!
i thot ure guy..
whoops sorry!!
BTW where is ur blog?
on Epoyms.. its not opening and there is no blog on blogger!!
Neha said…
came here long time back but cudnt comment then...:)

I think i need to read this post again and get it into myhead!
How do we know said…
just came around.. again.
@ Neha: Heya!!!
Arrey tere liye poora post likha hai.... and you havent read it properly.. Uwahahahahah!!

anyways.. be happie.. thats the crux!!
@ How do we know (HDWK)::
I am so happie.. but tell me some contact know!!.. remmebr i wanted to invite you for the :" one line Central" BOG??
Ethan said…
Gotcha..Nice thoughts..
Sindhu said…
I have long had a Blogger account. But since you do not allow non-blogger comments now... I had to use this.

Oh... I had guessed you were doing it. :) Thatz all right.

My blog well... I am planning to start a new one soon.
How is you?
Neha said…
so nothing has inspired you to write after this? :P

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