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( C H A N G E )

( after so many different posts which came and went away , I am writing a little about change)
Do you know how much we change everyday!! And how much we potentially can.. Just a few fates

Our body PHYSICALLY changes completely within a span of 10 days.( how, You may Ask?) The Atoms quantitative each and every cell of our body ranging from our blood cells, skin cells..Even our Bones CHANGE completely in a month. Which means , not only do they die and regeneraqte in their respective cycles, the material quantitative them is exchanged / changed with the outside world.( Can you absorb the above line, its pretty awe striking)WHO are you?.. You have completely changed in a span of a month time.. ( Your hand.. Wash part of something/ someone else last onto)My belief about The Flux of our thoughts has been published here and here!( Though this may have come in another entry, but related)a SINGLE though in our mind.. POTENTAILLY ( and does so physically everyday) Creates a chemical.. physically …