Saturday, April 22, 2006


ooops... where did this post go!!
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Friday, April 14, 2006

( C H A N G E )

( after so many different posts which came and went away , I am writing a little about change)
Do you know how much we change everyday!! And how much we potentially can.. Just a few fates

  • Our body PHYSICALLY changes completely within a span of 10 days.( how, You may Ask?) The Atoms quantitative each and every cell of our body ranging from our blood cells, skin cells..Even our Bones CHANGE completely in a month. Which means , not only do they die and regeneraqte in their respective cycles, the material quantitative them is exchanged / changed with the outside world.
  • ( Can you absorb the above line, its pretty awe striking)
  • WHO are you?.. You have completely changed in a span of a month time.. ( Your hand.. Wash part of something/ someone else last onto)
  • My belief about The Flux of our thoughts has been published here and here!

( Though this may have come in another entry, but related)

a SINGLE though in our mind.. POTENTAILLY ( and does so physically everyday) Creates a chemical.. physically create and helps us/ makes us performal further physical and emotional actions..

Each though, which is affected by a ziallion interelated things..chemically ( physically) generates a hormone ( chemical entity), which makes up Do whatever!!

This is the power of our MIND!

( and we talk of energy creating matter)