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Its simpler with computers..
Cold Reboot: as the call it! Gazillions of tinier than tiny Switches who are lying in a extremely random looking but carrying significant amount of information in the forms of "ON" or "OFF' are simultaneously RE_SET into an extremely known looking pattern

( just imagine: the complete sky filled with a zillion more stars twinkling at unknown frequencies; suddenly switch on to form a known pattern)

I have been like that for quite a while now ( scattered Random lights)

Talked to "junji" after a few days for long enough to start talking in our wonderful puzzles between puzzles and enjoyed!

Seemed to have reset some of those lights. Feeling a little saner now; only a little.

Somehow; I miss my types. And just cant seemed to find them...

need to work on self rebooting techniques...


The Smell..
Of chilly air
Of Wood burning

The Beat
Of the Dhol
Of your heart
Of your feet

The Warmth
Of the fire burning
Of the smiles Turning
Of the cat calls of the Chaddi-Buddies

And I am Here..
at 30 Degrees of heat
and Unknown Degrees of seperation


in the Sea- of people.. amid people running helter skelter to meet the ends ......... ends of the dreams that keep changing with every new sparkle that gets visible!

What am I doing here?

Reeta's Tag!

चलो जी रीता ताई के टैग का नंबर भी आ गया!! The pic looks prolly like a usual one. This is 5:30 AM in the morning at restricted site on the east coast. The Sea recedes at low tide during morning to more than 10 KM's. My late( yes yes this is late) morning walk here with the breeze rushing thru the years and with JUST ME at the WHOLE sea shore, was an experiance that just cannot be worded! I was here for 3 days..... Nearly Alone.....


I have experianced them aplenty
And I am sure you all have too..

The life around you is too fast but your mind is able to capture those tiny details and you are existing in both the domains.

Music- fast but... your mind .. enjoying some of the slower paced moments of life.

Traffic -Everyone Impatiently trying to get 'There' faster and you are calm in your sphere..

'Your Sphere'!

Do you live in ur Sphere? Your world defined by you!

Or you live a life Defined by the World around?

What are your parameters of life?

Do you know?