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That was a new word I learnt when we were studying history lessons,
The war
The blitzkrieg
The train journey I took to delhi, gave me a lot of time to myslef. I love train journeys( journeys in general).
While reading TOM PETER's , the way he was describing the way the world the businesses are moving and the environment around its changing so so fast, I was reminded of the word.Dizzying speed of life !!!
My week was pretty interesting motley of events
- An amazing expo
- A superb Metro Jounery in the Delhi metro( Its actually better than Singapore MRT, I fact its the worlds only four which is making a profit)
- I really feel proud to be and Indian
- Removing the social happenings..
- The week ended with The Great " RANG DE BASANTI"

Be a rebel!!
real good movie!!!!


jugni said…
hey im feeling now jealous rang deh basanti, i know its a rocking movie. wich novel r u reading? im sorry but i really dont have time,i love blogging but need to concentrate on other things right now. neways thanx.
Ethan said…
Yep you said it, your whole life passes by in the blink of an eye.. About Rang De Bsanti, great movie. I just dont agree on one thing, is it okie to compare likes of Bhagat Singh and Azad with a bunch of college goers who are mad their friend died. Doesnt sound like an apples to apples comparison.

anyways anyone read "Catcher in the rye"..
Mon said…
I see so many people talking about this movie... I am not even finding time to watch it.

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