Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Cloud Burst

Krich Krich being eroded by a cloudbusrt
everything happens at the same time
Three training programs in succesion
Soft skills
COMP-Lex-ITI ( not to mention ITI means start, so complexty leads to a new start)
Bad throat
Bad cold
and travel
Oh Man
OK Delhi.. I am coming

Friday, January 27, 2006


Yes, That is a sound! KRICH KRICH!
It is an unpleasant sound, indefinable unpleasant sound.
Irritating!Sometimes the days are like that.
Not that there is sadness
Happiness exists.
But there is hotchpotch
Everything happening simultaneously
The Good, The Bad and the Sad!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Be a Rebel

The Mark of Jagan-Nath , Puri

As I walked towards the so Famous temple, I found myself staring in awe at the throngs of people, mostly older, following blindly the Pundas ( Pundits/ self procliamed..messengers of the almighty).
As I was being pushed in the queue to enter the temple, I noticed

I kept looking at that for quite some time!

The next 45 odd minutes passed pretty quickly, while I was absorbing the magnanimity of the temple.
Ancient Rock
with sculptures of sexually explicit positions
The pantheon of Hindu Gods
The blind ritualistic behaviour of people
Offerings of Ghee and stuff to purify the sins
It went on..

I moved out.. took a local bus to rush to Bhuvaneshwar / airport to cath my 2 'oclock flite!
Surrounding by Oridya speaking local population, I was quite n amazement of being part of a country which is so so very diverse, not only in the surrounding but also in Language and cultures, and i am so lucky to be able to experiance so much in so less times.

Throughout the flight, my mind was so so stuck of how can I as an indivisual bring about a sea change in a country of such mammoth diversification.

How, By 2020, 80% of Us Indians will be just youth..between 18-35yrs of age.
How can I help move the Nation of such Diversification.

I got my ideas.
I am still carying them
I am confiedent of doing something for MY Country
I am so proud to be an Indian!!

Yes I am , We will ! AND WE CAN!!
the Dragons will be just watching!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Never Settle

Now seeeing the pic I am sure, that you are sure.. that I have not changed my job again.
The long awaited entry about my amazing, eventful and comprehensive trip to Chandipur came to end
In two days, I covered Bhubaneswar, Balasore, Chandipur, and Jaganath Temple at Puri!!!

The capital of Orissa, not exactly a very happening town yet, but high potential Due to the POSCo deal being finalized! Good place and right time i\to invest in real estate!!

Chandipur: the most amazing part of my Journey:
At this part of India, lies a beautiful beach, mostly protected by the govt...a beach wheer the water recedes to 5 Km's and you can wath on the sea

I was there for an hour walking nearly alone, with the cool breeze on my face and my 20$ MP3 player serving its best, playing santor by Rahul Sharma to roobaroo from Rang De Basanti..
(ya folk i was alone coz i was here for official work.)

Puri: The place puri, owning the famous Jagan-nath temple.. one of the Four Dhams of country. This was a very diferent experiance.
Though I was expecting to be entralled by the beauty of the great Temple.... it was quite a opposite experiance!!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Miles before I goto Shleep Eh!

BTDT.. No not yet

- Played in bylanes of Meerut
- Climbed Houses in the neighbourhood in delhi
- Driven Delhi-chandigarh and back
- The Ganga in Varanasi
- The Ganga at Haridwar
- RamJhula at Haridwar
- The Pooja at Rishikesh
- Sukhna lake at chandigarh for hours, huglocked
- Walked to Mohali from Chandigarh
- "The geri route of Chnadigarh" Of course
- Tutions @ 4 Am in Chandigarh on bikes!!
- Gurdaspur
- Chandigarh-Jaladhar-Batala-Gurdaspur( Pleanty of times)
- Local Bus in Jalandhar City.. roamed
- Movies in small time Batala
- Movies @ Gurdaspur HAHAHAH
- Amritsar ( Golden temple, Kesar ka dhaba, GNU, Short walks ,long talks in GNU)
- Pathankot ( Movies, hitch to and fro from gurdaspur)
- Sarna lake...
- Jammu
-Katra- Vaishno devi
- Mcleodganj
- Dalhousiee
- Delhi/Noida/Gurgaon
- Jaipur ( all day in ac cab to local bus)
- Kota( With Tiawanese/ Singaporeans)
- Bangalore ( Local bus in blore too)
- Hyderbad/ Secundrabad/ Hussain Sagar lake
- Chennai/ Sea side/ Local bus At 9 PM, no language support
- Mumbai , Of course
- Singapore, Musthafa, Walked orchard raod at midnight/ travelled in MRT/ the DHobi Ghat
- Poona ( pretty much from Camp to Kondhwa)
- Nasik
- Dhulia
- Baroda
- Ahemdabad
- Vapi
- Daman..
- Lots missed

What next????

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Daman, no dew and VAPI(s)

It was quite an impromptu program!
Akash was going to Vapi for work, and Daman is closeby and is famous for being a calm place to relax, not to miss out the fact that booze is cheaper!

Though considerd, but made my mind just @ 4Pm and via home to andheri stn and bang 830 pm i was @ Vapi.

It was a nice pre and post dinner party at the daman beach and we were back to the hotel, all expensives paid by Prominent ( Akash'z co.)
Real day started today, when I started to go around on my own..

Solitude @ its best

@ The pundit jee:
As I was waiting for the last "sawari" for the shared cab from Vapi to Daman, there walks in the panditjee. The (quite) old man dresses in his white "dhoti" and kurta. White hair, along with a long "white Bodi" and small white stubble. Two long yellow teeth bulging out over his face. Quite a site !

Within minutes after sitting in the cab, the woderfull cell fone rings!!--&&
And out from the pandit's Jhola comes out this neat NOKIA, and he is busy matching kudlis of some peepz in gujrati.

Not to mention there were 7 calls during the 15 min ride for different consulatations! Of course India has the fasted growing teledensity
{** off the track but china has mnore mobile fones tha total population of US}

@Ahmed bhai
The 2 hour cool breeze after the beer @ the sea side made my trip. It was great me with my complete self.

Sprinkled with the chat with Ahmed bhai, who while serving me the chaat started talking about the fact that he was from KANPUR and had a tiff with his mom/dad over a trivial issue and was here to "DO HIS OWN THING"

Not to miss out that he is 26 years old and is married..Married for the last 9 years!!
I did give him dome piece of my mind though, on how he can and should learn to read and write more.

"twas all in all a pretty good trip, and i missed my camera a lot!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Yes, someone mentioned smitten, And i went into this swirl of thoughs .."When was it that I was smitten last?", Was that being smitten??
Or were all those so called crushes were even crushes? Or were they simply the a result od the deep-seated (animal Like) Human desire to bond/ to find a pairing partner?

Those desires triggered by the clocked hormones pumped, mixed with ( what is rhetorically called) Peer pressure!!??


Love?? The four letter word used to disguise anything and everything?!

The four letter word covering everything from motherly love, to fucking around !

If we see from the eyes of the Anthropologist ( Desmond Morris, see link on the caption ) the famous autjor of the Naked Ape Triology:

Where he wonderfully disects the human species like any other !! Not just on the physical front, no! But on the Physio-Social front.
He goes on amazingly to tell how and why "the naked ape" desires to bond, fulfills his sexual desires and how ( surprisingly) all this is linked to various other (remotely perceieved) behaviour patterns displaying territorial behaviour et-al.

Coming back to smitten again , i realise how it is a trivial perception of majority humans who love to
live on the superficial level.

How most of us completely fail to even comprehend the very purpose of our lives. Most of us go on to live their lives like billions others around the earth, in complete oblivion to their destiny!!
We are so much consumed by the physical urges desires, we completely forget, that there is much more to life.

Much more to be felt percieved, comprehended!!
SO cmon! get smitten fast, get consumed, get it over with quick!

Smitten eh! I'll get over it before i even know it>

Sunday, January 08, 2006

BaanGanga Festival / Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia

A lifetime experiance!!
It was an amazing lifetime experiance, with the maestro with his flute and the beautiful water with lights shimmering, and white ducks wading through the water and trying to do the "Jugalbandi " with the Pandit

Two days of rhythm and raga at Banganga festival

Mumbai: Brass bells in the 23 temples surrounding the 12th century Banganga tank had begun to chime for the evening aarti, the conch shells soon joined in, the white ducks swum to one dark corner and waited. The stage was set for the 14th edition of the Banganga Festival in Walkeshwar, jointly organised by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) and the Indian Heritage Society-Mumbai (IHS). Inaugurated by state governor S M Krishna and tourism minister Vijaysingh Mohite-Patil, the festival has lined up performances by artistes Padmavibhusan Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia (flute) and Veena Sahasrabuddhe (vocals) over two days of rhythm and music. The crowd was still trickling in when Chaurasia, the performer of the first evening, began his rendition of the Raag Bhopali in a tribute to the historical site. An innovative sound technology that enables the distribution of sound without the use of loudspeakers, in use at the festival since 2005, made sure the people living in nearby buildings were not disturbed. “However, the organisers have made arrangements for interested Banganga residents to sit with the audience and watch the programme for free,’’ says Harishchandra Vyas, the 56-yearold priest of the centuriesold Balaji temple. Even so, families living in houses overlooking the tank, lined up in their balconies to take in the magical experience of the classical night. The sacred stone tank of Banganga, though away from the busy life of the city, is not new to visitors. Every year hundreds of pilgrims converge on the steps leading to the tank before Navratri and during Shivratri. Young students of the travel and tourism department of the Mumbai University, roped in to escort the guests on heritage walks around the bylanes of the area, explain that the tank came into being when Lord Rama stopped there on his way to Lanka. In an effort to find fresh water to worship a shivalinga made of sand (walluka ishawar), Rama shot an arrow (bana) into the ground letting out Bhogawati, an underground tributary of river Ganga. Proceeds from the two-day musical extravaganza will be used towards conservation of the Banganga tank and the surrounding temples.

Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia regaled the audience with his soulful rendition of Raag Bhopali

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The Mask


Behind every personality, behind every mask, is a character that is your God-given uniqueness, says Barry Long Along, long time ago, when human beings were not so fixed in their physical bodies as they are today, there lived a man who made for himself a marvellous mask that could pull many faces. The man used to put on the mask and entertain himself by accosting people and watching their reactions. Sometimes the mask would be laughing, sometimes crying, sometimes grimacing and scowling. His victims were always shocked at the sight of such an extraordinary, unnatural, unfamiliar face — even when it was smiling. Whether they laughed or cried made no difference to him. All he wanted was the excitement of their reactions. He knew he was himself behind the mask. He knew he was the joker and that the joke was on them. At first, he’d pop out with the mask on a couple of times a day. Then, as he got used to the excitement and wanted more, he began wearing the mask the whole day. Finally, he saw no need to take it off at all and slept in it. For years, the man wandered through the land enjoying himself behind the mask. Then one day he awoke, feeling a feeling he’d never felt before — he felt lonely, cut-off, something missing. Jumping up in alarm he stepped out in front of a beautiful woman and immediately, he fell in love with her. But the woman screamed and ran away, shocked by the frightening, unfamiliar face. “Stop,” he cried, “It’s not me!” wrenching at the mask to tear it off. But it was him. The mask wouldn’t come off. It was stuck to his flesh. It had become his face. The man, through his fabulous mask, was the first person to enter this unhappy world. Time went by. No matter how hard he tried to tell everyone what a disaster he’d brought on himself, no one would believe him. No one was interested in listening anyway, because they’d all copied him. They’d all put on masks of their own — to get the new excitement of playing at being what they were not. Like him, they’d all become the mask. How the man eventually put a stop to the masquerade and returned to his joyous being, is the finale of the story. However, only when you, the readers, are free of unhappiness will the story truly come to an end. For you are the one in the mask. It’s your personality. Look in the bathroom mirror — that’s it. Watch the face you pull. Sometimes approving; often disapproving. You can’t really believe it’s you. So you look in every passing mirror, even shop windows, to reassure yourself and confirm it’s you. Sometimes, you even get the weird feeling of wanting to strip off the mask. This is not uncommon. It’s just that people don’t like to talk about it. The biggest load you’re carrying is your personality. You blame so many things for the feeling of heaviness — your work, your relationships, your problems. And yet, it’s your personality that has cut you off from your natural joy. The personality makes you emotional. It confuses your mind, lives off every kind of stimulus, good and bad. Do you recognise any of these symptoms in yourself? Then you’re ready to begin dismantling the personality. You have made the personality your protector. You have handed over much of your authority. So the personality jumps to your defence immediately when you feel hurt. Sometimes you wince at its violence and insensitivity. But then it’s your defender. So you meekly go along with its behaviour, and make excuses. The wily protector, given absolute power, becomes the absolute dictator. And you despair of ever being free. The truth is, you don’t need this protection. The personality does have its place and role. It makes a rotten master, but is a good servant. The servant must no longer be allowed to run your life. Behind every personality, behind every mask, is a character. Character is your God-given uniqueness. Character is what you have to return to more consciously in yourself — the character of your joyous being behind the personality. Everybody without exception has character. The personality so often obscures and deprives you of the pleasure of your character, but this lovable or admirable character appears when the personality is no longer active, when the frontal awareness is connected directly with the flame of innocence. The man is then seen in a different light; the unique character shines forth, and we feel pleased or privileged to be in their company.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Goal

Eliyahu M Goldratt.

I got this wonderful training program of Theory of Constraints.
A very interesting concept of how to achieve any Goal , using the tehory of Constarints

Though there was beautiful movie about how a production problem is suceesfully overcome, and most of the discussion was around using Concerto ( Critical Chain Project management),

We beautifully discussed the three laws which we consider during project management

Murphy's law (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murphy )
"Anything That Can Possibly Go Wrong, Does"

Student Syndrome
refers to the phenomenon that many people will start to fully apply themselves to a task just in the wake of a deadline. This leads to wasting any buffers built into individual task duration estimates.
It was noted by Eliyahu M. Goldratt in his book, Critical Chain.
Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Student_syndrome"

It was the first one that really got me pretty interested!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Secret Of Happy Singh

This is more about the un-usual Sinusodical wave pattern of human mind.
Usually people do feel low and at times very HAPPY.

Rahul , mentioned over chat last week, "Why do I feel that you feel more sad?" The same opinion has been seconded by Ethan, quite a few times.
And while I was having a loong talk with My sis Richa Chhabra, trying find out what was challenging her so much that she was stressed out.

I was explaining her a wodersful technique from "Awaken the giant within, by Anthony Robbins" and realised the sooner i apply the same the better it would be

So here goes

You would have noticed that some people are happier than others, where as others crip and cry more, so to say they are more SAD

The very simple solution being that the HAPPIE People have LONGER HAPPY lists and SAD People HAve LONGER SAD lists


Enlist on a peice of paper:- what all things/ events/ situations/ environments make you happy

SAD list
Do the same as above and replace happy with sad

NOW its very simple

LONGER your happy lists.. more are the things that more you happy...implying you have a higher probability of being happy....

SIMPLE probability distribution...
CUT your SAD list and make you happy list longer

No wonder the simple advice.. find happiness in the small things .. as they occur more often and you will be happier...

---- and if none works.. call you MOM..( or someone who loves/ understand you... without any conditiond.. unconditional LOVE)
My momz great that way..