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Excerpts ( DONT SLEEP, Write)

  • There is nothing called Job Satisfaction, You have to satisfy the Job

  • Stephen R Covey says there are three Constants Change | Choice | Principle

  • R3=R1+R2( R1=Resources, R2=Relationships, R3= Results) With R1 Fixed, only way to increase R3 is to increase R2

  • Focus on the A’s in the “Report Card”. The F’s can be supported. Maxi-Utilise the A’s.

  • Get Rid of “Makhi (fly) Mentality” Don’t make a beeline for dirt.

  • You are as good as RIGHT NOW, Not as good as yesterday.

  • “An American(Huge Burly Guy)  and a Japanese( Short athletic) were among the attendees of a training program at a resort in Africa. While preparing for a early Jog , they suddenly notice a large Tiger running towards them.With both Scared to the core, The Japanese quickly starts to prepare for a sprint. The American in panic, queries the Japanese what will you achieve by running, the tiger will get you anyway, the Japanese replies Who is running from the tiger, what is important is that who can run faster among us” Be very clear of what your completion is.

  • Find and nurture Real qualities in self and others

  • Growth Path: Don’t do your Sub-ordinates Job, Do your boss’s Job so that he is free to do his Boss’s

  • If you “TRY To DO” you will keep trying to do. DO IT!


Ethan said…

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Flags, boundaries, armies, Idiocracy

I am not sure if you have heard of the Movie Idiocracy 
But watching the Political news around me makes me wonder so many times... on how the equation of smart and dumb people in the world stands?

I am not a social scientist; but when I see people around me creating more and more divisions and boundaries, I feel we are heading the wrong way.

For example, I have had very deviant views for words like Patriotism. The love of your country is what is usually means. But people interpret it as protection of their country from other countries!

The only species to kill (not one) but many of its own.

What about recognizing ourselves as one species inhabiting one planet.

Do you think we can ever live as one? Why do we need someone above us? Why do we need rulers, presidents, prime ministers, etc.

We cannot live on our own without wanting to kill each other for resources?

What will bring our infighting down? Lower population, Aliens, appearance of GOD ?

It is Sad