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Yes, someone mentioned smitten, And i went into this swirl of thoughs .."When was it that I was smitten last?", Was that being smitten??
Or were all those so called crushes were even crushes? Or were they simply the a result od the deep-seated (animal Like) Human desire to bond/ to find a pairing partner?

Those desires triggered by the clocked hormones pumped, mixed with ( what is rhetorically called) Peer pressure!!??

Love?? The four letter word used to disguise anything and everything?!

The four letter word covering everything from motherly love, to fucking around !

If we see from the eyes of the Anthropologist ( Desmond Morris, see link on the caption ) the famous autjor of the Naked Ape Triology:

Where he wonderfully disects the human species like any other !! Not just on the physical front, no! But on the Physio-Social front.
He goes on amazingly to tell how and why "the naked ape" desires to bond, fulfills his sexual desires and how ( surprisingly) all this is linked to various other (remotely perceieved) behaviour patterns displaying territorial behaviour et-al.

Coming back to smitten again , i realise how it is a trivial perception of majority humans who love to
live on the superficial level.

How most of us completely fail to even comprehend the very purpose of our lives. Most of us go on to live their lives like billions others around the earth, in complete oblivion to their destiny!!
We are so much consumed by the physical urges desires, we completely forget, that there is much more to life.

Much more to be felt percieved, comprehended!!
SO cmon! get smitten fast, get consumed, get it over with quick!

Smitten eh! I'll get over it before i even know it>


Aditi said…
Life is about destiny and achieving goals but its also about the journey. Lighten up, make a few mistakes, live a little and smell the flowers on the way to that big significant task u have to achieve. Save the fretting and controlling for the important things and let life happen!!
jugni said…
abhishek, smitten has both positive and negative meanings, i think the smitten u mentioned is ( attracted), but one thing that is common in both is energy attraction and afliction both are so loaded that they teach a lot, mask hides reality but one day mask falls , it might bring pain but in the end the peace one gets after the purification is ecstatic.
sumthng in sync wit ur thghts..
'What defines me...?
Feelings and thoughts,
expressions and words,
anger and desire...
Not mine.
I'm just a reflection
of YOUR opinion?'

masks, mayb... or reflections?
Ethan said…
Smitten eh?..

This is all causality.. Cause and Effect. You see a beautiful girl and you feel smitten. Why dont you ever get smitten by an ugly one? Simple there is no cause to begin with. So dont be hard be hard on yourself searching for an answer like that. Its ok to make mistakes buddy. The only person who never made one was the one who never did anuthing !!!

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