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Run Run Run ( दौड़, किसके लिए )

IT happened yesterday, for the first time, I was not that busy!
Living in India's financial capital, and being the financial year ending!!
Maybe, I was too used to a sales job, that a shift into marketing, and that to a project marketing role in this company was now settling in!

It was strange that some-one inside me was dying to be crazy busy (??..)

I was home early!!
Met one of my aunts, who asked "what happened?"...

"I think I should change my job.., I am not very busy"
She had a big laugh..

:) and later I did too, on my own self!!

Its surprising, we usually end up not knowing exactly what we want from our lives!
I read this today...
Too Busy to Notice You’re Too Busy
Published: March 31, 2007
Being busy is part of our modern world, but there are some simple ways to wrestle back control.
Also , worth while seeing is this presentation!!

Yes there was a conflict in my mind...
Maybe there is still is..

Run ? Or Walk and Enjoy?

पाठशाला ( The School )

Yes the पाठशाला !It was a part of the Corporate Social Initiative.We could Volunteer to teach the children of a Municipal( government) School, extra classes. I signed up long time back....But just never tunrned up for any meeting ... Basically Bunk.. ;)Finally last fortnight I got in touch, took out the days when I would teach ( maths , ya thats what I could). I asked for the book (seventh Grade .. no Problem)Aha!!॥ then the Surprise happened.. बीटा तुम्हे हिंदी या मराठी में पढना होगा !!( you need to teach in hindi or marathi)Having done my Schooling from a convent and a non english medium skool from Chandigarh, yeah Marathi was out!!and Hindi!!! Gawk!!! ( ok I know my hindi essays carried more spelling mistakes that the essay marks could afford, But I knew Hindi!!!) I Thought to myself.. lets see..and then it happened, The Book!! in hindi.. Geometry (आयत , त्रिभुज , त्रिकोने , चाप .... आ आ एयो !!!)Well this is what my studnets have taught me... ( hee !! Hee!)After a few classes I am…

अरे वाह !

अब देखो मज़ा आ गया !
अब कुछ लेख हिंदी में नज़र आएंगे !!
With the enw tool bar by blogger i can switch between hindi and english !!

Oh so कूल !

The Game Of Life

"DO you remeber the games you/we/people play with children, in which no one wins..?

(er.. no..frowning)

its when a grown plays with a very small kid, say cards or just!... at the end of the game.. the grown up says ..
'ok.. so you get this and I get that.. and that you and me have both won'

now lets restart playing!!"

"S" was telling me...( when I asked about how was your day with you spiritual discussion group)

Though I could not quite recall THOSE kind of games..but I understood, what she said after it
.." Life is just like that a game in which everyone wins in the end...and then it is over..and re-started..

The aim is to actually enjoyand to play are part well , and enthusiastically.."

Later, with the same thread running in my head crossed the saying..referring to..

' at the end of the game(Chess) the king and the pawn go back in the same BOX!'

It is so very important to live our parts well and enjoy!
and not getting involved so much in winning.
As …

The Need

The need is never fulfilled
What is the need?
For starters....

Any one with a job is either overworked or Underworked ( talk to IT people on the BENCH)

You are either too Happy or depressed ( nothing, middle path, normal is becoming difficult to find nowadays)

You are either underpaid or underpaid( Ok this is special case!!)

You are either hungry or you have over-eaten( too full)

You are either bored or no time to even think about it

Food is either too spicy or bland. Too sweet or just not sweet enough!!

Ok, I am sure quite a few among us feel that above is just not the case!!
Life is found in the NORMAL STATE!! ( if there is anything like that !!) ( the Middle Path from Gautam Buddha's Philosophy)[really??!!?...mail me..)

But I am sure we all tend to notice only the very sharp , The extremes!!( YEAH and miss out that the life is to be enjoyed in the In-betweens!!)

People who sense this change way to often and are over-sensitized to it are among the few who are PRONE to BRINGING about ch…

The Happy List!!!!

(Continued from the TAG)
the way is the happy list!!
We need to make a longer list of things that make a really happy!
And shorten the list that make us cross!
and make the "Happy List" Easiest to achieve!!
Do th exercise and think about what I have ritten
It makes a lot of sense