Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Teacher

Have ever Flunked/Failed?
Where? In School? That "F" Grade in the report card? When that happened, what you needed to do? Repeat the class (or the subject) Right?

Now have you ever noticed, somethings ; some people ; some situations ; some "TYPE" of people REPEAT in your life!
Like you change your job but still have a typical type of colleague / boss/ subordinate again.
Always get into same / similar problems.
you change ur mate and end up getting a similar one again!

You have been ;and life wants you to learn yourself; on your own.
Life is this smart teacher that way. It does not show you and "F"; simply; silently and smartly makes you repeat!
Its up to us, the faster we learn; the faster you graduate to the next level in life.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


It happens with me often, that i go into the spiral of thoughts.
Today's Trigger : The National Anthem (that plays before Any Movie in the theater; i think it happens all over maharshtra)
I am usually looked upon as a NON-Patriot! What a shame! Are you not proud of your Great country; motherland.. etc.
Well i wont even go in the direction that Points to How Great is "Eendia" coz of the polly-ticks and all that Jing Bang.
AS always i'll go in a different tangent.....

We love to divide ourselves in groups. Dont we? Right from our Skool dez: Class; section; (red/yellow) house; his team ; her team; right upto: compaineez; uniforms; cadres.. and so on.
And we dont jut stop there. No!
I am not talking about housing societies and religions, it goes upto countries ; walls; armies and everything. (someone said patriotic.. ok.. read on)

Why do we group up as human beings? And make teams. -----------------------------One of the Questions!
Are we afraid? (Smiles again)
(by the way::: How many times in your own life have you noticed the motive of your existence as a aim/ focus/ definition change in your life term. to Skore good marks; be a good child; TOP IN CLASS/ COLLEGE/UNIV; Get the Best Job; (L)Earn more; good spouse; Good parent ( err... live your life??.. what is that?)... well this is a different post only... so later in this direction...)

Isn't most of this very similar in some or the other we. I am sure Some of us want to do something different. But are we really in for it.
ONE of things which we are afraid of.. AFRAID OF is the uncertainty.
a group of pre-historic men and women with children walking in wood at dusk; and they hear repetitive; un explained sounds.WHAT WOULD THEY DO? GROUP TOGETHER!
:- and when a lone one of them who is also away from the group reaches them he feels safer! Doesn't he?

IMAGINE (Today's age)
Too many people on a street. To many! So many that it is a crowd. And you dont seem to know anyone. They are all dressed differently; speaking different languages! And YOU SPOT SOMEONE WHO SPEAKS your language and looks and dresses like you. You simply veer toward that person and talk and feel SAFER/ comfortable!

We have reproduced and spread so much that NOW We are scared of each other! And we will do everything for our comfort. And starting with Grouping-up. This Grouping-Up; which will lead our Minds to Think of US and THEM!
Right from our neighbourhood; where we yell on the messy one who Doesnt HAVE MANNERS (the Odd one out; the one who does NOT FIT OUT GROUP)

and then right upto: OTHER religions; SECTS; colors; nations; countries and so on!
( and then i realise that the intermission of the movie i was watching has arrived!!)

Me and my MM's! (MM= One of the tags to this post .. :P)

Friday, August 01, 2008

Deck Lay Ration

two dey; Eye de'Clarie mye sell'F "Phonetically Challenged"

Thees wheel count-e-new teal de'Claired aggin!