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Whats the oldest thing you remember?

Age: 3-4 Yrs Old
Location: Eatery of some school for very small kids
Situation: Post lunch of LKG ( Lower Kindergarten )

The windows in a distance showing cloudy sky
Not so well lit room
I open the paper wrapper of this candy ( Toffee ) and
A huge blue colored dustbin is in sight
I throw the Candy and am left with the wrapper in my hand!
Oh No!
I am found staring on the inside the deep duct-bin trying to locate the candy!
Goes the bell and the rest is washed away in the loud shrieks of children running out……

Among my oldest memories


Mon said…
When I was going through the line "..I throw the Candy and am left with the wrapper in my hand!..", I could actually visualize a cute lil kid doing something like that!
Fingers said…
Aww shucks!
Keshi said…
wow ur amazing Abhi! U can rem that? COOL!

U sound so cute at that age LOL!

shooting star said…
nice tag
Nanditha Prabhu said…
nice tag!could imagine the expresion on your face!

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