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Course Correction

I Just downloaded, a copy of this Blog as a PDF.
Something I wanted to do!
Not that it is already a big book, But just wanted to, after its Year was completed.

Today Some course correction was initiated. I started with a report on Mutual Funds, something whcih was being postponed for a long time.
I started it!
( yes, as a good friend of mine MJ also says, " Initiation of something , anything, is a BIG task, Not to Unmnetion the next bigger is towards the end)

Even though I was not exactly motivated by the Anon quote in Times of India today," I you want to feel richer, count all that you h ave, which money cannot Buy"....
I was going thru an old diary and this blog of mine...
I realised, How much change has actually caught on in my own life.

All thru' when I kep thinking that lifes not moving.. It was zipping by.

Like "N" says.."time aur Paisa nikalna padta hai "( you have to take out money and time for anything with a special effort)

So I sat late, Initiating the Project and hence this entry, so late at Sunday Night.
Overlooking the "as always" plans to go for a ealry morning JOG!

But i have learnt something, right now, For real happiness, I need to stretch doing what I really like and hence find both.. what I like and how to remain and regain the "state of Happiness"

err.. I just hope I am not blabbing at this hour in the night!!
Whatever the case, some course correction is important in all's lives!!


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