Thursday, June 06, 2013

WYSIWYG is it true...

What do you see?
I see what I see

Well the best part about being human is this ever learning nature
I just love the word....Cognitive ability

It's like the buildings we now live in
We started from the ground...Good...we used to live there..on the ground...
Then...Well don't know what happened...was it because we wanted to rise up or lack of space...we started storey above another......supposedly more space we live....had a better view of things...some people thought

But what really happened was that we lost touch with the ground as well...

That's what we do nowadays..building..our thoughts..our on top of another
Using Cognitive Ability

Like someone said..ITTIAM..I think therefore I am...but what do you think? What is the basis of your thought...isn't it based on the answer of the questions you asked earlier...and the answers you got.or what you saw...or what you thought you saw

..but how did you ask those questions you asked...or arrive at what you thought you saw......on the basis of your previous views...

just like those skyscrapers...we build our thoughts one on top of another

But our errors can be much more than some of the ill constructed buildings in the developing countries..
What if you started off wrong?
And you kept building on top

Your thoughts "CAN NEVER BE CHECKED" by anyone who knows I...ha who am I

So what do you see is absolute?

I just love the word perspective
It is like a gateway to a new dimension
If you think and redo some of your learnings and recalculate your current views..
Think about it

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Forward arrow of life

I looked back at the posts
So much has changed, but it's just the same as well

When you look back and link it looks like a clear dominoes play

Today seems like interconnected play of events that lead to today

But the present never makes the sense it should
You stare at it
Look it up
Too to bottom
Around it
Nothing seems to make sense

That is all that we constantly try....
To make sense
Make it better
Should be like a symphony

Little do we know it is already a symphony

We can't see it