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Dr. Madan Kataria

It is a matter of practice and belief. There is a link between mind and body. If you are depressed in the mind, your body is depressed and if you move your body your mind moves: you feel good. This is called motion creates emotions.


karmic_jay said…
It also affects the immune system. The chemicals our body forms are different when the mood is altered and that in turn affects the immune system as well as the body.
Chai Anyone? said…
so totally true. :)
Ethan said…
I am tagging u to put up ur childhood pic with a recent one..

Mine's up already..
Aditi said…
interesting..and possibly true but i never did see it that way
sup said…
hmm like that idea - n agree too!

be on the move=be happy?
does -
motion create positive emotion?

no motion create indifference?
Hey KJ Wow.. so true..
in fact I completely forgot this point of view.. that how motion and thought create chemicals and further emote us!!

@ CA ( Chai anyone..): ya.. but that Shakti entry is too good!! Keep it up Doc!!!
@Ethan: U Look So SO CUTE.. WHOA....
Arrey yaar tu toh aisa kabhi na tha!!
@ ADITI: yes its is!
You should try it.. when you are LOW.. go run.. or SKIP.. PUSH a wall...Move and you will EMOTE...

@ SUP Long time no SEA..yes you move and move fast you will be thrilled and energised..
Rich:I suppose..
Its probabaly positive motion creating positive emotion...
Tee hee
like Positive
Mridula said…
I so much agree with this one.
sup said…
long time no post!
ehhhh! (*munch*) wats up doc?
take punch, and a hug!
nice to be back.
what you have said in you post, I've been saying for moths,
"Keep walking" :)
sebia said…
man...whts ur problem..just tell me..
sheesh..i always manage to slip total dazed state..whn moi greycells..either 2 sleepy..or just abt to emerge..frm there slumberous state..and u hit me with such difficult theories!!!!!
ok let me add moi 1 piece of nonsensical
motion creates emotions..and water soothes the heightened state of emotions..whether its depression..or its anger..water always manage to mellow them down..
wah wah..wht a i in fr ur nobel prize in scientific yak yak:P
ok..i hav gt horrible tooth ache..and moi..braincells nt registering anything other thn this excruciating sense of pain:((
any mantra or theory fr tht?
mr albert shakespeare:P
@Mridula you do agree, but have you ever tried to use it for your benefit..?

do any of ur remeber this, when we are really LOW and try to create action... JUNP around or RUN.. or sorts ..just to move out of theat LOW mood....TRY iT....
@ SWF... Owwwwwww.
Geee... welcome back ...
and HOW COME U Keep walking???
@ SebiaHALLO!
Ok then MS. Newton.. tell me then what would be created by MOVING WATER???

( it may just better that toothache... go move water in your mouth)

... Hey.. u hv rechirstened me Albert shakesphere..... GEE!
W8 lah... jus posting ...rey

i finished my e-XAMS 2day ....rukooooo
Mon said…
wow! makes sense..
good na..

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