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KT, Entropy and Ramifications

These three were circling in mind mind during a walk in the evening, yesterday.

let me explain the in-ability to conclude

KT or Karma Theory ( कर्म ) : 'karma', means to 'act'. The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English defines it as the "sum of person's actions in one of his successive states of existence, viewed as deciding his fate for the next".

The theory of karma harps on the Newtonian principle that every action produces an equal and opposite reaction. Every time we think or do something, we create a cause, which in time will bear its corresponding effects. And this cyclical cause and effect generates the concepts of (or the world) and birth and reincarnation. It is the personality of a human being or the jivatman - with its positive and negative actions - that causes karma.

The act of branching out or dividing into branchesA development that complicates a situation, eg: "the court's decision had many unforeseen ramification…

Order and Disorder

The order of disorder, or the disorder of the order.

The order in disorder, or the disorder in order.

I am sure you will have to re-read both the lines to know that their meanings go beyond the simple words that they are.

Have you noticed how, we want Order in our lives?
Right from the way we keep our clothes, have folders in our computers, emails,address books, groups, disvions and classficiations.. ORDER!
But how much we yearn to Break-Out of the SYSTEM. The SYSTEM of ORDER! Break queues, RUN away from the rigmarole of life. Break patterns.

The perennial conflict of the order and disorder, is what brings out Growth! Is what brings about the change and zest in life.

But how much to balance the imbalance or
How much to imbalance the balance is needed?
Is appropriate?


First Phase:
This is the (basic/initial) discovery of each other. Can happen by chance, choice, mistake or any of the many other ways.

Time: this is usually spontaneous or may be forced or schemed! ( usually short duration , with result being a go or a no go to next phase)

Second Phase:
Excitement/ Fun phase. This is a kind of extension of discovery. Usually this can be spotted by heightened interaction. It can include any of the interactions: intellectually stimulating discussions, humour (funny / silly talks), Power /strength stimulating behaviour (Sexual/emotional/physical/any) , etc etc. This phase is marked by a lot of excitement, fun and happiness. High energy levels and low fatigue. In fact this is energising phase, the two involved overcome tiredness, at meet. There absolutely nothing else noticed except good.

Time: This can vary. Depending on person to person totally, this can vary from weeks, to months or even years. Now the last one ( years) being a little towards rare ( special…

Both Sides

Neil Diamond - Both Sides Now Lyrics

Rows and flows of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air
And feather canyons everywhere
I've looked at clouds that way

But now they only block the su
They rain they snow on everyone
So many things I would have done
But clouds got in my way

I've looked at clouds
From both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
It's cloud illusions I recall
I really don't know clouds at all

Moons and Junes and Ferris wheels
The dizzy dancin' way you feel
As every fairy tale comes real
I've looked at love that way

But now it's just another show
You leave 'em laughing when you go
And if you care, don't let them know
Don't give yourself away

I've looked at love
From both sides now
From give and take, and still somehow
It's love's illusions I recall
I really don't know love at all

Tears and fears and feeling proud
To say "I love you" right out loud
Dreams and schemes and circus crowds
I've looked at life that way

But now…
Your EQ is 147
50 or less: Thanks for answering honestly. Now get yourself a shrink, quick!
51-70: When it comes to understanding human emotions, you'd have better luck understanding Chinese.
71-90: You've got more emotional intelligence than the average frat boy. Barely.
91-110: You're average. It's easy to predict how you'll react to things. But anyone could have guessed that.
111-130: You usually have it going on emotionally, but roadblocks tend to land you on your butt.
131-150: You are remarkable when it comes to relating with others. Only the biggest losers get under your skin.
150+: Two possibilities - you've either out "Dr. Phil-ed" Dr. Phil... or you're a dirty liar.What's Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)?


How many times do our desires change?

I am sure you would rememeber, yourself telling yourself ( yeah!!)," Oh I want this car" and later in another statement, ( seeing a better one) " Wow..THIS is the Car I want"

Or maybe that I want to do this or that, meet him/her, etc etc etc.

Now I am sure some of us think.. Then what ? We want everything! We will get everything. We can get everything.

I think, ( because i think like this... that is why): That everytime we desire, the universe around us, recieves the same as a "energy(instruction)".
The universe being the big mass of ENEGRY waiting for instructions to manifest things.
And the more we desire and work towards THAT desire, it manifests and becomes reality. Of course this this takes time and effort.

But what happens when, during manifestation the desire changes to a conflicting one ( no, I dont want the car, i want the Boeing!!) What happens of the half baked car somewhere..
(of course subject to my fundas..)

Drivers and Tangents

I imagine a not so small ball speeding towards a direction.

It keeps speeding till it meets another something which either diverts its direction, slows it or stops it!

It could also be hit by another 'Thingy' which could enforce its speed or direction or both.

Whichever way (if you were also to imagine) you would agree that the first 'not so small ball' has either been pushed or has some internal Driver mechanism!

I think we as humans are also a bit similar.

We usually start off in a direction with a certain speed. Now if you notice in our case this starting speed and direction is usually not really decided by us.( usually)

It is governed by the initial knowledge ( read perception) pumped in by the immediate surroundings and the push by our near and dear ones and (OR) people who we have trust on.

Then with time come the tangents!
These are new sources of information ( direction) and force or impacts or pushes. Our new modified drivers.

Without even going into directions of rela…

Project 2332

(Seperate BLOG is up)I am wanting to publish a small book, a compilation of Short Stories for the young adults of the world.
The story to be targetted at age group of 23-32 years old The story to have a positive connotation (Basis) Unique and un-publishedThat's it basic and simple.
If you are in please email back.
If Not, perfectly all right, you may just pass to someone who would be interested


Its your decisions and not your conditions that chnage your destinyThe secret of success is using PAIN and PLEASURE instead of pain and pleasure using you! If you do that you are in control , otherwise life is!!NOTHING IN LIFE HAS ANY MEANING EXCEPT THAT MEANIING YOU GIVE ITThings do not change, we changeIts not actual pain that drives us but our fear that something will lead to painIts not pleasure that dirves us, but our belief-our sense of certainity that somehow taking a certain action willITS NOT THE EVENTS OF OUR LIFES THAT SHAPE US , BUT OUR BELIEFS AS TO WHAT THOSE EVENTS MEAN!BELIEFS ARE POWER TO CREATE AND POWER TO DESTROY!WE ARE WHAT WE ARE BECAUSE WE FIRST IMAGINED ITAchieveing our goals will never make us happy in the long run; It s who we become as we overcome the obstacles necessary to achieve your goals, that can give us the deepest and most long lasting sense of fulfillment!A TRUE DECISION IS THE ONE YOU CAN ACT UPON, AND ACT UPON NOW!!Knowing what to do is not enou…

The Importance of History

The 100th Post of "this" blog comes back to the Theme that runs here: Change

Every Change is intertwined and held back by history,traditions(Read the Monkey Experiament blogged by me here, to give an insight into Paradigms/Traditions)

In the last few years one the major attributes learnt by me is Patience to absorb and assimilate and delay reaction.

Who we are today?
Why we bahave, react and even interact the way we do?
Why our opinions are, the way they are?

Questions like these and many many more , all have their answers in History. History here does not mean the history than we have studied in schools or colleges. No. This History , is not HIS-STORY, it is "your story"!

You, me and all of us are made up of instances of our pasts. These instances are valid reasons to make our opinions and establish bias for or against people, organisations,social constructs and even situations .

Its basic COGNITIVE learning.

If 20 out of 20 times, whenever I have eaten orange ICE candy,…

Inflection Point

There are these times, sometimes, which we call the Lull before the Storm!. Its the feeling that something is going to happen.

Such a feeling seemed to be hovering for some weeks now( months maybe)

But if i come to think about it seriously, it was not the premonition.. It was self created. I had been driving and energising the internal agitation of dissatisfaction.

I was unhappy

Unhappy of my current immediate (working/job) environment.
My current relationship status.

This unhappiness, this positively percieved unhappiness is the catalyst of life.
Its this perception of the "Change pain", that drives us all !!
That brings about so much in our lives

SO much Change!!! ( in fact i believe most of the change is triggered by pain/dissatisfaction)

--> Milestone achieved: being that I quit the Engineering Monolith of India which has tried to keep me busy since the last 1 year 9 odd months .

Dont know what the new job, where I join next month, After suffering my notice period here entails f…

This Day Then

Nervously along with my cousin sister, brother and along with some unknown people we were at this balcony looking across the Powai Lake.

And this effervescent girl is also noticed around. Bright , bespectacled, with a pony-tail bobbing and wearing a bright kurta and jeans/capris.
Before anyone could talk, The Teacher ushered us into what was a makeshift classroom.
It was the house of one of uncles. The hall which had the balcony had durries spread across its length, with the Glass Dining table pushed in the the corner, the chairs laid around the walls.
We were on the third day of the five day Art of Living program being organised at the house of one of the volunteers. All through the brief exercises of Yoga and discussions, apart from exchanging smirks with my cousins, I could not help notice the presence of the girl.
At the end of the class, there was brief community snack/ dinner organised. It was late evening by the end of the class and amazing wind was ruffling in the balcony. I saw my…

"When the Time is Right"

Conflict is an intersting and an Integral Part of each our lives.
It everywhere!

All thru the week, the myriad of coflicting ideas views and desires have been running in.

Including the one that should my life be written out here in a public domain!?

कौन Flee -Ct !

so much
too much
GO knows!!
From Nowhere to "NOW" "Here"
From Now-Here to (K)now Where????????

- Emipres- By Chicane

(Click below on the play Button)

Oldest Memory Tag

This is an interesting tag, as we might have dust out our memory bank.

Rules: Oh you want rules here also, Nah! Just do it and tag any number of people u wish to, BUT YOU are TAGGED.

You have to list out YOUR oldest memory. What is the first thing you recall?( like you might
jave winked at the nurse, right after you were born)..

I have posted my oldest memory here.

I tag all BUFers, Trinnie, MOI, JAS, Radha, Starry Nights, anyone who would want to!!


Yeah even when u think all fits, you notice quite a few things dont. The latest curveball my boss threw during the appraisal, threw me in a spin. Why am I feeling again that I am not supposed to be in this job? And If I am not then,...what? Should I also move out of the city!!.. what to do..!! shoudl not spend a lot of time in putting the puzzle pieces, Maybe life is more of living the puzzle than making all the sense, maybe its someone else's job!!

चल बन जा मुर्गा (cmon now become the hen/cock)

Time 0850 hrs

"Welcome to Bangalore international Airport, outside temperature is 23 degrees Celsius....."

Time 2050 Hrs
"Welcome to mumbai chhatrapati Shivaji terminal, outside temperature is 31 degrees Celcius...."


That was the day, and throughout the day, all I noticed was the similarities and dissimilarities between the cities!!

One thing that irked me( and has been irking for a long time ) is BUFFOONS!!
Yes , I see them just about every-where.
from Delhi, to mumbai, to bangalore, to calcutta, Chennai, hyderabad... just about everywhere

These are the class of "DUMB" nitwits who just fail to understand the immidiate ( let alone farway) impact of their actions.

Some examples actions of this Over-Smart Class

- on the road, jump all lanes and clog the exit route. AS in I want to reach first , and (Think) will be able to go ahead, If i blow a loud pressure horn( Or simply silently) and get into( read barge into ) the tiniest possible visible place and block …

Mum's the word!

..HE said
".. Can yo do me a favour..? Thank you mom on behalf of me... for without herI wouldn't have had a nice friend like you..Happy mothers dad to your mom " Mother's Day in various languages(wikipedia)
(af): Moedersdag
(al): Dita e Nënës (8 Marsi)
(ar) : يوم الأمّ (Eid Al-Omm)
(hy) : Մայրության օր (Mayrutyan or)
(ber) : tameγra n tyemmat
(bg) : Ден на майката
(bs) : dan majki
(ca) : Dia de la Mare
(ch) : 母亲节 or 母親節 (mǔ qīn jié)
(hr) : Majčin dan
(cz) : Den Matek
(da) : Mors dag
(Dh):މަންމައިންގް ދުވަސް
(nl) : Moederdag
(de) : Muttertag
(el) : Γιορτή της Μητέρας
(et) : Emadepäev
(dar) : روز مادر (Ruz-e Madar)
(fi) : Äitienpäivä
(fo) : Mammudagur
(fr) : (La) Fête des mères
(he) : (he) יום האם (Yom ha-em)
(hi) : (hi) Matru din
(hr) : Majčin dan
(hu) : anyák napja
(ga) : Lá na Mháithair
(is) : Mæðradagur
(id) : Hari Ibu
(ie):lá an mháthair
(it) : (La) Festa della mamma
(ja) : 母の日 (Haha no Hi)
(ka) : ತಾಯಂದಿರ ದಿನ(thayandira dina)
(kor) : 어머님 날 (Uh-muh-neem nal)
(lv) : Mātes diena
(lt) : Motinos diena

Zoom( and yeah the Blogathon)

The Month simply Zhoomed by!

I had this very short trip to my lovely city beautidul planned for the want of doing a हवन ( Haven) at home for my birthday!. Something that I had been wanting to do for quite a few years!

Our "shastri-jee"( Panditji conducting the havan) gave some intersting insights to life, all packaged with modern day quips..

later आशीर्वाद was " बेटा तुम्हे अछा अच्चा PACKAGE मिले "


" आजकल के modern बच्चों को जिस से ख़ुशी मिलती है वाही देना चाहियें "

Super cool.

and yeah the record player that needs to come to Mumai from Chandigarh has yet not arrived coz, the audio amp wires could not be repaired yet.. so it has reached Delhi....

Learnt Some Golf( errr.. at least how to hold he CLUB!!) and went to the driving Range !!

Fir kya .. ash over.. Back to the (lovely ) Fish smelling city of Mumbai!!

and the pre-emptive reminder set in my phone beeped..... Paper .. Financial Management!!!

For the first time in my LIFE, I had Flunked an exam...!

It was a…


(Marasim means relations. My relations with Jagjit Singh go back to the days when he composed music for my serial Mirza Ghalib. ...)

Well this post has probably nothing to do with it.
It is about those days..
the days when my dear ex room mate , Mr."J" was TMD ( Truly Madly Deeply) in love with Ms."H" ( who is now happily Mrs. "J")

I recall vividly coming back to our double room ( hostel room) after lectures and the usual Geri( गेडी ), only to find only a yellow bulb in the corner, and Mr. " J" with the latest Track of the Jagjit singh album " Haath Chute hai toh Rishtey nahi chuta kartein hai

(हाथ छूटे है तोः रिशते नही छूता करतें है !!)

Oh !! he has had a Fight again!!( another week end of having to listen to all that , all over again!!)

It was those days..

While I was just packing for my very brief trip to Chandigarh, this album popped up in the playlist!!

and I rolled back!!... in time...those never ending list of crushes!! ( LOL)

Love for Languages

.. to be written...
रुकियें अभी पंजाबी script कि तलाश है !

The Door to...

...(ramblings of a funnie mind!!)

One of the two cakes I cut yesterday, said "Sorry, Shit Happens"
My roomates, who missed out, make it up with the sweet cake!
The day was more or less the USUSAL!
As always, I was un-easy! It Happens every year!!! ( I sulked...) The Banal Happy Birthday would reverberate all day long! Dunno why, it happens with me, I am not happy about it. My lovely twin sisters tried their Logic with ME!!.

"Arrey!!, You should be Happy, you have woderfully lived ONE more year of ur life..... What you cribbing buddha ho gaya ???"
I sulked, and smiled!!

Early morning, Nani called!! Sung the whole Birthday song! Felt great!
.... and then started pouring.. it was sweet, Till i reached office!!
Happie Bdday!!.. Wherez the chocoate!!Party.. Blah blah blah!!
I disappered
By late afternoon!
Had a meeting @ Fort!!
I moved out of office after along time.
on the way back, when I moved into the Station ( yes the local train at 630 PM), Sulked again!!Why is mumbai like this.. GAWD!!
By the ti…

Gee! Tar

My first Guitar Class!!
HA! I finally got to initite it! Yeah Initiate it right, when I have an exam in another 20 days. I have a project submission next month. right when I also discovered My Rubiks cube and want to solve it!
Not to Un-mention my JOB!!

Ok I am going back to books , but very inetersting thingy told me by my tutor, who was coming to me after struggling to try and teach a GIRL to play the guitar!

Now he claims, that he has finally understood , why there are no women among Likes of Iron Maiden, Jow Satriani's !!
Coz, ( like the poor girl), ....womens Fingers/ is so soft that it is unable to press the strings hard enough!!

Well I really dunno.. that what the guy told..
But I really cant recall too many ( or any great female Guitarist too!!)..!!

TAG'O'Rama (हाय रब्बा )

Things that scare me…DO exsitUsed to be भूत's for quite some time. But now they dont trouble me!We did a compromise, few years back ( yeah we have marked our territories)
Hard disk Crash ( me loosing all my data)
People who make me laugh…Most of the people surrounding me!!You need to want to

Things I love…Inetesrting Technology(Picking my nose, Its quite relief usually .. ;) )( Ah! Snoozing!!)Uncertainity in Life ( the Queer way it unfolds)
My Wallet when it is fullCellphone, Camera

Things I hate…

Things I don't understand…A lot of things which we take for certain/granted, Assumptions and illogical belief systemsSociety(My Boss, whenever, he tells me what to do and not to do)( how can run of the mill bollywodd flicks draw crouds, again and again)( ditto for politics, are we all so dumb to be lead by bigger dumboz!!)(Why do people TAG??) S'rint please answer!!!??
How come it is very difficult for us to change ourselves, and we still ( knowing this) expect people aroun…

Run Run Run ( दौड़, किसके लिए )

IT happened yesterday, for the first time, I was not that busy!
Living in India's financial capital, and being the financial year ending!!
Maybe, I was too used to a sales job, that a shift into marketing, and that to a project marketing role in this company was now settling in!

It was strange that some-one inside me was dying to be crazy busy (??..)

I was home early!!
Met one of my aunts, who asked "what happened?"...

"I think I should change my job.., I am not very busy"
She had a big laugh..

:) and later I did too, on my own self!!

Its surprising, we usually end up not knowing exactly what we want from our lives!
I read this today...
Too Busy to Notice You’re Too Busy
Published: March 31, 2007
Being busy is part of our modern world, but there are some simple ways to wrestle back control.
Also , worth while seeing is this presentation!!

Yes there was a conflict in my mind...
Maybe there is still is..

Run ? Or Walk and Enjoy?

पाठशाला ( The School )

Yes the पाठशाला !It was a part of the Corporate Social Initiative.We could Volunteer to teach the children of a Municipal( government) School, extra classes. I signed up long time back....But just never tunrned up for any meeting ... Basically Bunk.. ;)Finally last fortnight I got in touch, took out the days when I would teach ( maths , ya thats what I could). I asked for the book (seventh Grade .. no Problem)Aha!!॥ then the Surprise happened.. बीटा तुम्हे हिंदी या मराठी में पढना होगा !!( you need to teach in hindi or marathi)Having done my Schooling from a convent and a non english medium skool from Chandigarh, yeah Marathi was out!!and Hindi!!! Gawk!!! ( ok I know my hindi essays carried more spelling mistakes that the essay marks could afford, But I knew Hindi!!!) I Thought to myself.. lets see..and then it happened, The Book!! in hindi.. Geometry (आयत , त्रिभुज , त्रिकोने , चाप .... आ आ एयो !!!)Well this is what my studnets have taught me... ( hee !! Hee!)After a few classes I am…

अरे वाह !

अब देखो मज़ा आ गया !
अब कुछ लेख हिंदी में नज़र आएंगे !!
With the enw tool bar by blogger i can switch between hindi and english !!

Oh so कूल !

The Game Of Life

"DO you remeber the games you/we/people play with children, in which no one wins..?

(er.. no..frowning)

its when a grown plays with a very small kid, say cards or just!... at the end of the game.. the grown up says ..
'ok.. so you get this and I get that.. and that you and me have both won'

now lets restart playing!!"

"S" was telling me...( when I asked about how was your day with you spiritual discussion group)

Though I could not quite recall THOSE kind of games..but I understood, what she said after it
.." Life is just like that a game in which everyone wins in the end...and then it is over..and re-started..

The aim is to actually enjoyand to play are part well , and enthusiastically.."

Later, with the same thread running in my head crossed the saying..referring to..

' at the end of the game(Chess) the king and the pawn go back in the same BOX!'

It is so very important to live our parts well and enjoy!
and not getting involved so much in winning.
As …

The Need

The need is never fulfilled
What is the need?
For starters....

Any one with a job is either overworked or Underworked ( talk to IT people on the BENCH)

You are either too Happy or depressed ( nothing, middle path, normal is becoming difficult to find nowadays)

You are either underpaid or underpaid( Ok this is special case!!)

You are either hungry or you have over-eaten( too full)

You are either bored or no time to even think about it

Food is either too spicy or bland. Too sweet or just not sweet enough!!

Ok, I am sure quite a few among us feel that above is just not the case!!
Life is found in the NORMAL STATE!! ( if there is anything like that !!) ( the Middle Path from Gautam Buddha's Philosophy)[really??!!?...mail me..)

But I am sure we all tend to notice only the very sharp , The extremes!!( YEAH and miss out that the life is to be enjoyed in the In-betweens!!)

People who sense this change way to often and are over-sensitized to it are among the few who are PRONE to BRINGING about ch…

The Happy List!!!!

(Continued from the TAG)
the way is the happy list!!
We need to make a longer list of things that make a really happy!
And shorten the list that make us cross!
and make the "Happy List" Easiest to achieve!!
Do th exercise and think about what I have ritten
It makes a lot of sense

You are Tagged

Yes!! You..
Any one reading this is tagged.. tagged to reply and free to tag just about anyone...

You need to enlist n things that made you really happy and another m things that made you really cross and comepletely Upset in the last one week only.

1. Ok WTF are these N, M?? right?>
Well these are just about any numbers.. any .. same or other wise.

2. WHY this?: Well there is a reason.. that will be told in the next post. ( yeah like all the great Miss-Trees, this one remains one..)

Ok this tag does appear out of nowhere on my blog(s).
As I am not the Tagg Tagg type of person, but there is more to this tag.
Just that lifes funnie and my constant attmpt to unravel the mysteries of it is on!!

Looking forward!!


Whatever you do, I feel Rocking your life a little too much can really be a Problem at times!!


Little did I know On the Monday morning that my boss would call me out to be in Dehradunthe next day moring before 10AM for a Meeting, handing me over SOME letter calling for a meeting for blah blah blah!!

Yes I had just got prometed on saturday last! And it seemed that my subtle desire to travel a lot got magnified a little more beofre reaching the Ever Potent Powerful Universe!!

SO by 3PM I was home packing hurriedly.

RK calls up" what about our visit to Bangalore? And next day we have to be at Aero India too!? Are we on?"

err. Oh yes!!!

"should I book the tickets for you too..?"
yayaya whatever!!

And As usual I reached a little early at the airport and... as usual, the flight was a little late!!
never-the less Iwas in deli, (not eagerly) waiting to get over with Dinner and reach H.Nizzamudin Railway station to cath the 2330 Train to Dehradun!

Reached at 6 Am!!
Yawned out to the station..
But wait
Its KKKKOLD and cloudy and wait.. its raining!!!!
I rushed to the …


After brief post on the super Bloggerz meet of "Zero-Seven" on my LIfe Blog( here), I was at the pvr catching up with Madhur B's Take in the Traffic Signal!!
The emotes of some folks of my gang threw me into.. "emotions"

IF a non human peeks at the behaviour of us Naked Apes, he would be queerly surprised!!
We pay ( to watch movies/ Theatre/TV, etc) to emote ourselves.

Seemingly a simple chemical reactions of Hormones( cheimcals , made out of Protiens that we pulses, fish etc...) produced by our perceptions of reality ( dependent on yet again our peception of reality)... Which Affects further our perception to reality and how the chemical reaction continues!!

Oh No!!

Did I interlink too much!!

Well luckily me and N and lots to catch up and this wierd idiosyncrasy did not catch up!!

And back my our dear Hiranandani, the newly Opened Breadtalk soothed it all!!

( will post more about dhhhhe Grrr88 Bhloggerz Meet !!)

What do you Want!!

This is a culmination of interesting electric pulses in my neurons[:))]
Well you in life, right from roght now to to anytime in your life from Right now +/- anyother time/
Everything we perceive depends on What We Want.

Every emotion is dependednt on what we want?
What you want ....?
Right now?
Much Later?
Before you die?

You dependent on how clear you mind is to the answers to these quiestions..
and weather you have them or not!!

Paradigm Shift

Just saw the The Shawshank Redemption, (137 Min) !!
The last scene where Tim Robbins, is washing his boat and meets Morgan remided me again of the Paradigm shift That i think is happening.

I remembered(Also), about one of my uncles who is currently staying in Haridwar, after:~ A good career in US, ~returning to India,~ Having gone through a not so successfule Marriage, ~A divorce and Now..
Yes Now.. ( as I percieve him to be a happy MAN) is having his own apartment by the Ganga, His own car, a Plasma TV, A laptop, a sexy PDA-Cell Phone, His Car and Not to Unmention his good (girl)Friends [:P] and HEY... lemme tell you , I haven seen him work in the last 15 years...!!

I Again recalled talking to some of my friends earlier last week, About How the society has been Morphing in a very fast way and the institution Called Marriage!! seems to have lagged behind.. way behind !!

It has not evolved, the Humans around and changed like Blitzkrieg!!

( just recalled the Paradigm Shift…