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Join the Dots

Its not just about Wayne Dyer's , " You will see it when you believe it"! Its everywhere around me or us.

It was a common scene, around 11PM, I had just updated my RKD, and ~ 3 odd chat windows were open. I realised that it was more than 'very long' that i was staring in what was written as "SAMSUNG"!
But i was not there, i was teletransported to a past incident.
~ circa 1996
i recall my often visited friend Rahul, he was sitting in front of his desktop, busy with Yahoo chatrooms open and with quite few chat windows open as well, briskly typing quirky remarks here and there. I used to think, how can he just go on chatting so so many unknowns!

And here i was !! dunno what i wished, or he wished!

And then it kept spilling, from all corners : the Vaio that i deeply desired, the guitar that reached my house( and is still lying there), where I live now, where all i have travlled, all my job changes, my movement to Mumbai, So much that I see around me.Just about…

Conspiracy Theory

““When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.””
Paulo Coelho quotesNow Situation:A person wants ( deeply desires ) something and... yes.. the UNI-verse* CONS-pyres* to hellP* achieve !!And now the other person deeply desires / wants / wishes another thing, which is in complete conflict of "A person"'s Deep desire!??Pertinent question arose out of two situations: 1. When father living in one city had a sleepless night as he was deeply worried about something: Son #1( oblivious about father's worries) in city #2 also had sleepless night and had negative thoughts about father. Son# 2 ( also oblivious about father's worries) in City #3 all-so* could not Sleep.2. Girl and boy are nearly seeing each other, but break off. Much later girl's brother (husband) and girl's SIL (wife) are concerned about girl as she is going through a rough patch! Now Husband and WIFE who know boy very well, persuade him. They deeply desire th…

Why Marriage

"Social reality evolved between two to four million years ago, when a species of 'Southern Ape' ( Australopithecus afarensis) began to walk on two legs. At that time, the early hominids developed complex brains, tool-making skills and language, while the helplessness of their prematurely born infants led to the formation of the supportive families and communities that became the foundation of human SOCIAL LIFE" pg 3, the hidden connections by Fritjof Capra

It is worth noticing that humans are among the very rare species whose children spend the longest time ever to become independent!

They need a support system. Family! Society!

the supposed inflection point / change referred above billions of years ago is causing those billions of people i am in contact with whose names start from A to Z and any other letter known to tell me that I SHOULD GET MARRIED!!
Can you beat that? Beat that here is beat the inflection that happened THEN!