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Like a prayer

Are our lives pre-destined or does free will exist? Astrologer Harsh Khiraiya explores
Many a times we hear of miracles. People escape from accidents. There are sole survivors in plane wrecks. Some patients survive complicated and tedious operations. Were they fated to survive? Or was there any other force that saved them? We still debate as to whether there is free will or is everything pre - destined? Is our life completely pre-planned or can we do something about it? Astrology is a divine craft that predicts the life patterns of individuals with uncanny precision. It draws up your fate, destiny and success. But is there something beyond astrology that can change your fate ?

The Supernatural

A serious student of astrology is always taught that there is 80 per cent fate and 20 per cent free will. Now let us concentrate upon this 20 per cent free will. In this context it means the power of curses, blessings and prayers. The three mentioned factors can and do change our lives.


If we browse through most of the religious scriptures or famous doctrines, we shall find a curse that has changed the course of the story. We are always told not to trouble our parents because if they curse us, we are doomed. Curses can single handedly change your fate and over-ride your fate and stars. Hence do not: Deliberately harass your parents Harm or injure animals Cause disrespect to elderly people


The complete opposite theory applies to blessings. It is said that a single powerful blessing can burn away thousands of bad karmas. The best source for blessings are your parents and elders. However, blessings have to be from the heart and not artificial or induced by money.


The power of prayer can rescue you from the mouth of death. It is said that the word of God is more powerful than a thousand injections and medicines. Science has now discovered that prayer healing has tangible healing effects on hospitalised patients. A strong prayer from someone who loves you can change the course of your life and take away all your miseries.


So we can see that though astrology defines our fate patterns, there are forces stronger than it which can change our lives for the better or worse. We only need to believe.

Prayers are known to work wonders


hey churaofying the theme from my blog, are we?:p
k pass, its cool and educational how you brought the truth to the limelight. :)
Aditi said…
80% fate but 20% free will. Like i said stars are the guidelines but tis still ultimately upto us. We still make what we will of our own destiny. Besides if you believe in this stuff, then it belies your Karma theory? So mkae up your mind.. =)

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