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The Mark of Jagan-Nath , Puri

As I walked towards the so Famous temple, I found myself staring in awe at the throngs of people, mostly older, following blindly the Pundas ( Pundits/ self procliamed..messengers of the almighty).
As I was being pushed in the queue to enter the temple, I noticed

I kept looking at that for quite some time!

The next 45 odd minutes passed pretty quickly, while I was absorbing the magnanimity of the temple.
Ancient Rock
with sculptures of sexually explicit positions
The pantheon of Hindu Gods
The blind ritualistic behaviour of people
Offerings of Ghee and stuff to purify the sins
It went on..

I moved out.. took a local bus to rush to Bhuvaneshwar / airport to cath my 2 'oclock flite!
Surrounding by Oridya speaking local population, I was quite n amazement of being part of a country which is so so very diverse, not only in the surrounding but also in Language and cultures, and i am so lucky to be able to experiance so much in so less times.

Throughout the flight, my mind was so so stuck of how can I as an indivisual bring about a sea change in a country of such mammoth diversification.

How, By 2020, 80% of Us Indians will be just youth..between 18-35yrs of age.
How can I help move the Nation of such Diversification.

I got my ideas.
I am still carying them
I am confiedent of doing something for MY Country
I am so proud to be an Indian!!

Yes I am , We will ! AND WE CAN!!
the Dragons will be just watching!!


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