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Physically, more than 60 % of the inputs to the human brain are not processed. Implying that we have the inputs coming (inputs of voices/ any sound, visions/ everything that can be seen, may or may not be noticed, touch/ any thing that can be felt hands, feet, anywhere)from all our senses!

This is because if our brain does not filter, we will go mad trying to process all the inputs and would not be able to concentrate.

- Have you ever remembered you surrounding voices /details during an exam / high concentration time/experience
- People with hearing aids have problems in listening as the device amplifies everything
- And so on

Continuation of the 3D view
Now the same happens on a mental level too. We categorize everything /( and unluckily everyone also)
- That type of person
- Good food
- Most of the generic / non generic adjectives
- Sweet orange.

In order to avoid having to categorize things/people every time, we put them in predefined boxes.
(Interesting part)
What we usually fail to realize we end up associating a lot of other things of the tag. (Also see Inheritance in programming languages, Subset theory.. et al)

Example, when you say sweet orange, what you refer to as sweet could be something, but I perceive sweet as orange and unluckily end up associating a lot of the other properties on the Orange!
The same goes for people
We end up ( usually) categorizing people, good/ bad/sweet /humorous/ Scheming / simple/ complex, list goes on.
These so called adjectives usually have a real reference, linkages, connection!

When I say dustbin, you actually see a dustbin (whatever you relate to or have a definition of dustbin)

Same goes for people, when I say a sweet girl, you r association of a sweet girl conjures up a real/ imaginary image of a sweet girl. And you expect the sweet girl in discussion to be same/ have ALL( yes expect ALL) the qualities of the Sweet girl in your MIND

Carefully now see the relation.
We typecast people, usually. And then end up having certain other expectations, which are inherited, from the parent reference!

Views counterviews? Please


Aditi said…
Question is.. what happens after the initial typecasting.. when you get to know someone better. are you willing to redefine the typecasting. I think its also important how rapidly you typecast someone and whether you really give that person a chance or does the typecasting barr you from it.. and due to this what all do people miss out on in their lives?
harry said…
very interesting :D

nice blog too :)
Anil said…
"This is because if our brain does not filter, we will go mad trying to process all the inputs and would not be able to concentrate."

Either that or, we don't have enough processors (gray matter if you will) to process all the thoughts, coming our way, and so we just drop (like packets in the internet) some of them. Kinda like conventional minicomputers vs todays dual core processors and beyond.

"Also see Inheritance in programming languages, Subset theory.. et al"

Yep... infact you'll probably be amused to know that the push is toward something called "design patterns" in object oriented programming, where you try to approach programming a complex system, by breaking it into smaller pieces (duh?) with the goal that, you end up finding "patterns" that you have already seen in the past. And once you have built up a "repository" large enough with a huge set of such patterns, the programming exercise reduces to merely the following steps:

1. Break down the problem into patterns.
2. query repository
3. find required patterns, and combine together.

And do you REALLY need programmers anymore?? ;)

That said, the post was very interesting and though provoking..
Infact it makes me wonder if this theory can explain the "dejavu" feeling people get sometimes... (or is it just me?... oh it better not be just me :P). In other words, is the dejavu feeling because we are "associating" the experience in question with some past experience?

Oh, and how about dreams. Actually, this reminds me, for the longest time, I had this habit that, whenever someone told me about a dream they had, I would ask them about the different things they did on the day before the night they had the dream. And what was interesting was, many times the dreams were a mix of the various things they experienced that day. Wow, I gotta blog this sometime..

wait a minute, how did I remember the dream thing, is it the same "associativity" in action? or is it because I am tending to "typecaste" everything I ever knew to fit this scenario? Is my brain getting too many thoughts and rejecting some at this point?.. alright I was kidding on the last one...

Happy Blogging,

ya cuz maybe we don't have the power to use all our grey cells all at once, and rightly so. Can you imagine the type of trauma we'll have to go through. Humans won't be able sit idle for a moment cuz they will surrounded by inputs form all over!!!
nice read...
how do u manage that everytime dude??? :p
Charul said…
very simple yet complex :)
@ Aditi: Well this is person to person..
What i cpublished was genric human behaviour.. which varies from person to person.
Just like any generalizion..
eg. "Girls are like this"
Most girls would conform to some/ most of the generalization.. something like that..
hope you understand my view..
@TARA: WEll question is wher is dextor now.. where is the lab??
@ Harry: Tks man.. U also have some great work going on fontzer.. i have your RSS feed to know what happening!!
@ AM:
Man b4 anything else i must must say... you are able to express yourself pretty well..
You have concieved one view of my view..
In Fact you can dwell and even publish a related view..

@ SWF(M)
well we have immense untapped POWER..
We just need to focus and we can achieve just about anything..
tks for the complement!!
@ Charul:
Thats how life is Ch..
Every comples things is made up of large number of simple things..

and it is always the small /simple things that matter more..
Be it work ( the details) or relationships..
J. said…
Instincts over science can simplify a complicated theory. ;)
Your logic seems sound. Instant judgement of a person based on your initial interaction with them is the only way to weed out the many annoying, abusive, obsessive personalities we often come into contact with on a day to day basis.

We are living in a world where time is the greatest commodity. The being said, it makes perfect sense for people to place people in various groups, making instant decisions on who they accept, who they reject, and who they ignore based on these group assignments only.

The problem is...what if that person was simply having a bad day and the preconceived notion was a wrong one?

Makes you think.

Thanks for your comment abhishek. Nice blog too!

Shitrint said…
(",) Tks...
I am presuming you may be considering a specific case like Aditi.. but in a very general(Holistic view), the same seems to fit in.. well that is what I end up thinking..:)). Tks for dropping by

@Shitrint: Well that is the case...
Neha said…
is it typecasting? or just visualising thigns in our head?

on the sidetrack bit.. there r times when i hear songs in my head during exams!! and i hate it!
Anil said…
Thanks!... sorry about the long comment... just get in the "flow" sometimes :)

Happy Blogging,

Nals said…
one thing, if u don't mind me saying it....
change your pic, its not YOU. you know what I mean??? sorry if I'm rude. :)
@ Neha:
Heya.. everyone hears things during exams..!!
ur normal..
Hee hee!!

: super, keep it pouring I love details... breif details ;)



@ SWF:
OK Big Mommy!!
Well it was a temporary phase.. I am off with the moustache now any ways
Kevin said…
What was that all about????? never viewed all that in your light. Never thought how it all works when i classify people into the dumb and intelligent category. Interesting post. Keep posting!
Reshma Anand said…
hi. from what i understand its not that XYZ % of stimuli we come across are 'not processed' - each and every stimulus we are exposed to gets registered at some level and processed and our tendency to slot people or reference ideas based on what we already know is a survival mechanism to deal with all the billions of stimuli that we engage with. Its just of all the things that we absorb and filter - only few come to the fore into our conscious thinking and thats why we recognise only these thoughts. our slotting / clustering ideas quite a few times happens at a subconscious level - and thats is why we may not be able to control / direct - how we slot people or ideas. it just happens!
Neha said…
a little info related to ur post.. i was reading somewhere that we have the capacity to speak at the rate of 150 words a minute but listen at the rate of 500 words a minute.. so when someone's talkin to us we fill in tht gap by thinkin abt other things.. thts y there's so much going on in our head all the time :)
@Kevin : Heya Kevin.. thats is how perception of people changes.. with change in views..( society changes with socialization )

@ Reshma A: Exactly the point, refer earlier related posts, you shoudl understand better..:). Tks for dropping by.. keep coming!

@ Neha:
yes!There is phrase You will see it when you believe it ALso a book by the same title bt Deepak Chopra!!
so true..after we understand a new thing we start relating/ noticing so many things that comply to it..

keeps visiting!!
heya bro!!!
*bowing down* thanks for changing pic!!!
and get something new on ur post now!!!
now dictatorship, anyone??
sahibi said…
hey i just hapnd to read it after aditis present blog, both entries stand on same tangent, views are just like preconcieved notions we have ,or i wuld say our predetermined answer to some thing,
who so ever said beauty lies in the eyes of beholder must be very intelligent to sum up such big thought in one line.

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