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( C H A N G E )

( after so many different posts which came and went away , I am writing a little about change)
Do you know how much we change everyday!! And how much we potentially can.. Just a few fates

  • Our body PHYSICALLY changes completely within a span of 10 days.( how, You may Ask?) The Atoms quantitative each and every cell of our body ranging from our blood cells, skin cells..Even our Bones CHANGE completely in a month. Which means , not only do they die and regeneraqte in their respective cycles, the material quantitative them is exchanged / changed with the outside world.
  • ( Can you absorb the above line, its pretty awe striking)
  • WHO are you?.. You have completely changed in a span of a month time.. ( Your hand.. Wash part of something/ someone else last onto)
  • My belief about The Flux of our thoughts has been published here and here!

( Though this may have come in another entry, but related)

a SINGLE though in our mind.. POTENTAILLY ( and does so physically everyday) Creates a chemical.. physically create and helps us/ makes us performal further physical and emotional actions..

Each though, which is affected by a ziallion interelated things..chemically ( physically) generates a hormone ( chemical entity), which makes up Do whatever!!

This is the power of our MIND!

( and we talk of energy creating matter)


Mon said…
humm... most obvious thing in life is "Change"...
life will be no fun if thr was no change... everyday we deal with diff situation, good-bad time, all kind of diff ppl.. and it better that way...
and since we can change things around, we have a reason to live ;)
sup said…
was thinking a lot about adversity n how it helps us change for the better in terms of teaching us how to live life..
no one can learn to LIVE in a life full of only comforts n peace..

ofcourse that's how i like to define LIVE ;)
sup said…
i mean, one of the most significant thing i notice about myself as i have changed over time is how difficult times have shaped those changes n how i have learnt to deal with them..
Kevin said…
Totally agree. We keep on changing both physically and mentally. The other day, a female friend of mine was known for being so nice and not being demanding at all. But now suddenly she's devising ways to empty my wallet. Jus kidding;) But yes! We all keep on changing. Just to think, one day even we'll grow old and get grumpy, only to be abused by our grand children.
Keep posting!
ishy said…
nice postie! :D
Zii said…
i use the tub and the emergency lamp...back breaking exercise!
Dh@v@! said…
Bhai ye physical change ka to pata hi nahi tha… nice piece of info…
But yeah change is the only constant thing right? Life means change… Life mai change mangta…
Even every one of us keeps on changing mentally if not physically (but now after reading ur post I can claim they are changing physically also…)
Just think abt urself 5 years before… 3 years before… 1 year before… and now… compare… u will get the change…
Keep it up dude…
Ships said…
Yes, very rightly said...
Change is the only constant..

Agreed totally with the post.
Ash said…
mind opener .....indeed ......

if all this is unconscious then a conscious effort would create wonders .....

Aditi said…
good post as always
Nals said…
Well! i am going thru a lot change. Only postive thinking keeps u going.
Charul said…
interesting !

i was wondering from many times ,why m getting so many change in my mind :)
aaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!! who am I????
but (recovering!) nice thoughts on the links!:P
shaunak said…
though we keep changing, its often difficult to observe it ourselves.

Its only when we take some time out and look back, do we realize what we were and in which direction we moved on ...

about my interesting post, no replies yet :( ..
looks like its not exactly reaching the right group of readers ;)
@ Mon
Its pretty easy to say though, but at grassroot level, it is such a huge phenomenon to comprehend...that you marvel at it
@ Sup:
So true.. but what is interesting is that there are a large number of other non-adverse moments that change us so subtlely that we do not even come to know!!
@ kev:
:P hey that female and walet.. well dude that is of course another tangent to the whole story...(",)
@ Ishy:
HI, is my hometown??...
@ Zii
Hee hee ya.. college days...
Hai BHai..
lekin zyada mat soche bith jana.. :0
pagal ho jayenge hum sab.. agar zyada sochenge!!
@ Ships:
Hi, tks for stopping by... happy blogging!
This is very true...
MThe powers of our mind are @ times out of the comprehension of most of us!!
@ Aditi:
Tks :P
@ Elle:
POstitve yes..
Howz the new car..?


"Ignorance is bliss"
But "Knowledge is powers"
So what do you all say now??
@ Charul..
dont look at your hand etc for long enough after reading this post...
you may go mad///////
Hee hee ( Just kidding)
Take care cheerz
@ SWF:
Hello Ladyhave you found yourself..... or why ur not famous....?
@ shaunak:
Thats is it man!!
but time is more than relative..
i think i will devote a post to time also.....
Ajay said…
good post
Maya Cassis said…
Yes,we all talk about energy and matter but don't realise that physically we are all that and that is changing...has to change
yup found it...:p and a question.
Are we readers of this esteemed blog supposed to be having an anatomy class with your limbs featured at various angles from time to time on your pic???

and now you can shout "maro maro, die SWF!!!" :p
Aditi said…
ok i hate having this eye stare at me.. can we change it please abhishek
@ Maya:
Hey.. ya.. i so believe in the ENERGY concept!!

Bachuuuu.. u seem to have been bunking too much kollege.. (lemme call your dad/ princi)

@ Aditi:

AB lagta hai sab log haath dho ke peeche hi padh gaye hai........
Shitrint said…
and the name of ur blog is "its all about change"! tada...oops sorry u already knew that!
jokes apart, pretty scientific post man!! waddaya do??
btw they say, change is the most constant thing in life...'change' & 'constant'...antithesis... !!
Viewer said…
"If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living." -Gail Sheehy
@ shitrint:
its like...Ignorance is bliss But knowledge is power

@ Viewer:
Yes, but i wish it was so simple...
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