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Holistic View (three dimensional Holographic life theory)

(I am sure some of who know me were looking forward for this post)

I view my life as this Holographic Three Dimensional Puzzle
In fact now that I put my mind to it, it can be considered as a Multi-Dimensional Holographic puzzle,

Let me detail

From the time when we are born, we have a certain view of things:

We have our niche, our parents, and siblings, Family!
We have our own set of opinions, But these Initially (the first) set of opinions are Empirical/ Tenets.
These come from views of our near and dear ones, whom we consider as the only source of thoughts. What is right or wrong?

Not just that,but what is what.

ON the BASIS of these Views / opinions. We form our OWN set of opinions.
(Now carefully understand)

Each of these VIEWS, forms the basis of how we VIEW/ PERCEIVE everything that comes our way.
THESE views are HOLOGRAPHIC in nature...Because as and when we change our position, we understand and get a new meaning to the same views.

As and example. You must have heard." by the time the son realizes what his father says was right. He already has a son who thinks he is wrong" Its the same views... but with change of time, age the perception changes

Just like a Hologram. With the change in angle of view. it Changes..

Now comes the build up

A we grow, the dimensions change, the number of people who influence us increase.
Our Bonding levels change

From Our Mother or Father, who were supposed to be our closest, understood us best Once, are replaced, by others. Siblings, best friend(s).. Opposite sex friend (who usually complements, your opposite sex parent)

But wait. It’s not that simple..
There is much more
We also had our views...
Now we have more views. More perceptions...
But these are not perceived/ learned by us as they are..Or as expressed by the owners of these new views..viz new friends.... etc
We view them through the biased glasses of our current views...
GIVING new dimensions to our current set of holographic views.
This build-up continues.
In between there are other factors /distractions that keep coming in
Opposite sex exploration.
More relationships
All this while ..Our mind continuously keeps building on the 3D Views..
This is the basic theory ..
Digest it..


Mon said…
interesting way to look at... quite logical... "...Because as and when we change our position, we understand and get a new meaning to the same views..."
God! even i get all these crazy/psycho thoughts/theories in my head quite often!!
Charul said…
interesting one !!

i think my view will change after reading this ... (dont get confused in thinking what was my view ..) :))
a lot to ponder over, ... 'We view them through the biased glasses of our current views...' found that awfully true on reflection!
@ Mon:
Dont think too much like this... It is Dangerous for health
:)) I will not get confused ch.. but you need to let us/ me know what was your view.....
you better conc. on ur work ...dont get bogged down by my Psychedelic views
Stanza Inc. said…
quite agreeable maybe coz i believe in the same theory...expirencing a transitory phase...and it leaves a muddled up me...but this is the way to learn...and...well...evolve theories like u did. great work...u have the ability to give path to your grey cells i must compliment ;-)
Ethan said…
well expressed and well written. Have we talked about this over the phone or chat sometime..?
hmmmm. nice choice of words there.
Its kinda is short but penetrating, hits u.
get a new meaning, thats always the drive.
keep walking. =)
Gee. tks
but but hu are you..;))
do keep coming...back.. wordpress blog is pretty neat..
Ya man!! this is what we talked abt..
@singlewheatfemale :
Hey there..
that is the point ..
to give everyone another view/ dimension o their already holographic view..
( bass.. yaar..keep walking.. kitna chalayegi..(",)....)
tabs said…
hey i liked your blog too. and also this post on life.

you are probably right...i always thought we live in boxes. and some of us get to come out of the box as things change..
Anil said…
Wow... that's quite a philosophical piece you got here... I got here from your comment on my blog... thanks for stopping by!

Now, getting down to "business". First of the bat, the previous comment about thinking "out of the box"... well.. the way I look at it is... most people get influenced by other people (the "views") primarily for reasons relating to personal gain (call it fame, success , monetary gains or some else) and I don't even say that, that is necessarily bad, because.. c'mon thats how the world is.. you're rich people listen else you're Jack.
So, what do people do to maximize personal gain (and lets just talk legit ways for sake of staying focused)? They look at people who have already achieved that and they try to do exactly what they did... sounds dandy and cool? Oh, but wait... are we in the exact same situation that the person we are trying to copy was when he wasn't where he is now (gosh, can't believe I pulled that one off ;))? In other words, I think more often than not the reason we get influenced by others views is because we have not DEFINED OUR BOX to begin with... we don't even no where its edges are, let alone getting out of it... and unless we do that there is NO WAY IN HELL we can restructure our box to look like someone elses (the "influence")


Well... very creative with that holographic theory bud! Although it wouldn't hurt to throw in influences from financial conditions, incidents in life (births, deaths, failures, success, nature).... coz let's face it, a massive Tsunami wiping out your whole city while you were vacating at a different part on the planet, OUGHTA influence you way more than a what a million people told ya about a million things...

Nice post and blog..

Happy Blogging!

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