Saturday, April 28, 2007


(Marasim means relations. My relations with Jagjit Singh go back to the days when he composed music for my serial Mirza Ghalib. ...)

Well this post has probably nothing to do with it.
It is about those days..
the days when my dear ex room mate , Mr."J" was TMD ( Truly Madly Deeply) in love with Ms."H" ( who is now happily Mrs. "J")

I recall vividly coming back to our double room ( hostel room) after lectures and the usual Geri( गेडी ), only to find only a yellow bulb in the corner, and Mr. " J" with the latest Track of the Jagjit singh album " Haath Chute hai toh Rishtey nahi chuta kartein hai

(हाथ छूटे है तोः रिशते नही छूता करतें है !!)

Oh !! he has had a Fight again!!( another week end of having to listen to all that , all over again!!)

It was those days..

While I was just packing for my very brief trip to Chandigarh, this album popped up in the playlist!!

and I rolled back!!... in time...those never ending list of crushes!! ( LOL)
Now I am going to sleep, with my clothes( which were earlier parked neatly to be put in the bag..) all pushed to one side..
Good night !!
..packing will happen tomorrow only before the flight....

अभी जा रहे है वापिस!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Love for Languages

.. to be written...
रुकियें अभी पंजाबी script कि तलाश है !

Friday, April 20, 2007

The Door to...

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

...(ramblings of a funnie mind!!)

One of the two cakes I cut yesterday, said " Sorry, Shit Happens"
My roomates, who missed out, make it up with the sweet cake!
The day was more or less the USUSAL!
As always, I was un-easy! It Happens every year!!! ( I sulked...) The Banal Happy Birthday would reverberate all day long! Dunno why, it happens with me, I am not happy about it. My lovely twin sisters tried their Logic with ME!!.

"Arrey!!, You should be Happy, you have woderfully lived ONE more year of ur life..... What you cribbing buddha ho gaya ???"
I sulked, and smiled!!

Early morning, Nani called!! Sung the whole Birthday song! Felt great!
.... and then started pouring.. it was sweet, Till i reached office!!
Happie Bdday!!.. Wherez the chocoate!!Party.. Blah blah blah!!
I disappered
By late afternoon!
Had a meeting @ Fort!!
I moved out of office after along time.
on the way back, when I moved into the Station ( yes the local train at 630 PM), Sulked again!!Why is mumbai like this.. GAWD!!
By the time, I sat and Abida Pravin, with Chhap Tilak , Started, and my eyes closed, and the train moved, FAST! Faster, all that remained was the smell of the mumbai local...Iron heating and burning types.. But soon it fizzled
I seemed to have gone in a different mode.I was somehwere lese in my mind!!

In ages, it dawned upon me.. THIS IS what makes me happy.... MOTION!!!
I seem to stagnate, if I am at one place for long!! I need to move about.
Alone, or with folks ! Knowns or unknowns!
I need to move , Travel!!
That is what makes me happy!
By the time I reached back, I was much (battered or) better!!
Well the evening ended with the new RJ who has moved in and out of my life..... sooner than she became the RJ..
some good retro musik and dinner!

But something seems to be lingering even today..
Have to discover more..Find out ..!!
What?? I have no clue!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Gee! Tar

My first Guitar Class!!
HA! I finally got to initite it! Yeah Initiate it right, when I have an exam in another 20 days. I have a project submission next month. right when I also discovered My Rubiks cube and want to solve it!
Not to Un-mention my JOB!!

Ok I am going back to books , but very inetersting thingy told me by my tutor, who was coming to me after struggling to try and teach a GIRL to play the guitar!

Now he claims, that he has finally understood , why there are no women among Likes of Iron Maiden, Jow Satriani's !!
Coz, ( like the poor girl), ....womens Fingers/ is so soft that it is unable to press the strings hard enough!!

Well I really dunno.. that what the guy told..
But I really cant recall too many ( or any great female Guitarist too!!)..!!
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Sunday, April 08, 2007

TAG'O'Rama (हाय रब्बा )

  • Things that scare me…
  1. DO exsit
  2. Used to be भूत's for quite some time. But now they dont trouble me!We did a compromise, few years back ( yeah we have marked our territories)
  3. Hard disk Crash ( me loosing all my data)
  • People who make me laugh…
  1. Most of the people surrounding me!!
  2. You need to want to

  • Things I love…
  1. Inetesrting Technology
  2. (Picking my nose, Its quite relief usually .. ;) )
  3. ( Ah! Snoozing!!)
  4. Uncertainity in Life ( the Queer way it unfolds)
  5. My Wallet when it is full
  6. Cellphone, Camera

  • Things I hate…

  • Things I don't understand…
  1. A lot of things which we take for certain/granted, Assumptions and illogical belief systems
  2. Society
  3. (My Boss, whenever, he tells me what to do and not to do)
  4. ( how can run of the mill bollywodd flicks draw crouds, again and again)
  5. ( ditto for politics, are we all so dumb to be lead by bigger dumboz!!)
  6. (Why do people TAG??) S'rint please answer!!!??
  7. How come it is very difficult for us to change ourselves, and we still ( knowing this) expect people around us( and the environment) to change in a jiffy!
  8. Why do we do most of the things we do?
  9. अरे यार यह बहुत लंबी हो जायेगी LIST

  • Things on my desk…
  1. A pen stand
  2. A digital clock
  3. water ( bottle)
  5. पचास पैसे का सिक्का ( a 50 paise coin)

  • Things I'm doing right now…
  1. (BAH!!) This TAG
  2. (Kyle Playing)
  3. Chatting
  • Things I want to do before I die…
  1. Learn a few languages ( sanskrit, Marathi, urdu, few other)
  2. Read the Quran, Bhagwad Geeta( स्री भगवद गीता )
  3. Travel as many places as I can ( if possible the whole world)!DRIVE
  4. Have great life parter
  5. Teach
  6. Learn some musical instruments ( the tabla, The guitar.. which is still staring at me saying, when will you start with me??)
  • Things I can do…
  1. Jabber
  2. Be silent
  3. Convince people (logic Bombs, they usually work)

  • Things I should listen to…
  1. Myself ( Decipher myself first.. I am at it)
  2. Silence
  3. Pure rivers ( like the ganga.. and not the ones that run in cities!)
  4. Birds!

  • Things I should never listen to…
  1. Free opinions
  2. (Trashy hindi movie dialogues)
  3. Negative people, and spiralling negativies

  • Things I'd like to learn…
Covered in what to do
हे भगवान् ! इतना लम्बा पेपर !! Oye Shitint !!!!!
  • Of my favourite foods…
  1. Rajma Chawal ( राजमा चावल)
  2. Mc Donalds
  3. Parathas
  4. Superb Cheezy sandwiches ( Byself)

  • Beverages I drink regularly…
  1. Water and more water
  2. Flavoured variances of above...( YEAH Most of them)

  • Of my favourite childhood shows/books…
  1. He man
  2. Batman 2080 AD( futuristic वाला)
  3. JOhny Quest
  4. TOM and Jerry
  5. All Tintins
ओये शुकर है खतम हुआ
Who else I wanna TAG!!!
well , anybody who wants to .. no forcing ( :P)
MOst of the people who would be reading this would already have been tagged by this... But If you feel its an inetesrting way to fidning and dicovering your self please do!!
I belive some questions wer really worth pondersing over///

Things I don't understand… Things I should listen to… Things I want to do before I die…!!

Friday, April 06, 2007