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Miles before I goto Shleep Eh!

BTDT.. No not yet

- Played in bylanes of Meerut
- Climbed Houses in the neighbourhood in delhi
- Driven Delhi-chandigarh and back
- The Ganga in Varanasi
- The Ganga at Haridwar
- RamJhula at Haridwar
- The Pooja at Rishikesh
- Sukhna lake at chandigarh for hours, huglocked
- Walked to Mohali from Chandigarh
- "The geri route of Chnadigarh" Of course
- Tutions @ 4 Am in Chandigarh on bikes!!
- Gurdaspur
- Chandigarh-Jaladhar-Batala-Gurdaspur( Pleanty of times)
- Local Bus in Jalandhar City.. roamed
- Movies in small time Batala
- Movies @ Gurdaspur HAHAHAH
- Amritsar ( Golden temple, Kesar ka dhaba, GNU, Short walks ,long talks in GNU)
- Pathankot ( Movies, hitch to and fro from gurdaspur)
- Sarna lake...
- Jammu
-Katra- Vaishno devi
- Mcleodganj
- Dalhousiee
- Delhi/Noida/Gurgaon
- Jaipur ( all day in ac cab to local bus)
- Kota( With Tiawanese/ Singaporeans)
- Bangalore ( Local bus in blore too)
- Hyderbad/ Secundrabad/ Hussain Sagar lake
- Chennai/ Sea side/ Local bus At 9 PM, no language support
- Mumbai , Of course
- Singapore, Musthafa, Walked orchard raod at midnight/ travelled in MRT/ the DHobi Ghat
- Poona ( pretty much from Camp to Kondhwa)
- Nasik
- Dhulia
- Baroda
- Ahemdabad
- Vapi
- Daman..
- Lots missed

What next????


'anothr ditch in the road, keep moving,
anothr stop sign keep moving on,
n the yrs go by so fast...'
- savage garden

so... keep moving!
Ethan said…
well the list was pretty vivid for me.For a second felt like i was out there ..again...

Keep walking buddy... the list is endless..

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