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have had a lot of movement all last fortnight.
Was also in a movie theatre multiple times. You know the tradition we have in Maharashtra... the National Anthem.
Then started the movie about "Stark Industries" ( if you have seen it you know it)
Prolly another Hindi movie black and white and not to mention Khudakeliye.
With all this inside the head, and me travelling here and there meeting different people for work is heady mix.

Its usually found in the newspaper: racist comments were passed.
What race are we talking about?
I mean Hello, i thought we were all humans! Its one race ain't it?

We keep making different groups, communities, cultures, languages, boundaries, countries, flags, national anthems, etc etc etc.

You know why?
Because we are all Cowards! yes! I said it.
We need to make a group, to stand together to fight the odds.
What started as a group to fight adversaries of animals, environment etc has today become something very different.

It is strange that prolly we are the on…


Its been like static.
The need to define. What I want in my life partner.
I think now, everyone i know and don't know has already questioned me about the woman of my life.
I have some very interesting set of friends with different views. So many girls/women i know have their own versions of who women are and what they should be.
Without going towards the works of Desmond Morris, I have my own opinion.

Some may find this opinion sexist, but fact remains that a woman is not a man.
Having said that, I will not go into much detail of what is manly work or womanly work. Lets not try and get into the nitty-gritty. Right from cleaning houses, cooking etc to riding a bike, or driving a train or a plane or even building huge empires (read companies in today's context).
Both men and women can do all that.
Though not all MEN and all WOMEN can do all.
So many women i know just cannot maintain houses or cook or do all those "things" which are type-casted as their role.

THIS is where the ke…