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Daman, no dew and VAPI(s)

It was quite an impromptu program!
Akash was going to Vapi for work, and Daman is closeby and is famous for being a calm place to relax, not to miss out the fact that booze is cheaper!

Though considerd, but made my mind just @ 4Pm and via home to andheri stn and bang 830 pm i was @ Vapi.

It was a nice pre and post dinner party at the daman beach and we were back to the hotel, all expensives paid by Prominent ( Akash'z co.)
Real day started today, when I started to go around on my own..

Solitude @ its best

@ The pundit jee:
As I was waiting for the last "sawari" for the shared cab from Vapi to Daman, there walks in the panditjee. The (quite) old man dresses in his white "dhoti" and kurta. White hair, along with a long "white Bodi" and small white stubble. Two long yellow teeth bulging out over his face. Quite a site !

Within minutes after sitting in the cab, the woderfull cell fone rings!!--&&
And out from the pandit's Jhola comes out this neat NOKIA, and he is busy matching kudlis of some peepz in gujrati.

Not to mention there were 7 calls during the 15 min ride for different consulatations! Of course India has the fasted growing teledensity
{** off the track but china has mnore mobile fones tha total population of US}

@Ahmed bhai
The 2 hour cool breeze after the beer @ the sea side made my trip. It was great me with my complete self.

Sprinkled with the chat with Ahmed bhai, who while serving me the chaat started talking about the fact that he was from KANPUR and had a tiff with his mom/dad over a trivial issue and was here to "DO HIS OWN THING"

Not to miss out that he is 26 years old and is married..Married for the last 9 years!!
I did give him dome piece of my mind though, on how he can and should learn to read and write more.

"twas all in all a pretty good trip, and i missed my camera a lot!!


jugni said…
hey so havin fun, i hav heard beaches in daman are very clean and beautiful.

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