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Goa for work..past( Hindi Chini Bhai-bie)

As you would find out I am quite a Foto-freak since i bought the DG Cam from S'pore in November'03.So a large portion of my life after nov03 can be found on Snapshots...whose snapshots you would be seeing.
this chini you se along me is Mr.Eric Pan from Shenzen who was with me in Goa for debusging a certain Production problem that had arisen in D-Link's Factory @ Verna after we ( My now previous company ) had supplied the chipsets for internal modems.. from .
It was quote an experiance working for yosun.The company and the then ( still) country Manager gave me quite a platform and orrortunity to learn and travel and lots more.

We were in Goa for about 2-3 days only and mainly visiting the factory so could not go around too much.
Here are some more pics to briefly describe the EX-periances.

Here You will find my dear chinese friend clicking a DOG on the beach as he claims that Dogs are not allowed in Public place in Shenzen..


Finally the day has arrived, when I break my silence into my blog.
As Background, I have moved into Mumbai about 4 odd months back and am kind-off settling down.
Earlier was in Delhi for about 2 yrs and B4 dat in Chandigarh.
Tonnes has happened since 18th of april 1980.
Times, people, environment has changed and so have I.
Thru the course I would tell you about the past...that has Passed, The PRESENT..Which is a "Present" as per Steven and the Future ( )where I am working now and the Future which is desired to be..