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Be careful what you ask for, it will(not may) come true

(back from hi-burrr-nation)
Ok here goes another one of my understanding of ... wel..

Most of us have said this

"Be careful what you ask for it might just come true"

But fact is , whatever you ask for...wish for..(think or even say) is sent out in the universe as a energy a sound wave.

The universe is like fertile land, with lots of energy waiting to be used/ comsumed / re-created/ change/ take forms...
Whatever you give out to this system, it starts manifesting to try and create !( YA YA it does have a parallel with the KARMA theory)

BUT wait... ( if you thought it was that simple)
Its not that simple... that you say i wan $ 100K and Poof.. there you have it... no ( its fertile i said.. not a genie)

There are other contraints..
  • Your intention needs to be Firm and Focused
  • Any deviations gives out confusing signals... can put you in trouble
  • if you wish desire for contradisting things... tehe universe will start manifesting something ELSE..
  • And AGAIN.. you need to be carefull what you ask for .. and what ALL you keep asking for.If you see this merc, and yearn and swoon and wish you had it( even say.. i would do just about anything for it) , mind you..dont be surprised.. to witness an opportunity to DO something ( that you never dream to) but leading to something... leading to your MERC
  • Also If you wish for something....UNDERSTAND that the universe starts changing your future/ surroudings/ environment accordingly....
  • THIS one is important so let me are working as an executive in an organization, where you see the MD of the company YEILD a lot of power, and you swoon and desire, everytime you see him, that you should become one. Everytime .. yes EVERYTIME you say that energise that feeling....BUT dont forget.. if you are not lined up/ or geared to become so...THE UNIVERSE will start pushing you into situations where YOU havve to ATTAIN / LEARN certain qualities (features/habits..etc)to help you become a CEO. ( EVER wondered.. WHY the HELL do I ALWAYS get into such a troublesome and you might just be able to REALISE... You need to learn something from this achive something you desired)


  1. Ever wondered, why life/universe puts you again and again in the same/similar situation or with a similar type of personality to deal with!!! RE_THINK.. yoiu better learn what the UNIVERSE is trying to chnage in you.. to help you GET there SOONER
  2. IT is dependent on YOU. The stronger and more focussed is your desire and will, the faster to change and adapt to what the universe is trying to help you to IT, the better it is for you.
  4. BUT they also attract similar energies..Remember good things happen to good people more often than you realise.
( Kindly overlook the spelleing mistakes)


sebia said…
ok thnx alot..
i wokeup came here..tried to understand ur post..and moi frst instinct is to crawl bak 2moi sleep:((
subeh subeh..itna mushkil post
with energy quotients..and karma theory..
i sm scientist ws trying 2 write macbeth:(
ok ok no need 2 glare at me..
i write most bizzare post..which seriously challenge..human brains..and power of reasoning:P
anyways ..let me b fruity
jo bhi likha bohet acha likha:P
(salam namaste
Fursat said…
thanks a ton for being at my blog :)

God bless u

Take care
Shitrint said…
hmm...thats what i believe too. and i recently read an article in the times of india by jim donovan who said the same thing!!
in other words, one can call it the power of thoughts (what u think, how u think will turn out in a way similar to ur thoughts!)
by the way, do u read Kryon?
Fursat said…
hehe..lolz..good thanks a ton :P

u have nice blog too :)

take care

God bless u !
interesting post...
the point that we must b ready to do anyhting, if v ve wished so... kinda makes u rethink on incidents on life.
but yeah... u ve given a brain sum minds play!

p.s. now i knw y i go thru wat i go thru... to get wat i ultimately want ;)
Kalingaa... said…
thnx dude for looking into some here and there things

i liked your blog very much

-- Kalingaa.
Neha said…
honestly! this is one thing i do somewhat believe in.. it has happened at tiems tht i'm jus thinkin of something and then it suddenly happens out of the blue and im so taken aback.. and this is the very thought tht coems into my head.. be careful of what u wish for :)
Gee tks..
well. scientist and macbeth.. who am i ?
ALBERT or william?
@ Nee-T:
whee.. tks for the blessings.. the colors on ur profile pic are too good
Ya the mind is much more powerfull!!
i dun read that...
But what is SHITRINT??
Keep up the good work....
and the promises! (",)
Hey KalinGa...:Its always these little here and there things that make up everything!!

@ NEhA:
ITs the power and purity of th mind which has IMMENSE potential
Shitrint said…

arre baba, i just happend to make that name up...thats all....
sorry for shouting..teehee
WHat is this in this beautiful EYE>>>>???
Kutch hai
sebia said…
A cross between the 2 i guess:P
like a monk who sold his ferrari..
u the scientist..who turned shakespeare..or vice versa:P
sebia said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
@ Sebis..
Hee hee
Shitrint said…
@ alterabhi: arre enlarge the pic and see! its a man pushing the eyeball somewhere...maybe outta the eye socket!!
Shama & Diya said…
Oh I have learned my lesson. sometimes, I just wish I had asked a million dollars with my wishes [that unexpectedly came true]
Ekta said…
Hey wow!
I actually use this statement wuiote often!-Be careful what u wish for--coz u never know it may come true!
But never knew it had so many conditions attached to it!!:-)
Thx for dropping by at my blog!
Pinki said…
good to see a good blog :-)
Mon said…
i totally-totally believe in these theory myself-
1. what you ask for might just come true, so be careful...
2. The universe has a lots of energy waiting to be used/ comsumed / re-created/ change/ take forms...
3. when you ask be clear (Firm and Focused)
4. etc...
...great post!
Just tell him to hold it there...
and wait for sometime.. till i get the other one...:P
@koffeeshop :Hey..
1 mil USD..
we need to meet rey..
you have some spare left..:PP

Hey .. you would be suprised if you peeked into someof the things to discover they have so many more implications..

@ Pink: Gee!!

@ MON:
Hey where have you been..
nice pic..
@ MON:

All replies are in points..

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