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My un-vented angst is troubling me
It’s like a punishment
A third grade fail is punished
Every time there is spelling mistake
Write again
You have failed in Hindi
Whack ! Whack!
Repeat the paper!
Now its life
U have failed AGAIN
Repeat this class
But there is no-one to teach you
You keep failing
Keep failing and burning inside
U know u are repeating the class
But you just don’t know how to pass
You try and you fail
Try and fail
Try and fail


Anonymous said…
I learned a long time ago, when you didnt understand a concept to raise your hand and ask a question. Ask, be it the teacher in third standard or someone else. Ask for help, when you ask friends it doesnt demean you. For they are friends they will help. Respect others and they will respect you
Mon said…
The way I see it, “Life” is all about success and failures… I did fail in couple of things… and there are still a lot of things in which I continue to fail. But even then, I am not low, I believe in having faith, hope… that one day I will pass… and I will continue to pass.
release it... vent, let go. if u dnt, it ll bottle up inside, n harm no one... but u.
let go...
some yell, some cry, sum brood over it... find ur way, bt, free urslf frm ur built up emotions...make peace wit urslf.
Mon said…
“...If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place...”

hope u knw wht i'm talking abt...
Thanks alot Mon/ Rich/ Anon.
Lula said…
A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent in doing nothing.
George Bernard Shaw
must try paulo coelho... the alchemist, n the zahir.. honestly.
Thanks so much mon and richa and Lula...
though i wanted to delete the post but then thot its good to be there as a reminder. that how temporary things like these are!!
Kumar Chetan said…
yeap am from Ludhiana.
out of 26 years I have spent around 18 years in Ludhiana, 2 and half year in hoshiarpur, 4th year in Chandigarh. rest 2 years I was a kid and dont remember where was I.
Thanks for visiting Bewajah and Shameless Self Promotion.
Keep Visiting Bewajah.
Kumar Chetan said…
BTW I also used to rewrite things coz of my cryptic handwriting. Whacking. I dont remember how many times I was not slapped for bad handwriting.

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