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Life's Meanings keep changing for all.. with time..
What It is ... has inspred,and made to perspire Plenty!!

currently, I think its like a whole wide fertile universe.. for us to go out do anything..
just about anything...
Strangely...we meet people, with VIEWS.. formed by seeing thier own ways and routes in the HUGE POTENT Universe..
and get biased maybe..
Some poeple get together at one place, in terms of their views and form civililazitons anywhere and everywhere in this Universe...

they settle with thoughts and opnions...!!

Till someone who is unahppy with a few things, tries walking out ..

Ususally they discover another such civilisation... and go there and stay there for good or for some time....

Some .. when they move out, find that more than one such civilizations.. exist..and become confused... where to go!!

and weigh and usually end up in one of the few they see..
and settle...

Some Rare ones, have a little more energy, and climb up a huge mountain.. to try and SEE from the TOP..

some of these manage to see one or two more..

And some end up realising that wait... I dont want to live in these civilizations...
They Just sit there!!!

They think they wan to detach and find happiness!!

Then there are the Rare ones....

who know about this prime Wisdom...already..
that the open blank areas they see in the huge wide POTENT universe .. the barren Space.. is for THEM..
To Do JUST about anything...
They need to set their TARGETS!!!
What they want to build there!!!a civilization...? or a Monument.. for people to come and marvel.. or a Palace to live in!!!

Its upto YOU

weather you want to setlle with thoughts/ structures in live...
or you WANT some thing else..

The only deciding factor which pushes people... real hard to climb mountains and create civilizations or monuments or palaces... is the PAIN..
yes the PAIN!!!
What is your tolerance thresh-hold of anything...
makes you move..
it creates a you
and you create a didturbance in the Universe..
and mind you
its only YOU and YOU alone who defines your own pain standards...
so go ahead... decide ..
what are you happy with
and what pains you more..
GO on CLIMB HIGHER and discover.. more.. more and seeWHAT LIES AROUND in the potent universe


And for some i think it’s all about testing, their limits, their capacity, and their ability to bear pain... Physical or any other form believable.
All this just in search of 2 words that makes the world go round, and drives them crazy,
Love and happiness.
And all this again, in turn, just to die in peace believing that you figured out (or perished in the process of discovering) the meaning of life?

= rich

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