Monday, December 26, 2005

Read BeTween the LInes

"Where there is Zen there may be Yen"

No this is just a line that I read sometime back from the article in TOI...from the " mind over matter" section I usually like to devour on sundays!
The last particular week has whizzed in a very wierd way.Its strange how life unfolds as a puzzle everyday!

Though the fun lies in not struggling to solve it but living as the pawn which is pushed to move by the throw of the MIGHTY dice( what is it here, i am still struggling to find!!)

As usual, while I was pondering over the fact that again the week is finished beofre it started, and its 11 PM and its a good idea to sleep coz its monday again tom.....
It stuck upon me ..that this also happens to be the last week of the yEAr!!

It will be 2006!
wierd the way things have moved ....
last time on this day , when the Tsunami struck....
I was busy trying to prepare for my MBA exam..with bhai..
the paper passed...and me and bhai were supposed to "meet the parents" of my to be Bhabi..
Hence , only after we reached back home around... amongst the discussions that we were having with ma and pa in chd about the to be extended famili did I note that the Tsunami had struck early morning "

But The Point here is how the year has whizzed..
- the new years eve...@ CHd
- Bhai's Roka
- Interview @ Future electronics
_ Mumbai - here I come
- The new job
- Challanges
- Sudeep bhais shaadi
- more challenges
- more pain.. and frustation
---MORE !!
- Ambekar uncle...L&T
-Inteview- out of the blues
- New friends from Orkut..
- in parallel
- dilema
- new job / old job
- MONEY $$ / Happiness :-))
- Change of gears / and SWITCH in life
- speed , road , and the car
- Side seat STILL EMPTY!!.. new songs playing in the car
----- WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE?????????????
- seems like the evening coming closer and SUN SETTING...
WHAT LIES @ the turning??
The new dawn..
BUT WHERE TO????????????????????????

Friday, December 23, 2005

Paradigm Shift

The four day symposium finished. The IRSI-2005 ( )!
Well it was very very differnt experiance of my life..

All the conferences attended earlier have been sales meets, distributor meets!
Everyone is talking rhetoric, people with their masquerades, swanky looks, latest cell phones, neat sleek laptops and everything that seems to represent power and big money!

And here I was in a place swarmed by Scientists, Phd's from DRDO's LABs, IRSO, senior Phd's from Spain, Colarado State Univ, and EU and the everywhere. Senior people who have worked with our prez.Abdul Kalam....

Everyone looked very different. Too simple. Shabby. Nonchalant about surrounding. Presenting very high level papers on various new technoligies, that have been working on since so loong.

And I was grappling with my fundaz trying my level best not to drift to dozing off..

At one point , I felt I should persue my higher edu, do an MS, a Ph.D, Present a novel paper myself!

The four day symposium ended with a very interesting cultural dance performance, which was, though meant for the foriegn delegates to expose them to our culture, was quite a learning experiance myself.

Will be back Mumbai by evening and back to wrk...:'-(

What do you say peeps.. good idea to go in for PhD.. a paradigm shift in my life..

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Connection!!

Even though the day was pretty eventful, this needed to be blogged first!

Though had slept pretty late after getting late watching Bluffmaster with Akku 2 Garuda mall @ MG road!
, I was awoken @ 0545Hrs!!

Was up thinking why !!??? What woke me up?
Could not get it...
The second day at the Radar symposium was very interesting and strking difference from other conferances attended.

But through the day, i just could not find out why i got up so early, inspite of being overtired!

Papa called in the evening, came to know that mom got very high BP in the morning and dad had to rush for checkup! Very surpring , as mom has never had high BP.

Talked for a long time , then called up Sudeep Bhaiya,....and was relieved a little bit.

But then it stuck me !!
I got up because my mom was in pain!!

This is not the first time I have felt this connection......
Its a scary feeling though!!!!

The previous one was way back during my sophomore days.Dad was in coimbatore ( he was posted there)

Mom was in Mumbai with Papaji ( paternal Grandfather) who was staying with chacha as he had not been keeping well.

I was in chandigarh,... Home alone, With Rajat sethi ( The name also appera in puri's new blog )

We decided watch a late like 9-12pm show of a certain hindi movie.

And very wierdly during a full fight sequence @ around 11is, the image of my Grandfather crossed my eyes.....

Not once but quite few times...various images!I ignored it.
Reached back home and slept... To be woken up early morning, by a phone call from my Nana in delhi..telling me that Papaji had expired at around 11Pm last nite...

You just cannot define the state of my mind when I co-relate things..

Sunday, December 18, 2005

BANGALAORUUU( Bangalore...0

Hey!! for those who did not know.....
Pretty soon, The famous IT HUB of My Super India will be called Bangaluru...
cuz thats the way it is pronounced in Kannada, the local language...

The fact is that I am going to bangalore for this week.. (Yay)
No Its not a vacation.. Bah!
Its work

Representing L&T I will be a part of the 4 member team for IRSI 2005,
Yes it is an international forum where people across the globe are presenting papers on various technologies on RADAR development..

Will detail Li'l later..

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Death? WHY

Is it right to let go of a person?
Is it easy to let go of a person?
My Nani’s real brother in Kalka, had multiple heart attacks last night. Another friends grandmother had an attack yesterday.
It got me praying and wishing for the their quick recovery. But this though did cross me my mind, “How strange is this human feeling of clutching to their near and dear ones”.

I may be sounding very inhuman, but is it not a fact know to human beings for life long!!

What is this vicious circle of attachment that we as humans are hard wired to? A sub-routine imprinted in our processors, we cannot edit/delete/control it?

Is it not questionable that how our lives are ruled by rules which are not so logical sounding. We boast of being scientific in our views and approaches, but the biggest doctors have at one point or other lost close ones to “the truth of death”!

But the perennial question would still remain? Who decides when is the persons time to go? Fate / destiny / Karma/ Ill-wishes / Black Magic/ GOD?

They say everything has a reason….. “ what do we have a brain, which can think up of queries. But cannot reach the true answers….

“what would you say to a old person struggling with his / her life?, Bless him for a longer life? No?
Why not?
If yes? Then why…

Is the human body meant to function till a limit or ………”

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


This new word / name, as desired bysomeone to be associated with me, came out to be an interesting new word to be learnt.
Though the origins for the namer was not purely definable, but more towards "sounded" like good..

But it came out to be pretty inetersting.
So the following is hel from WIKIPEDIA to help all with more on the word

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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For other uses, see Waldo (disambiguation).
Waldo (1940) is a novella by Robert A. Heinlein originally published in Astounding Magazine. It is also available in the book Waldo & Magic, Inc..
A crippled genius named Waldo lives in an orbital habitat and works earthside via remote manipulators he developed. They were described as having the shape and dexterity of a human hand, thus allowing them to handle any human tool, including another manipulator. They were available in a variety of sizes, from micro-manipulators to construction sized.
In the modern sense, a waldo is a remote manipulator.

Modern waldoes may have direct mechanical linkages or be teleoperated as the originals in the story were. They may also be expanded to include almost any part or function of the body.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

What Would I Write..

When so much is going on in your mind .. its such a good idea to see how another person veiws your views as...

What is the meaning of life? That, right there is a very poignant question. You can deliberate on it for days at a stretch and still not find the answer. Alternatively it can come as a revelation in a split second, the meaning of life. The answers, the priorities, the experiences they all contribute to that single meaning, that single perception, to bringing out the individual in you and me.

So if the question is that difficult to answer then why am I so focused on it right now? Well everyone hits a crossroad in life when they stand at the threshold of the realization that they are adults. I am not just talking about the “ability to vote” adults, but “my decisions and choices affect my life” type of adults. Decisions and confrontations, its amazing how the two are intertwined with one another and its also incredulous how we as people or adults sometimes consciously or subconsciously avoid both decisions and confrontations.

Are confrontations the big “evil”. If we have the audacity to air our feelings out about a person behind their back, why are we so flabbergasted at saying the same things to that person’s face? Why do people lack the ability or the foresight to see that sometimes confrontations resolve conflicts and not create them. I think that it’s the test of a friendship to survive unscathingly a confrontation or two? Just like, you are not really friends till you got drunk together, or some such right of passage, you are not really friends till you have understood each other despite the differences that are aired out.

My old friend Chronos or time as we call him, is a funny character. Sometimes he moves so fast that you barely have time to notice anything much less the changes that happened as he swept past. It’s a challenge I feel and that I have lately taken upon myself to stop and smell the roses or enjoy the little things in life. I am trying to effectively outwit Chronos.

Effectively writing as we do on these web logs we are really opening a window into our life for all to see. Just as reading other people’s blogs we are peeking into their life through the window opened by them. Does it seem like trespassing sometimes? You wouldn’t peek into a neighbor’s window and glimpse into their life, yet the blogs don’t really feel like trespassing. The power of the internet, things that aren’t ok in person maybe feel more reasonable because people aren’t standing in front of you, there is no eye contact and there fore no one to blame or shoulder the blame.

Its funny how technology has brought us closer and made the world a much smaller place to live in and yet, the same technology has driven us farther apart as people. Neighbors no longer even pick up the telephone to talk to each other. When we can simply sms our words across to the other person why bother picking up the phone. The world is increasingly drifting away from the personal touches that made us human. So are we sacrificing our humanity for the conveniences of technology?


Stolen Articles

Yes I know this is piracy.. I am publishing published articles..Articles Published by he times group..
In economic times
So hey..If there is a piracy police waiting to cath me.. please note that i have mentioned these are their articles..
and why did they allow me to copy.. to republish no..
so here they are:;

What's a minute if size is all that matters?


AMONG all the award winning one-minute feature films made was an amazing one called Zoom which tried to rub into us the insignificance of life on Earth, humanity in particular and the human condition in general — in a matter of 60 seconds. It starts with the camera “located” somewhere outside of space and time, showing, in effect, a completely blank screen with just one small dot in the centre. Then the camera starts zooming in. As it does the dot grows bigger, fills the screen totally, and explodes. We’re looking at the Big Bang of creation. The zoom continues seamlessly and enters the newly created universe with baby galaxies hurtling outwards. The screen is blank again in the emptiness of space with just one dot in the centre. As we near, it turns out to be a huge spiral galaxy — our Milky Way. The stars spread out and the blank screen returns with one yellow dot in the centre. Zoom in; it’s the Sun. Back to blankness and another blue dot becomes Earth with a beige dot. A full beige screen then with a dark dot in the middle turns out to be a vast wheat field with a black couple making love in the middle. The zoom in to the man’s back fills the screen with a white dot in the centre which we then see is an albino weevil on his skin. It grows to fill the entire screen. Cut. End. Moral: that’s how insignificant life really is. But the director should have continued. Subsequently, the white of the insect fills the screen with a tiny red dot in the centre. More zoom reveals Varroa destructor, a parasitic mite which attacks insects. Red blank screen with a dark green dot is a single-celled bacterium about to invade the mite. The green fills the screen with a translucent dot in the centre that enlarges to a bacteriophage virus entering the bacteria. The almost transparent virus contains many dots which are RNA strands that fill the screen. When zoomed in to, they reveal their atomic structure. Now a proton of indeterminate colour fills the screen with a fuzzy dot in the middle. Zoom in. It’s a hadron made of composite particles including quarks. Can a quark fill a screen? With cinematic licence why not? — at least to show more dots in the middle which are its own hypothesised substructures. And so on down to 11-dimension strings curled up inside the smallest structure conceivable at present. Cut. End. Moral: That’s how significant life really is. (All we needed was another minute.)

Saturday, December 10, 2005

This girl

No.. no no no...
No way!
Not happening...

HAHAH no , no wait!

wait.. before you start racing in what direction these No..s lined up...They are not.. No
They are what I have been saying since the last 2 odd months....
Saying no to what.. No.. wait.. before you again veer off....Not no to this girl.. but NO to the fact that How can so many things keep turning out to be similar..

Ranging from various thought patterns and belief systems.. to certian.. desires..
one of the shoking ones being my In-nate deire to learn Sanskrit.. and wait... not just learn it.. but to learn for the exact same reasons...

and it kept happenieng.. till I stopped counting and listing...
Yes till I have defined who is she in my life...
you people jump I tell you..

I have defined that she is me from a parallal dimension.. from a planet Far far away...
Ya from one of those wierd universis that you would have earlier seen in serials of Star Trek.. ( i heard some one say Vulcan!!.. HAHAH some-one is going to be laughing reading this)
or the ones which you see in serial lide Andromedia and sorts...!

Life is so full of learning so full of change.. so much Growth of each learning experiance...
We nee to learn and grow every Nano second in our lives..

Friday, December 09, 2005

9125 Days...

Yes ..Numbers and figures can be attarctive and intriguing to some people...
This one comes as a result of a randon calculations in my mind...Well what i sarted to calculate how many times I would have had a bath since I was born... but eventually.. i calculated.. that I have lived for Nine Thousand One Hundred and Twenty Five Days ( as on 18th April 2005)...not too much though!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Day Ends ,Evening Ends... Learning Just never ends

Its inetersting to write to a balnk audience, to write your heart out to some-one who just might be reading.
Though the concept started as a personal weB LOG, and found its way through the flow of life.

Just like me, this new female friend is also pretty perplexed to learn that a new fact. A new fact which is quite contaray to the usual belief of " Seeing is believing"
A concept whihc I read in a book from Dr. Wayne Dyer Called "You will see it when you believe it"
It has been an interesting discovery for me too, in the last year or so. If and when yo start believing in something, most of the things around you seem to fall in sync with that belief..
Well more of that in coming entries..

Coming to a very nice thought put forward very simple but is so so true by one my Yo-Buddies.( )Mr. Rajat Setia in reply ty outburst last week..

yaaro ......baat badi chhoti si hai duniya mein sabmil jaata hai bas sacche dost nahin milte aur dosti kotodna bahut aasaan hai..... bas isko jod ke rakhnabahut mushkil ....
Well right now i am running to my cousin's place has tried some very interesting Baked dish..
Wel she is not disclosing so.. i gotta run..
rest being laterz...

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dedicated to Richa Chhabra

Poetic Terrorism

WEIRD DANCING IN ALL-NIGHT computer-banking lobbies.
Unauthorized pyrotechnic displays.
Land-art, earth-works as bizarre alien artifacts strewn in State Parks.
Burglarize houses but instead of stealing, leave Poetic-Terrorist objects.
Kidnap someone & make them happy.
Pick someone at random & convince them they're the heir to an enormous, useless & amazing fortune--say 5000 square miles of Antarctica, or an aging circus elephant, or an orphanage in Bombay, or a collection of alchemical mss. Later they will come to realize that for a few moments they believed in something extraordinary, & will perhaps be driven as a result to seek out some more intense mode of existence.

Bolt up brass commemorative plaques in places (public or private) where you have experienced a revelation or had a particularly fulfilling sexual experience, etc.
Go naked for a sign.
Organize a strike in your school or workplace on the grounds that it does not satisfy your need for indolence & spiritual beauty.

Grafitti-art loaned some grace to ugly subways & rigid public monuments--PT-art can also be created for public places: poems scrawled in courthouse lavatories, small fetishes abandoned in parks & restaurants, xerox-art under windshield-wipers of parked cars, Big Character Slogans pasted on playground walls, anonymous letters mailed to random or chosen recipients (mail fraud), pirate radio transmissions, wet cement...
The audience reaction or aesthetic-shock produced by PT ought to be at least as strong as the emotion of terror-- powerful disgust, sexual arousal, superstitious awe, sudden intuitive breakthrough, dada-esque angst--no matter whether the PT is aimed at one person or many, no matter
whether it is "signed" or anonymous, if it does not change someone\'s life (aside from the artist) it fails.
PT is an act in a Theater of Cruelty which has no stage, no rows of seats, no tickets & no walls. In order to work at all, PT must categorically be divorced from all conventional structures for art consumption (galleries, publications, media). Even the guerilla Situationist tactics of street theater are perhaps too well known & expected now. An exquisite seduction carried out not only in the cause of mutual satisfaction but also as a conscious act in a deliberately beautiful life--may be the ultimate PT. The PTerrorist behaves like a confidence-trickster whose aim is not money but CHANGE.
Don\'t do PT for other artists, do it for people who will not realize (at least for a few moments) that what you have done is art. Avoid recognizable art-categories, avoid politics, don't stick around to argue, don't be sentimental; be ruthless, take risks, vandalize only what must be defaced, do something children will remember all their lives--but don't be spontaneous unless the PT Muse has possessed you. Dress up. Leave a false name. Be legendary. The best PT is against the law, but don't get caught. Art as crime; crime as art.

Monday, December 05, 2005

The week ends before the weekend!

The weekend ended on Monday morning with a mild headache still remaining.
Still remaining as a backlog of the Saturday night movie marathon! Along with roommates ended up watching old English movies starting with Sahara, and via Scary movie1 (Pretty cool, as usual) and ended up watching some gore movies of the likes of Final destination 2 and some weird 28 days.

Major event being my anger outburst mail to my yo-buddies friends, specifically pointed to Pali, who just loves to itch people to the limit, till they develop a rash!
Yes Gurbir did mail back immediately with soothing balm, and ya today morning Puneet was there with his usual tincher to put an end to my pain. ( yah pain ending with pain).

As the Sunday evening was ending with some amazing sequel to the "Bunty bus vich rech gaya joke" from Bhaiya and Bhabi, I decided to study some Radar ( Scholnik ) before dozing off.

But ended up staring the book for 15 odd minutes and veering to think what all i wanted to achieve in the coming 5 years.
It is said that for people who procrastinate, the best cure being to tell you friends aloud/ rite somewhere what you want to do.
That not only acts as a reminder ( you knoe how friends love to rub it) but also as a personnel failure , when everyone knows , you have not been able to , giving you a Philip!
So I eneded up writing down on a new diary page and now on this blog:
I will clear my PGDBFM exams in May-June 2006, come what MAY!
I will inititiate, if not finish learning Sanskrit by December 2006 anyhow!
I will pull out some money from the hiccupping Indian stock market!

Lets see!!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Flux of Life

This entry took quite long time to reach heer. Main reason being, me desire to change from rare blogger to a frequent blogger!
Till a good friend correctly pointed out that I just cannot write about everything about myself in a single blog entry!!
As a part of the continous process of understanding more about life and people and aurroundings, I will tell you about how last few months have passed.

How from 26th feb2005 when I came to mumbai, after changing my job from delhi, till about 1st weeks of september, the events brought about permanent changes in my perception!

Staring from being lucky enough to look up a place to crash very close to my aunt and more surprsingly very close to my office( quite a feat in a place like Mumbai) to the very high pressure working environ.

Right from experiances of deep desire to run away froim the job to having CBI coming to the office arresting out boss ( for absolute wrong reason.. but law in India has its own course).

Having those times,feelings, surroundings, moments get embedded in your mind as permamnent non-erasable past.Long discussions with near and dear ones, in trying to understand why things happen.

All this leading to deep desire to change jon/ induatry completely. More surprisingly leading to circumstances of job opportunity of desire ( as close as I feel THE FORCE could manage).

So many instances in the last 2 odd years have made me form opinions that maybe your deep desires and intentions can to a great extent influence of what happens in your life.

Let me take you through this journey of my life, Help you see how I see my life.. how I percieve things and most importanatly.. WHY i perceieve those things the way they are.

You are all most welcome to comment and ask!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Change is all the keeps happening all the time.There have been way too many changes since I last added an entry, But that has not stopped change!!I am now in L&T after a comprehensive a brief stint with Future electronics ( ) in their Mumbai office.Yes it was quite an experience! I learnt a lot, and a lot about myself too, about the areas i lag and ABOVE all where I THINK I DONT WANT TO BE!!:=-)So here I am in the heavy engg. divsion on L&T in Mumbai, a big shift from micro to macro, from semiconductor IC's to HUGE systems!The Change from Kalkaji, in new Delhi to Powai is good or not , I am yet to know!what will follow will be a regular feedback on how change impacts everything!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Goa for work..past( Hindi Chini Bhai-bie)

As you would find out I am quite a Foto-freak since i bought the DG Cam from S'pore in November'03.So a large portion of my life after nov03 can be found on Snapshots...whose snapshots you would be seeing.
this chini you se along me is Mr.Eric Pan from Shenzen who was with me in Goa for debusging a certain Production problem that had arisen in D-Link's Factory @ Verna after we ( My now previous company ) had supplied the chipsets for internal modems.. from .
It was quote an experiance working for yosun.The company and the then ( still) country Manager gave me quite a platform and orrortunity to learn and travel and lots more.

We were in Goa for about 2-3 days only and mainly visiting the factory so could not go around too much.
Here are some more pics to briefly describe the EX-periances.

Here You will find my dear chinese friend clicking a DOG on the beach as he claims that Dogs are not allowed in Public place in Shenzen..


Finally the day has arrived, when I break my silence into my blog.
As Background, I have moved into Mumbai about 4 odd months back and am kind-off settling down.
Earlier was in Delhi for about 2 yrs and B4 dat in Chandigarh.
Tonnes has happened since 18th of april 1980.
Times, people, environment has changed and so have I.
Thru the course I would tell you about the past...that has Passed, The PRESENT..Which is a "Present" as per Steven and the Future ( )where I am working now and the Future which is desired to be..