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You are Tagged

Yes!! You..
Any one reading this is tagged.. tagged to reply and free to tag just about anyone...

You need to enlist n things that made you really happy and another m things that made you really cross and comepletely Upset in the last one week only.

1. Ok WTF are these N, M?? right?>
Well these are just about any numbers.. any .. same or other wise.

2. WHY this?: Well there is a reason.. that will be told in the next post. ( yeah like all the great Miss-Trees, this one remains one..)

Ok this tag does appear out of nowhere on my blog(s).
As I am not the Tagg Tagg type of person, but there is more to this tag.
Just that lifes funnie and my constant attmpt to unravel the mysteries of it is on!!

Looking forward!!


Whatever you do, I feel Rocking your life a little too much can really be a Problem at times!!


Little did I know On the Monday morning that my boss would call me out to be in Dehradunthe next day moring before 10AM for a Meeting, handing me over SOME letter calling for a meeting for blah blah blah!!

Yes I had just got prometed on saturday last! And it seemed that my subtle desire to travel a lot got magnified a little more beofre reaching the Ever Potent Powerful Universe!!

SO by 3PM I was home packing hurriedly.

RK calls up" what about our visit to Bangalore? And next day we have to be at Aero India too!? Are we on?"

err. Oh yes!!!

"should I book the tickets for you too..?"
yayaya whatever!!

And As usual I reached a little early at the airport and... as usual, the flight was a little late!!
never-the less Iwas in deli, (not eagerly) waiting to get over with Dinner and reach H.Nizzamudin Railway station to cath the 2330 Train to Dehradun!

Reached at 6 Am!!
Yawned out to the station..
But wait
Its KKKKOLD and cloudy and wait.. its raining!!!!
I rushed to the …


After brief post on the super Bloggerz meet of "Zero-Seven" on my LIfe Blog( here), I was at the pvr catching up with Madhur B's Take in the Traffic Signal!!
The emotes of some folks of my gang threw me into.. "emotions"

IF a non human peeks at the behaviour of us Naked Apes, he would be queerly surprised!!
We pay ( to watch movies/ Theatre/TV, etc) to emote ourselves.

Seemingly a simple chemical reactions of Hormones( cheimcals , made out of Protiens that we pulses, fish etc...) produced by our perceptions of reality ( dependent on yet again our peception of reality)... Which Affects further our perception to reality and how the chemical reaction continues!!

Oh No!!

Did I interlink too much!!

Well luckily me and N and lots to catch up and this wierd idiosyncrasy did not catch up!!

And back my our dear Hiranandani, the newly Opened Breadtalk soothed it all!!

( will post more about dhhhhe Grrr88 Bhloggerz Meet !!)