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The ultimate agency that predetermines the course of events (often personified as a woman)

An event (or a course of events) that will inevitably happen in the future

Your overall circumstances or condition in life (including everything that happens to you)

Decree or designate beforehand

Yes I know its perpetual chicken and egg!
You make your fate Vs. It’s all predestined

But question to you all...
Can you?
Can you completely Change your future?

You decide one day... what the hell, I want to do that... any bizarre desire...
Leave everything... travel far and wide experience the un-experienced.
Break the monotony of LIFE... of Society...

Current question troubling me.... CAN I??


Kalingaa... said…

use BARAHA 7.0 to write in hindi
Aditi said…
Well here is the question..
if one day you decide something totally out of the blue and do it then maybe its what you were destined to do in the first place.
Alternatively even if you succeed in changing your fate, will you be happy? will you be content doing something u werent here to do? or is fate vengeful and exacts her pound of flesh for those that get away.. if anyone truely gets away.
Its a difficult question to answer
Neha said…
do u really believe in fate? right now im not sure.. i used to.. totally belive tht things will happen as they are meant to happen.. but my ideas got shaken.. isnt it out choices will ultimately dictate the life we live?
@ Aditi: the prime question being.. Is it already destined? Its an alibi to say it was in retro? no?

@Neha: wel i dont know if i do or dont?
strange part is how sometimes, so suddenly your belief system gets a jolt and u start to question the tenets of your beliefs!!
kandykane said…
i bet u can ! never never NEVER underestimate one's true potential, which comes out best under pressure :-)
Aditi said…
Well that is a question of faith isnt it?
If you really believe in fate then one will say that it was predestined to make the change.
If you dont then none of it matters?
thanks for the PUSH!!
welcome to the changeblog!
Shitrint said…
i kinda agree with aditi. its somehow predestined and then we make decisions/choices that are ultimately leading there...remember harry potter, when harry is on the time machine sorta device with hermione and he foresees his father saving him and then it actually is himself saving him and hermione. it was predestined, yet it was a step that harry had taken and things went accordingly!

and yeah life is all abt making your own choices. and we do hav the power to go the unconventional way!
@ Aditi:

Wel u seem to be going in the basic domains of philosophy, viz. Positivism ( only what canbe scientifically proven is truth) and Realism ( the world exists irrespective of being it exists as we beilieve it to)

Lemme just call Sigmund....
@ Srint:
wel I duuno...( this is my current confusion) coz i now seem to be recalling quote a few times..when my own decision hasled to drasitic change of events...

Well, coming to Harry Potter...!!!
OYE!!!!!!!!!!! its a STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shitrint said…
so wat if its a story????
i cudnt recall another one, but still it was similar to this one........
i believe it happnes this way!!
Oh Ho!! mind nahi karne ka rey!!
i mean it is a story!!could be tru
could not be!!
Aditi said…
Ok my question is that doesnt the fate theory completely contradict the positive thought theory that u have?
how does that work.. two theories in contradiction
either things happen because you thought it and made it happen
or fate made it happen
it cant be both ways right?
Shitrint said…
things happen!! dissect kaiko karna hai!
we're not the Maker.
i belive its a combiation of all theories, only the amount of ingredient of each theory is known by the Creator!!
bas? shanti?? sab log??
@ Aditi Rite...
But that is the confusion.
Is only one theory true!

And does it hold all the time..
why ??
@ Srint:
Arrey Arrey Arrey!!
i belive its a combiation of all theories, only the amount of ingredient of each theory is known by the Creator!!


Seems tru..
But also seems a convienient way out..
Out from confrontation!

Bas ??
:)) well!!

An argument inplies potential ...potential for, Learning( both new ideas and flexibility) and Growth !!
Aditi said…
No but then I would love to discuss that further.. and u know its a long discussion on theoretics..
Yet you have to agree that dont both theories in theory contradict each other. And if both can coexist albeit at differnet times then who decides the time?
Shitrint said…
abhi, i hav discussed such theories a lot only to know in the end that no answers or solutions came up and that resulted in a moment of me ripping my own hair apart, coz it meant that i wasted so much time on a meaningful but unyielding discussion.....
so there!!
Keshi said…
Im a firm believer that whatever is gonna happen to u will happen anyways...that doesnt mean u sit n wait...u can plan things, do things, experience new things but what's gonna happen will happen :)

@ Aditi:
Hey, you seem to have taken my word for it.. that both can co-exist..
I am still debating with myself( and rest ) if they can or cannot...

Do You firmly believe in any one?
How firmly?
You know.. i partially agree with you.. but partially only...

Though I still have a strong inclination towards free will...
and the POtential with everyonew to completely change and re-path their FATES..
but sometimes i am in doubt...

I am just trying to discuss and take views..

( BTW.. after coming to mumbai.. and with mumbai water.. i already have super - duper HAIRFALL.. so dont need to pull my hair.. they already keep falling...)
@ Keshi:
Well u no.. maybe just maybe you are right..
But tell me.. have you never ever come across any decisions in you LIFE.. which YOU had to take independently..
A decision which You knew will change the course of your life..

we usually fail to believe that we often take a very large number of decisions..
each with a potential of changing the course of our lives!!
i have seen may thing chnage around me.. have you never?
burf said…
hey abhi, do the t-tag

u r tagged too :D
Aditi said…
Hmm here is the thing though. I am not sure how it works. Its a question of faith. If you believe its fate then it is else its you.
I like Keshi's description. You keep making your plans and you keep incorporating circumstantial changes. Maybe its fate, maybe its not. In the end who knows.
Did you know that an astrologer predicted I would up and move back to india on a whim? I forgot about the prediction when I decided abrubtly to make the decision. It makes me wonder how much free will we really have. But for now I have decided Fate can send the curveballs she wants to send my way, I will keep planning and backup planning but knowing fully well that all plans might fail and I will do then what I think is best at the spur of the moment.
Life needs to be lived more and thought about less
Shitrint said…
ok, i spare you!
then what do u say of..

""What the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of a man can achieve.""
Aditi said…
See I agree with that as well, if you really decide to do something you can. But the difference is that if its predestined then you wont decide to do it? right?
Maybe sometimes you do things to fight fate (maybe that is also predestined) its complicated.
We dont live our life in a bubble, our life is affected by the decisions of others just as much as it is affected by our own decisions. We adapt, we change, we grow maybe by choice and maybe on fate's whim? Does it matter?
Aditi said…
Watch Sliding doors the movie..with gwyneth paltrow if u can..
@ Aditi:
hey ur stepping on ur own theories...

watch..Sliding doors ..with Gwyneth Paltrow!..

I'd love to see this movie with her..
can u fix me with her..?


Aditi said…
No.. I guess I am still saying that maybe our decisions are ours and maybe they arent. Maybe it doesnt matter what decision we take if someone else's decision nullifies it? right?
Fate still controls our life, but loosely so. I think fate gives us the crossroads and the inclination to take a particular path. Its upto us what we ultimately choose and depending on that choice fate presents the next set of crossroads
makes sense? I refuse to let fate win by attributing all my life's success or losses to her. I am equally responsible, I made my choices, she simply presented them to me
Sarika said…
I think this life is a play...but I would like to play my part like a good, convincing actor...would like to be creative and improvise on stage...
@ Sarika..
Well what it really is a mystery ..i donk have the answers ..:P
all i hope is that at least I start asking the right questions..

But yes..
one thing that is more important i believe is being happy...

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