Saturday, September 06, 2014

Flags, boundaries, armies, Idiocracy

I am not sure if you have heard of the Movie Idiocracy 
But watching the Political news around me makes me wonder so many times... on how the equation of smart and dumb people in the world stands?

I am not a social scientist; but when I see people around me creating more and more divisions and boundaries, I feel we are heading the wrong way.

For example, I have had very deviant views for words like Patriotism. The love of your country is what is usually means. But people interpret it as protection of their country from other countries!

The only species to kill (not one) but many of its own.

What about recognizing ourselves as one species inhabiting one planet.

Do you think we can ever live as one? Why do we need someone above us? Why do we need rulers, presidents, prime ministers, etc.

We cannot live on our own without wanting to kill each other for resources?

What will bring our infighting down? Lower population, Aliens, appearance of GOD ?

It is Sad

Monday, March 17, 2014

Where am i

It has already been quite a while that i have been trying to answer a key question... Who am i and what am i doing here.   So i decided to change the approach. Let me try to answer... Where am I?   So i am in a driverless metro heading to what can be called east. Towards a metro station close to my apartment.   Digging deeper. East is word to describe a direction on an otherwise sphere (circular) earth. The Earth is a large sphere shaped mass consisting of many elements. It gives company to many such small and big masses which revolve around  a really one at the centre..called sun. This really large one is extremely hot and gives energy to most of these sphere shaped ones ... Revolving around it. So relative to where this sun is visible from where u are.. East or west is decided. Towards it is east. Explaining this i have gained clarity that this large locomotive which i called metro is going in the opposite direction referred as west. Lets focus away from definations of relative positions.Directions etc.   So i am somewhere on this very large sphere surrounded by extremely large number of organisms. Majority like me. There are many other organisms on this sphere... But i like stay among similar types.   Many new words. This large sphere called earth is named by organisms like me. The other such spheres have other names and i  general are called planets. Again a name given by organisms like mine.   Who or what are organisms... They are 'considered' as those who are called living agian  by themselves only. By living they mean they are active networks of elements moving in and out of them and they have the capability to know and understand this.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

What is possible

Any thing?
Till where can you see..?
By what

Friday, July 12, 2013

Connecting the dots...forward or backward

They say it is easy to connect the dots in retrospect
Isn't it

What happens when thou are cognizant about the changes while they are happening?

Interesting it would be no...

I recall studying differentiation and integration...
Have you studied?
It is strange,I would have never thought of this then...

dy/dt... y representing the curve of the instance we were following...
When t trends to zero..find the badly value of y. This just used to be a maths problem..
Simple..put formulae..method and get answer

Now when I look at has a different meaning.
Imagine y represents your it is happening...without any background music...
Now when to make dt tend to are just slowing the rate of observation...observing each instance of it happens...

We are differentiating..each instance from the one before it...
Ever thought like this..

How about integration...dy/dt..t from zero to's events running from beginning to now..
Isn't this what we do so many times...integrating moments of our life...all the time...

And you hated maths..and loved other subjects...
It's life
Every moment...
Are you living it..studying it...
Where are you
Where am it

In between..
Trying to understand
Confused as always
Ha ha

Thursday, June 06, 2013

WYSIWYG is it true...

What do you see?
I see what I see

Well the best part about being human is this ever learning nature
I just love the word....Cognitive ability

It's like the buildings we now live in
We started from the ground...Good...we used to live there..on the ground...
Then...Well don't know what happened...was it because we wanted to rise up or lack of space...we started storey above another......supposedly more space we live....had a better view of things...some people thought

But what really happened was that we lost touch with the ground as well...

That's what we do nowadays..building..our thoughts..our on top of another
Using Cognitive Ability

Like someone said..ITTIAM..I think therefore I am...but what do you think? What is the basis of your thought...isn't it based on the answer of the questions you asked earlier...and the answers you got.or what you saw...or what you thought you saw

..but how did you ask those questions you asked...or arrive at what you thought you saw......on the basis of your previous views...

just like those skyscrapers...we build our thoughts one on top of another

But our errors can be much more than some of the ill constructed buildings in the developing countries..
What if you started off wrong?
And you kept building on top

Your thoughts "CAN NEVER BE CHECKED" by anyone who knows I...ha who am I

So what do you see is absolute?

I just love the word perspective
It is like a gateway to a new dimension
If you think and redo some of your learnings and recalculate your current views..
Think about it

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Forward arrow of life

I looked back at the posts
So much has changed, but it's just the same as well

When you look back and link it looks like a clear dominoes play

Today seems like interconnected play of events that lead to today

But the present never makes the sense it should
You stare at it
Look it up
Too to bottom
Around it
Nothing seems to make sense

That is all that we constantly try....
To make sense
Make it better
Should be like a symphony

Little do we know it is already a symphony

We can't see it


Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Change

Over an Year
No posts, oh my Dear

What Happened
Blog has become Abandoned 

After a very long time I sat Online
Staring at the wall looking for a start Line

What is it with this new Job
I seemed to have been Robbed

Where is the time, I just dont Know
When I look at the river flowing fast, I just see the end of the Canoe 

The change has Come
Nothing seems to get Done

Let this post turn the Leaf
I will now need to leave back some old Beliefs

Saturday, October 01, 2011


Decided to take an Auto/ rick to the airport.
Took out music and plugged in
There was the usual trrrrrr; the traffic.. the 'mucch-mucch' of the city.
I increased the volume. It was on random number as usual and clicked till I reached 'noise' of the music to numb the 'noise' of the road.

It was quite a feeling. I used to be on these roads more often than now. I used to drive around here for work... through the 'mucch-mucch'! I just dimmed the clutter by increasing the 'noise' and experienced the city.. in its true essence. the patterns...and I could not help myself flow into the spiral of life and work.

I was shaken out by the sudden swerve we took; as if brought one layer up; the layers on 'Inception'

But I was still few layers in; but the jerks in life dont stop...So they? No.. 'no pattern continues in the continuum'

and Then I pulled myself out completely, by increasing the 'noise' and seeing everything around me as the patterns in chaos.

I felt the silence in the 'noise'.

The the question recurred..." who am I?" "What am I doing here"... like the irritating noise; the questions recur.

and I need the 'noise' of life; of people ; of work; to constantly silence the 'noise' of the questions

The noise