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"When the Time is Right"

Conflict is an intersting and an Integral Part of each our lives.
It everywhere!

All thru the week, the myriad of coflicting ideas views and desires have been running in.

Including the one that should my life be written out here in a public domain!?

कौन Flee -Ct !

so much
too much
GO knows!!
From Nowhere to "NOW" "Here"
From Now-Here to (K)now Where????????

- Emipres- By Chicane

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Oldest Memory Tag

This is an interesting tag, as we might have dust out our memory bank.

Rules: Oh you want rules here also, Nah! Just do it and tag any number of people u wish to, BUT YOU are TAGGED.

You have to list out YOUR oldest memory. What is the first thing you recall?( like you might
jave winked at the nurse, right after you were born)..

I have posted my oldest memory here.

I tag all BUFers, Trinnie, MOI, JAS, Radha, Starry Nights, anyone who would want to!!