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What is happening

So much has happened, but you think of it, in to-to, it seems just about nothing! The Mumbai blasts from a mumbaikar’s point are quite a shake! But from a marco world view, where huge strikes in Lebanon, Iraq and more or less just about everywhere in the world, you feel it has become a commonplace!
People think!
But really a very few selected whom have read, experienced and lived through a lot of CHANGE, or study… the culture of change can even Comprehend it.
People talk about the “Lull before the storm”

But I believe there is something called the slow movement, causing the HUGE change, which usually goes un-noticed by narrow-versioned!

The slow and steady movements of the tectonic (earth) plates has re-structured earth looks today.

Darwin’s Evolution if studied is a KLASS case!

From a point of view of an anthropologist (Desmond Morris), it is amazing to comprehend how and why we are the way we are!

Reading about the change in our Socio-Industrial-Political str…


Some things you learn good by experiance!

I am sure we all say and have heard a lot of time
"try try till u succeed"
Well today i was up against some interestingly tough people!
people who have a reputation of being oh! unhandleable!

But I now believe...
try try try till you hit a big wall!
buy dont stop
hit it again and again
if u have no luck
then wait
try to slowly push it!
try slooooowly
ok the look here and there at the edges!!
look for some secret handles.. ( a lot of people have those special buttons...)
try some permutations and combinations
but try
..and still if there no success at all!!
at all!!
take a few steps back....
and check

you may have some more intersting routes in life!!