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Narcee Monjee here I come

"Enough is Enough"- Says MON
Well thats is!
Goal is:
9 apapers to clear for previous Sem
3 For backlog last year
and one MAJOR project( Mostly on M&A)

I know i know
BUt i had some reasons


Este Miseria said…
loved the last post!
Aditi said…
Ambitious.. good luck
Poo said…
good luck dude!!!! a little tip form someone who is psych student keep repeating it to ur self it is said to come true or in any case.. ppl think u need professional psychological help and are kinder to u!! a total win win situation:))
Good luck!!
Mon said…
hey, all the very best for your studies. I am sure u will do well.

Biblical promise: All things are possible to those that believe.
hey all the bestest of best luck dude.
"If you think you can, you are right."
-Henry Ford.
I always loved that saying... and must say, it applies very well here.
cheers :)
PS thanks a lot for dropping by at my blog.
I am gonna CRackk all o them

@ Caffeine: Tks for droppin by

@ Aditi: Dat I am ..umm well umm ok yes i am !!

@ Poo: Ya I agree...and more imp is to re-affirm in public, coz u hv in the back'o' the mind that SO many ppl already know!!

@Thulika : Tks for the Luck, I need that in Tonnes.. I will multiply the same...

@ Mon; Gee tks... what is biblical promise?? Is it that the BIBLE has promised/??

@ Singlewheatfemale: Hey cute nick!
And ya i am kollecting Luck!
and ya tks to Mr.Ford.. I Think and I WIll!!
Hiren said…
Most important thing- Be in a occupation of your liking rather than be obsessed with a degree-
Mon said…
well... ignore the Biblical promise part.
gud... i like the 'dedication' ;))
grt start bro!
lol, good luck!

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